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AER-mixed-pair-TPEFollow to the AGU development project for the year 2009, the AGU will organize a common training camp for Aerobic Gymnastics in Tehran - IRAN during the period December 12 to 18, 2009 including the arrival and departure days.
You can find in attachment the invitation and directives for this camp which as we said before have the target to exchange experiences in coaching, to enhance cooperation and communication of coaches and gymnasts and to have a good relationship between coaches  and gymnasts within Asian Continent.
We ask all the AGU affiliated Federations to participate in these camps for the benefit of our sport and for the successful our project.
AER training camp Invitation and directives

HuangOctober 14, 2009: Zhong Xingping (Guangdong) edged Li Dan (Guangdong) and Huang Shanshan (Fujian) to win the women's individual trampoline competition of the 11th Chinese National Games held today in Jinan, Shandong. In a men's individual trampoline final where two trampolinists competed 17.40 pt tariffs, Dong Dong (Shanxi) prevailed over Tu Xiao (Shanxi) and Lu Chunlong (Jiangsu). Overall, these Chinese National Games were almost undoubtedly the national competition with the highest level ever in trampoline history.
The third and final day of trampoline competition in the 11th Chinese National Games took place today at the Aoti Stadium in Jinan, Shandong.  Today's schedule featured only the women's and men's individual trampoline finals.  No individual tumbling final is held at these Chinese National Games.  The Chinese National Games, also known as All China Games or National Games of the People's Republic of China, are the most prestigious national competition in China.  It is a quadrennial multi-sport event similar to the Olympic Games, but at the Chinese scale.
The top 10 individual performers from the preliminaries qualified for the individual trampoline finals, with a limit of two per provincial team.  The scores were reset to zero for the final.
The individual finals were of a very high levels with eight women competing 14.0+ tariffs, and nine of the men attempting 16.20+ pt tariffs.  Six women in a row kicked off their routines with a half out triffis pike.  Two men competed 17.40 pt tariffs, including one starting with five triffises.
All in all, these Chinese National Games were almost undoubtedly the national competition with the highest level ever in trampoline history.  
In the women's trampoline competition, 2007 Kunshan World Cup winner Zhong Xingping (Guangdong) prevailed with 39.00 pts.  It was the moment to shine for the very talented 22-year-old, who has been in the shadow of Olympic Champion He Wenna (Fujian) and 2004 Olympic medalist Huang Shanshan (Fujian) after barely missing the qualification to the Beijing Olympic Games to them.  Competing second to last in the final in Jinan after taking the second place of the preliminaries, Zhong Xingping chose to step up her difficulty to a 14.60 pt tariff featuring a half out triffis pike and a half out triffis tuck, up from a 14.00 pt tariff in the preliminaries.  She was the only one in the final to compete two triffises.  Her strategy paid off as her routine was performed with sterling execution, great height and fairly limited traveling, traveling outside the rectangle in the center of the trampoline bed on the third and fourth skills, but recovering nicely to finish the second half of the routine on the cross at the center of the bed.  Overall, Zhong, who had placed 3rd at the 2005 Chinese National Games, clinched the gold medal this time with 39.00 pts, and clearly showed that she would target the gold medal at the 2009 World Championships to be held next month in St Petersburg, Russia.
Guangdong's triumph in this women's individual trampoline final was completed by Li Dan (pictured right), who clinched the silver medal with a very strong routine.  Li Dan competed her traditional 14.60 pt tariff kicking off with a half out triffis pike.  She delivered her routine with great height as usual, but also with very little traveling as only one of her skills landed outside the rectangle in the center of the bed.  Li Dan's execution was neat, and she scored 38.40 pts overall.  This silver medal was a nice bounce back for Li Dan, who had crashed at the recent Chinese National Championship Competition after dominating the preliminares.  This gold medal-silver medal triumph for the Guangdong team was a sweet bounce back from last night's team final where Guangdong trampolinist Wu Chuwen, 16, had a very scary crash, and had to be taken to the hospital where, thankfully, no serious injury was diagnozed.  Wu Chuwen was actually released from the hospital the morning of the individual finals and is reportedly expected to resume training in two or three days.
