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Doha (QAT) AGU Office 26 January 2016: AGU organized the first AGU Men's Artistic Gymnastics Technical Committee Meeting on January 15, 2016 with the presence of all the members such as: Mr. Miao Zhongyi President, Mr. Chen Jia-Yean, Mr. Saksit SUWANSA , Mr. Nikolay Pak and Mr. Mohammad Ahmad. Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Shathri, AGU President opened the meeting and wishes to all a nice stay in Doha – Qatar the state of the AGU headquarter. 
Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Shathri start the meeting with the following:
I am happy to organize for the first time the technical committee meetings for Men's Artistic Gymnastics in Doha. He promise to continue with these meetings every year. Happy that all the TC members are present during the meeting.
Asian continent had great success achieved during last period, of course after a huge effort from AGU and his staff, but we arrived now to work more professional and the Technical Committee has to start working with professional way. Because Asian continent has the best experts, coaches, gymnasts in the whole world. Our target is to share the information between federations and become same the TC of the European Union at the first stage and then better than it.

Mr. Anis SAOUD – AGU Technical Manager add: We are happy to share technical information between us, and happy to hear that FIG technical committee invite the President of the continental TC has to discuss the update of the new code of points 2017-2020. It is a good opportunity to give our opinions and suggestions for the benefit of all the gymnastics technicians.
We made the provisional agenda with the approval of Mr. Miao and if you do not have any additional point, we can approve the agenda and start our meeting.

Mr. MIAO Zhongyi
Report from Mr. MIAO Zhongyi
He gives a positive comment on excellent performance of Asian male gymnasts in 2015 Glasgow WCH, and congratulates on the Olympic quotas that they achieved.
He also gives a brief report on the sixth Senior ART Asian Championships in Hiroshima, Japan from July 31 to August 2, 2015.
He add that it is good to have such meeting for the development of gymnastics in our continental, there is a difference between the FIG technical committee and AGU TC. It is a good opportunity that FIG invite me to be present in Lausanne next February with FIG technical members to discuss the technical points and specially the new code of points. We will discuss these points in our meeting today and then I will reported to the meeting with FIG.
Discussion concerning the Technical Regulations
- Competition format for the next Asian Games
After discussion, the TC approved unanimously to use the format, 5/4/3 during the next Asian Games, which gives benefit to some federations to participate with full team.

- Competition format during next Asian Championships for Senior
After discussion, the TC approved unanimously to use also the format, 5/4/3 during the Asian Championships for Senior, which gives also the benefit to some federations to participate with full team.

- Competition format during next Asian Championships for Junior
After discussion, the TC approved unanimously to keep the format, 5/4/3 during the next Asian Championships for Junior.

Presentation of the program of the AGU Development project
Mr. Anis SAOUD: Present the program of the AGU development project for the year 2015, he explain that AGU choose to cooperate with FIG to host FIG Academy for ART, AER, RG to give the chance for Asian coaches to have a FIG brevet, which is very important for their future. In addition, the FIG Academy has a detailed program, well established from level one to level three.
In 2016, we will start with the FIG academy level one for Trampoline coaches to develop this discipline in Asia, and to continue the level three for ART and RG. Next year we will finish with level three in Aerobic.
Concerning the common training camps for MAG, I want to ask the TC to establish a technical program including elements on all the apparatus for the different levels. Which is a guide for the expert to follow our program and good for the participant federations to know the level of the course.

Suggestion concerning future development for MAG judges

Anis: You remember the matter happened during the Asian Games in Guangzhou in 2010 when did not found enough judges with minimum category three from Asia to judge in gymnastics events, so we invite judges from other continent, which cost a lot of money for the organizer. We request to FIG to organize courses during the years 2011 and 2012 to increase the judge's level in Asia. It was a success for us.
In the Asian Games in Incheon 2014, we decrease the number of the neutral judges from outside Asia and we hope the next Asian Games will have enough judges from our continent.
We will request to FIG to make the same program as 2011 and 2012 to increase the level of our judges.

Comments on FIG Code of points 2017 - 2020
The Technical Committee members discussed the draft of the new code of points 2017-2020 and proposed some suggestions that will be send to the FIG TC for approval 

Closing of the meeting
Mr. Miao Zhongyi: thanks all the TC members for their presence to the first meeting.
Mr. Anis SAOUD: confirm that the first meeting was excellent and we hope to meet all of you during the next meeting.


