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Doha (Qatar), AGU Office: FIG MAG President Arturs Mickevics said the sport can only grow in Asia if the member associations share their experiences through some exchange programmes like Europe.
Mickevics also suggested to follow the footsteps of Europe.
“Europe didn’t become strong overnight. They had really worked hard. They copy-pasted the FIG way of functioning. AGU should follow them,” said Mickevics, who attended the AGU MAG meeting as a special guest.
“Asia and Europe can have a common tactical and technical committee which can discuss and share their experiences,” he added.
However, the Latvian also said AGU need just a top expert who can guide the judges and coaches.
“The FIG courses are expensive, but without FIG being involved, AGU can have their own certificates. Not every time it’s important to have a brevet, but education is important. In the Arabic world, China and elsewhere, you need only one expert to guide them,” said Mickevics, who also spoke on the other technicalities and qualification rules involved with participation in various competitions.
Like the other Technical Committees, the AGU MAG head Miao Zhongyi also reiterated on the need to have a qualified group of judges which can boost the sport.
“Asian gymnastics will rise if we have more qualified judges and coaches at our disposal,” said Miao.
The AGU President Abdurrahman Al Shathri said he is keen on increasing the number of judges and coaches by having its own courses.
“We can take help from FIG. They can send three-four experts to conduct such courses. We will talk to China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea and other federations who can host such preparatory judges’ and coaches’ courses,” Al Shathri said.


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