The bronze medal of these 11th Chinese National Games wend to 2004 Olympic medalist Huang Shanshan (Fujian - pictured left), who was the defending Chinese National Games Champion.  Competing last in the final after dominating the preliminaries, Huang Shanshan opted to perform the 14.30 pt tariff kicking off with half out triffis tuck that she had performed in the preliminaries rather than increase her difficulty.  The 2007 World silver medalist and 2008 World Cup Final winner, who won the two most recent World Cups, delivered a quality routine with nice execution, but she suffered from just a little traveling, landing the fourth skill outside the rectangle in the center of the bed.  As a result, she scored 38.00 pts, and had to settle for the bronze medal.
Li Meng had to settle for the 4th place of these Chinese National Games with 37.80 pts, just 0.20 pts off Huang Shanshan's bronze medal.  She may actually have deserved a little better.  Li Meng delivered a nice routine with good execution and fairly limited traveling as all her skills landed within the rectangle in the center of the bed.  Unfortunately, her very relative lack of difficulty (14.00 pt tariff kicking off with half out triffis pike) is what may have cost her the medal.  Olympic Champion and real celebrity in China He Wenna (Fujian) was a relative disappointment in the final as she placed only 5th with 37.50 pts.  He Wenna was competing right after Li Meng, and just before Zhong Xingping and Huang Shanshan as she had taken the 3rd place of the preliminaries.  Coming off a great performance the day before in the team finals where she delivered the best routine, she encountered more struggles in today's final.  He Wenna suffered from a little traveling, mostly lateral traveling, while competing her traditional 14.20 pt tariff kicking off with half out triffis pike.  She maintained good height and great forms throughout the routine though.
The 6th place of the final went to Lin Min (Jiangsu), who performed a well-mastered routine with limited traveling that scored 36.95 pts (14.10 pt tariff kicking off with half out triffis tuck).  Lin Min performed the second half of her routine on the cross.  She barely edged international Jiang Yiqi (Shanghai), who came in 7th with 36.90 pts (14.00 pt tariff kicking off with half out triffis pike).  Jiang Yiqi performed a quality routine with nice forms, but experienced some traveling on the eighth skill.  Youngster Dong Yu (Shanxi) followed in 8th place with 36.10 pts (14.20 pt tariff kicking off with half out triffis pike) also due to some traveling towards the end of her routine.  Another youngster, Zhang Ying (Shanghai) came in 9th place with 34.45 pts due to a lower difficulty than the other finalists despite starting with a half out triffis tuck.  She also experienced a couple of traveling in the middle of her routine.  Zhang Yuanyuan (Shanxi) had to settle for the 10th place with 33.80 pts as she struggled, traveling throughout.  She also competed a lower difficulty than most of the finalists, actually kicking off her routine with an unusual back straight-double back tuck.
The final in the men's competition also proved to be of a very high level as a few of the top trampolinists decided to raise their degree of difficulty.  Despite these attempts, Olympic medalist Dong Dong (Shanxi - pictured left), who had dominated the preliminaries and was competing last in the final, resisted these attempts and clinched the gold medal.  Dong Dong delivered an outstanding routine with almost flawless execution, great height, while staying in the center of the trampoline bed.  Actually, his first nine skills landed on the cross at the center of the trampolione bed, and his tenth skill landed not far from the cross.  He also maintained his amplitude throughout the routine.  Overall, Dong Dong scored 42.30 pts (16.60 pt tariff kicking off with three triffises).  It is a new significant gold medal for the 2007 World silver medalist and 2008 World Cup Final winner, who was also the winner of the most recent World Cup.