Doha (QAT), AGU Office: January 18, 2016: AGU organized the AGU EC Meeting on 16 January 2016 in AGU headquarter in Doha (QAT). The AGU President Mr. Abdulrahman AL-SHATHRI start the meeting with a welcome message to all to the Executive Committee present in AGU headquarter and wish for them a happy New Year, may this New Year all their dreams turn on reality and all your efforts into great achievements.
Then the meeting start with the following points:
1- After the Approval of the Agenda
2- Approval of the minutes of the last Executive Committee Meeting held in Manila – Philippines on April 18, 2015.
3- Presentation of the Report from the President Mr. A-Rahman Al-Shathri
The year 2016 is an imported year for the future of gymnastics:
a- We are fortunate to have a number of talented gymnasts in Asia to defend their tittles during next Olympic Games RIO 2016. The Asian continent takes always the leadership of the world gymnastics and I hope to have a big success for the different disciplines
b- Turning point for the FIG at the statutory level, since the 81st FIG Congress will be held in Japan during October 2016 gives the opportunity to FIG to renew its authorities. AGU has to have a big power in this congress to win different positions which help to follow up our achievement with the success that we wanted. The next period will be more challenging because we have to show the improvement of our solidarity.
c- Thanks to the federations who support AGU last year by hosting the following events:
- 7th RG Asian Championships – Jecheon-Si in KOREA during 10-13 June 2015
- 28th SEA Games held in Singapore from June 5 – 16, 2015.
- The 2015 Summer Universiade took place in Gwangju, South Korea from July 3 to July 14, 2015
- 6th ART Asian Championships in Hiroshima - Japan during July 31 to August 02, 2015
- 9th ACRO Asian Championships in Hangzhou – CHINA during September 17 – 19, 2015
- 5th AEROBIC GYMNASTICS ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS in Hochiminh City, Vietnam during 11th – 13th December 2015

Also thanks for the federations who host AGU development projects:
o Training Camp for MAG coaches in JORDAN during 08-14/08/2015
o Training Camp for TRA coaches in UZBEKISTAN during 08-14/08/2015
o Training Camp for GfA coaches (FIG Foundation course) in NEPAL during 23-27/08/2015
o FIG Academy Level 2 for AER coaches in PHILIPPINES during 06-13/09/2015
o FIG Academy Level 2 for RG coaches in PHILIPPINES during 20-27/09/2015
o FIG Academy Level 2 for MAG & WAG coaches in Qatar during 11-18/11/2015
o Training Camp for WAG coaches in QATAR during 06-10/12/2015

4- Presentation of the Report from the President of the East Asian Zone - Dr. LUO Chaoyi
5- Presentation of the Report from the South East Asian Zone - Jiradej Worapainkul
- The EC approve unanimously the following: According to the official resignation of Mr. Jiradej Worapainkul, we ask the SEAGZONE Federations to nominate a candidate to the Vice-President who will be automatically President of the SEAGZONE. The vote will done during next AGU Congress that will held on 27 September 2016 in Korea.
- The SEAGZONE will have a General Assembly to decide about the board members and update the statutes that must follow the AGU Statutes according to the Article 56: Approval of Statutes of Zones.

6- Presentation of the Report from the President of the Central Asian Zone by Mr. Ruslan Mustaev
7- Presentation of the Report from the President of the West Asian Zone by Mr. Abdullah Albuloushi
8- Presentation of the Report from the President of  the GfA-TC by Mr. Tatsuo ARAKI
9- Presentation of the Report from the President of MAG-TC by Mr. MIAO  Zhongyi
10- Presentation of the Report from the President of WAG-TC by Mrs. Rima ZAINAL
11- Presentation of the Report from the President of RG-TC by Mrs. Gyozal FILIPPOVA
12- Presentation of the Report from the President of TRA-TC by Mr. LIU Xing
13- Presentation of the Report from the President of AER-TC by Mrs. TAMMY Yagi-Kitagawa
14- Presentation of the Report from the President of ACRO-TC by Mrs. Aigul BIYEKENOVA
15- The EC approved unanimously to keep KGZ in the Central South Asian Zone for the following reasons: this issue was approved during last congress in Doha 2014 when the General Assembly approved the change for the following reasons:
A. According to the distribution of the Asian countries in the OCA website, we can find Kyrgyzstan in the Central of Asia (please see the following link: 
B. The idea was to have a balance of the number of countries in the different zones (please see in annex the distribution of the countries).

16- AGU present the AGU Events for the years 2016 to 2018
17- AGU Present a new partner which is PASTORELLI Sport (specialist in RG equipment)
18- Mr. Al-Shathri thanks to Korean Gymnastics Association to host the next AGU Congress in Incheon 2016. This congress will give us the opportunity to meet and support our candidates to next FIG Congress that will be held in Japan.

Doha (QAT) AGU Office December 20, 2015: As always, the Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) is backing up this noble sport by the latest in science and research. This Scientific symposium is taking place in Doha, Qatar on December 15, 2015 parallel to Women Artistic Gymnastics training camp that held during 13-17 December 2015 in the Qatar Gymnastics Training Center (Al-Luqta). The objective is to provide the attendees with a solid theoretical background related to several training concepts and its applications on the field.
Two World-renowned speakers are invited to run this symposium:
Dr Monèm Jemni (Qatar University): Well established and one of the World leading authorities in sport Science.
Professor Michel Marina (INEF Barcelona, Spain): Professor Michel Marina was an Associate Professor at the INEFC Barcelona since 1997. He is without a doubt, one of the most famous names in the Spanish gymnastics.
This initiative and few more will follow, building up to the World Gymnastics Championship that will take place in Qatar in 2018.

The Most of the organisational work was handled by Anis Saoud the Technical Manager of the Asian Gymnastics Union. Thanks and congratulations go to the Qatar Gymnastics Federation and its President Ali Al-Hitmi and his team of workers.

Dear Friends,

AGU Affiliated Federations and Associations,

On the occasion of the New Year 2016, it is with great joy and pleasure that I send you my best wishes.

Wishing you a Happy New Year with hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

I take this opportunity to say that we are looking forward to exerting our efforts in the development of Gymnastics and to intensify our support to the all of the AGU Community in the new year.

May God give you the happiness and strength to overcome your past year obstacles.

Happy New Year.
Best Regards,



Doha (QAT) AGU Office December 20, 2015: Qatar Gymnastics Federation organized a common training camp for Women Artistic Gymnastics coaches during the period 13-17 December 2015.
Nineteen coaches and ten gymnasts attended the training camp from ten federations – Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yemen.
The course leader was Rima Kizilgun (SYR) the President of the AGU WAG Technical Committee
Schedule Program of camp include theory and practical:
- Warm up.
- Main Principles in WAG, Beam Principles, Recognition of Difficulties, Artistry.
- Vaulting Table (VT), Handstand Techniques
- Psychology for Gymnastics, (FX) Choreography, Artistry, Dance elements
- Uneven Bars (UB)
- Biomechanics, Balance Beam (BB) Complex
- Balance Beam (BB)
- Floor Exercise (FX)
- Trampoline Track, Individual Training, FX Routines (demonstration & correction)
- Physical preparation (Conditioning) Specific physical preparation on apparatus.
- Flexibility, choreography.

The quality of the organisation and facility was excellent. Most of the organisational work and advance preparation was handled by Anis Saoud the Qatar gymnastics High Performance Manager. Thanks and congratulations go to the Qatar Gymnastics Federation and its President Ali Al-Hitmi and his team of workers.

AGU Office December 22, 2015: The Fifth Aerobic Asian Championships organized in the superb Nguyen Du Sports Center in Hochiminh City of Vietnam during the period 11-13 December 2015 with the participation of 8 countries from Asia: CHINA; CAMBODIA; HONG KONG; IRAN; JAPAN; MANGOLIA; KOREA; and VIETNAM and the Organizing Committee invite Australia to join the competition.
The 5th Aerobic Asian Championship is open for the following disciplines:

The qualifications for the senior is open for maximum two units from each Federation thus a participation of two units per category.
The finals are open for 2 units per country only.

The age for the participants are:
• AG1: 12 – 14 years
• AG2: 15 – 17 years
• Senior (Age Limit): 18 years (born in 1997 or before)
Competition Program

9 Dec 2015:   Arrival of Delegations
                      Accreditation of the Delegations
10 Dec 2015  Orientation Meeting
                      Judges Meeting
                      Training as schedule
11 Dec 2015  Qualifications both Age Groups
                      Training Seniors
12 Dec 2015  Final both Age Groups
                      Qualifications Seniors
13 Dec 2015  Final Seniors
                      Farewell Party
14 Dec 2015  Departure of Delegations

The Event manager is Ms. NGUYEN Kim Lan with the presence of Ms. Tammy Yagi Kitagawa President of AGU AER TC and Ms. Mireille Ganzin President of FIG AER TC. The AGU Technical Committee Members composed of Ms. Young-Hee Song KOR and Ms. Kim Lan VIE Mr. MUHAMMAD Aqeel Asghar PAK and Mr. HADI Ghasempour

The Superior Jury is composed of: Ganzin Mireille, Tammy Yagi-Kitagawa, Nguyen Kim Lan, Song Young Hee.