The silver medal of the men's individual final went to another Shanxi trampolinist, namely Tu Xiao (pictured right), who is continuing on a streak of great results, just few weeks after winning World Cup medals.  Tu Xiao, who was competing third to last in the final, chose to increase his degree difficulty to 17.40 pts, thanks to a combination of triffises and skills with randy out systems.  Tu Xiao's first five skills were half out triffis pike-half in half out triffis tuck-half out triffis tuck-half in randy out pike-randy out pike.  His seventh skill was a flawless full in randy out straight.  Tu Xiao jumped very high in this final, and managed to keep the traveling mostly under control, except on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th skills, despite the amplitude and the very high difficulty.  Overall, Tu Xiao scored 42.05 pts, and clinched a very good silver medal.  With this new great performance, Tu Xiao showed that any of the four men on the Chinese team at the upcoming World Championships has the potential to become individual World Champion. 
At the 10th Chinese National Games four years ago, Lu Chunlong (Jiangsu - pictured on the left), then 16, unexpectedly emerged to beat the favorites and be crowned Chinese National Games Champion.  Now Olympic Champion Lu Chunlong hoped to repeat his performance at the event that brought him under the limelights.  Unfortunately, after so-so preliminaries in Jinan, he was competing fifth in this final, which may have cost a little as all the top trampolinists were left to jump after him.  Lu Chunlong competed a very nice routine with height throughout managed to stay mostly in the center of the trampoline bed, with only the second skill landing outside the rectangle in the center of the trampoline bed.  Lu Chunlong scored 41.70 pts as he performed his traditional 16.60 pt tariff featuring three triffises at the beginning, and ended up with the bronze medal.
Competing right after Tu Xiao's 17.40 pt routine that had allowed him to take the lead up to that point, World Champion Ye Shuai (Fujian - pictured right) decided to answer with a 17.40 pt routine of hiw own.  Ye Shuai started the routine extremely high, and completed it with good forms.  His routine kicked off with five triffises: rudy out triffis pike-half in half out triffis pike-half out triffis pike-half in half out triffis tuck-half out triffis tuck.  Unfortunately, he suffered from a little traveling within the rectangle, although he stayed within the rectangle, which cost him a few precious tenths.  In the end, Ye Shuai scored 41.10 pts, and had to settle for the 4th place, although he may have deserved better.  The 5th place of the final went to local hope Ning Wenlong (Shandong), who had a tremendous competition overall.  Ning Wenlong delivered a high quality routine mixing difficulty, execution, and amplitude.  He traveled outside the rectangle in the center of the trampoline bed only on his fourth skill.  Overall, he scored 40.55 pts (16.60 pt tariff kicking off with three triffises).  He was followed by Chen Shaobo (Shanghai), may be the most promising trampolinist of the new Chinese generation.  Chen Shaobo lacked a little height in comparison of some of the other trampolinists, but his performance remained of quality.  He took the 6th place with 40.10 pts (16.40 pt tariff kicking off with half out triffis pike and featuring a full in randy out straight as third skill).
Chen Shaobo barely edged fellow international Lou Ming (Shandong), who had the support of the crowd as he was competing right after Ning Wenlong and just before Tu Xiao, Ye Shuai, and Dong Dong.  Lou Ming delivered a pretty good routine that scored 40.00 pts (16.20 pt tariff with three triffises), but that was unfortunately not as brilliant as his optional in the preliminaries as three skills landed outside the rectangle in the center of the bed.  Lou Ming had to settle for the 7th place.  Chen Chen (Tianjin) delivered an ambitious routine, with good height but he suffered from some traveling, albeit mostly within the rectangle in the center of the bed, which caused him to place 8th with 39.15 pts (16.40 pt tariff kicking off with three triffises).  Zhou Kai (Guangxi) was the only trampolinist in this final not trying to compete a routine with a difficulty not at least equal to 16.20 pts.  Unfortunately, despite neat execution for most of the routine, Zhou Kai's strategy did not pay off as he struggled on the 8th and 9th skills.  He ended up in 9th place with 38.25 pts (15.80 pt tariff featuring two triffises).  He was followed by the promising Gao Lei (Shanghai), who failed to complete his routine in the final, finishing 10th with 34.75 pts for a routine featuring two triffises.  Gao Lei struggled on his eighth and ninth skills and did not perform his last skill.     