You can find all the results in the attachment file

Download this file (Results-Aerobic_Asian_Champ_VIE-2015.pdf)Results-Aerobic_Asian_Champ_VIE-2015[Results-Aerobic_Asian_Champ_VIE-2015]653 kB

Doha (QAT), AGU Office, November 29, 2015: Pocketing World titles in Men's and Women's Individual Trampoline on the final day of competition at the 2015 World Championships in Odense (DEN), China confirmed its supremacy heading into next summer's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (BRA).
Gao Lei smokes the competition, starting with his teammates
With nine months before the start of the Rio Olympic Games, Trampoline has found a new prince in Gao Lei. The 23-year-old Chinese gymnast, who until now has lived in the shadow of teammates Dong Dong, the 2012 Olympic champion, and Tu Xiao, the reigning World champion, took his first World individual title Sunday, asserting himself as the Olympic favorite.
With levels of talent deeper than a Trampoline bed, a gymnast like Gao first needs to defeat their own teammates before being permitted to take on the world. In advancing to the medal round, Gao had already won a major victory by eclipsing Dong, and Tu in the preliminary rounds. In finals, the Shanghai native nailed an exercise that included six triple saltos to grab the gold.
In exchanging his bronze from 2014 for silver this year, Uladzislau Hancharou (BLR) affirmed his position as a challenger for the 2016 Olympic crown. Hancharou, who turns 20 December 2, finished a few thousandths of a point ahead of bronze medallist Andrey Yudin. The battle for the podium was tight, with Japan's Masaki Ito, fourth, and 2012 Olympic silver medallist Dmitry Ushakov (RUS) fifth, both less than half a point behind Hancharou.
Li Dan returns to the top
China's Li Dan has survived the ups and downs of a long international career and is once again World champion, five years after her taking first and only World individual title in 2010. The 27-year-old withstood the pressure of competing last in the Women's final, delivering a magnificent routine worthy of her immense talent, something she has not always done in major international competition. Li's dainty and difficult exercise was enough to overtake her teammate, 2014 World champion Liu Lingling, who performed a less difficult but no less eye-catching routine. Fourth in 2014, 34-year-old Tatsiana Piatrenia displaced 2012 Olympic champion Rosie MacLennan (CAN) to win bronze, her first-ever individual World medal after a dozen years on the international circuit.
Hard times for China's Olympic champions
Neither 2012 Olympic gold medallist Dong Dong nor 2008 champion He Wenna advanced past the semifinal round of Sunday's competition, a shock for Dong, who has stood on the podium at every World Championships and Olympic Games since 2007. The most successful gymnast since the legendary Olympic champion Alexander Moskalenko (RUS) was cast back down to earth by superior performances from younger teammates, who advanced to the two-per-country final in front of him. He for her part failed to finish her routine after hitting the padding surrounding the Trampoline.
First countries qualify for the Rio Olympic Games
China, Russia and Japan each earned the right to send two gymnasts to Rio to compete in Men's Individual Trampoline, while Belarus and France each earned one spot as the first Olympic berths were allocated Sunday in Odense. In the Women's competition, China, Belarus and Great Britain each won two places for their gymnasts at the Games.
Several other countries will battle for the final Olympic berths at the Pre-Olympic Test Event, to be held April 20 in Rio. In all, 16 men and 16 women will compete in Trampoline at the Games. (See the list of qualifiers here)
Yang Song, the Tumbling Prince of Denmark
Already crowned World champion in 2011 and 2014, Yang Song (CHN) was the man to beat this year as well after dominating the qualification round. Unfazed by the pressure of a three-peat, Yang remained untouchable in a final in which three World champions were represented among the eight competitors. His flipping, twisting tumbling lines lifted him above the competition, while his teammate Zhang Kuo earned bronze. After helping his team win gold Saturday night, Russia's Timofei Podust earned himself an individual silver, sandwiched between the two Chinese.
Double Mini-trampoline: Erin Jauch doubles down on World titles
If that was indeed Erin Jauch's final routine at a World Championships, it was a great way to go out. The reigning World champion, who has been contemplating retirement, stuck her double layout full out second pass to earn her second consecutive World title in Women's Double Mini-trampoline. Silver and bronze medallists Jasmin Short (GBR) and Lina Sjoberg (SWE) contributed to the stick party in finals as well, with Sjoberg, a former Artistic elite gymnast, earning Sweden its first-ever World medal in Women's Double Mini.

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