Link to the detailed results     

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Zou-Kai-CHNART WC 2009: Second day Apparatus Finals: China added another five medals
China added another five medalsto their record at these championships, making it a total of nine
LONDON (GBR) October 18, 2009: China added another five medalsto their record at these championships, making it a total of nine.
The last day of these championships: men on Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar as well as women on Beam and Floor.
Last minute changes had to be made to the start list since France’s Yann Cucherat, qualified on Parallel Bars, withdrew due to injury. First on the reserve list, Vietnamese Pham Phuao Hung moved into the Final by default. Jeffrey Wammes (NED), who withdrew from the All-around Final on Thursday, got a green light from his doctor to compete in the Vault Final today.

MAG – Vault
Beijing finalist Isaac Botella Perez from Spain opened the Men’s Vault competition. He had trouble controlling his landing on the second vault and scored 15.650. Next on the apparatus was Olympic Bronze medallist and top qualifier Anton Golotsutskov (RUS), who wowed the crowd with two excellent vaults (16.287). Will this bring him a much-expected medal? France’s Thomas Bouhail, Olympic runner-up and reigning European Champion was close on the Russian’s heels, vaulting into second position with an average of 15.775. German Matthias Fahrig, who qualified in seventh and finished 6th in last night’s Floor Final, took a big step to the side on his first vault. However, his second vault was solid and earned an average 15.850 point score that placed him in second position for the time being. Marian Dragulescu, 4th in Beijing and winner of the Floor Final here in London, impressed the crowd with two excellent vaults, flawlessly executed. With 16.575 he took the lead. Jeffrey Wammes (NED) was next - he scored 14.425 and ranked sixth for now. Romania’s second entry to this Final Flavius Koczi, who won Silver earlier this year at the European Championships, vaulted into second position behind team-mate Dragulescu with 16.337 points. Last gymnast on this apparatus, 24-year-old Se Gwang Ri, 2007 World Bronze medallist, didn’t make it to the podium tonight. He scored 15.560 and tied with Botella Perez on rank six.

Final standing:

Gold - DRAGULESCU Marian (ROU) - 16.600
Silver - KOCZI Flavius (ROU) - 16.300
Bronze - GOLOTSUTSKOV Anton (RUS) - 16.200

4. FAHRIG Matthias (GER) - 15.875
5. BOUHAIL Thomas (FRA) - 16.300
6. BOTELLA PEREZ Isaac (ESP) - 15.500
6. RI Se Gwang (PRK) - 15.725
8. WAMMES Jeffrey (NED) - 14.900

MAG vault_podium
















WAG – Beam

China’s Yang Yilin, Beijing All-around Bronze medallist, began her Beam routine relatively well but ended up by falling near the end. Her score: 13.125. Elisabetta Preziosa of Italy was next with a wonderful performance that highlighted her uncanny flexibility. The 16-year-old was rewarded with 14.200 points! All eyes then turned to Romania and Ana Porgras, Bronze medallist at last night’s Uneven Bars Final. Porgras qualified in top position but struggled today and ultimately fell from the Beam. Despite a flawless dismount it was unclear as to whether her 13.425 would be enough to hold the top.
Deng Linlin, qualified third and China’s promising star on Beam, showed a spectacular routine that was so perfectly executed it slid her into the lead (15.000 points). No gymnast scored as high in Qualification on Wednesday; this score should secure her the Gold medal. Next up, Koko Tsurumi, who gave a spectacular performance in the All-around competition as well as on Uneven Bars at these championships, scored 14.100 and a provisional rank three. Qualified in second and with an impressive routine, Un Hyang Kim (PRK) put herself in second place with 14.450 points. Ivana Hong (USA) was second to last on Beam; her excellent performance was awarded 14.550, edging Kim off rank two. Finally, Australia’s Lauren Mitchell, fourth in the All-around, amazed her fans with a difficult spin and a very solid and clean routine. She scored a Silver medal winning 14.875.

Final standing:

Gold - DENG Linlin (CHN) - 15.000
Silver - MITCHELL Lauren (AUS) - 14.875
Bronze - HONG Ivana (USA) - 14.550

4. KIM Un Hyang (PRK) - 14.450
5. PREZIOSA Elisabetta (ITA) - 14.200
6. TSURUMI Koko (JPN) - 14.100
7. PORGRAS Ana (ROU) - 13.425
8. YANG Yilin (CHN) - 13.125

 WAG BB_podium

















MAG – Parallel Bars

The Parallel Bars Final saw China’s Feng Zhe and Wang Guanyin as well as Olympic runner-up Won Chul Yoo of Korea hunting for medals today. Kazuhito Tanaka of Japan, who ranked fourth in the All-around and Qualification, had high hopes for a medal rank. And what about Adam Kierzkowski of Poland who qualified in fourth?
Wang Guanyin opened this final with a fantastic routine, setting a 15.975 point tone for his competitors to parry. Won Chul Yoo was up next, duplicating his qualifying score (15.300). Good enough to stand his ground in this Final? Just behind him was Adam Kierzkowski, who failed to repeat his performance in the preliminaries, scoring 14.325. Top qualifier Feng Zhe, a newcomer to the Chinese team, was at his best here. His solid routine was awarded 15.775 points and rank two, in the wake of his team-mate Feng. The Netherland’s Epke Zonderland put some impressive turns in his routine and scored 15.125. Disappointed spectators had expected a better score for Zonderland. Alternate Pham Phuoc Hung was up next, scoring 14.475. To the cheers of excited supporters, Greek Vasileios Tsolakidis did his job well, scoring the 15.350 points that secured his place in third. Too bad his hopes for a medal vanished into thin air when Kazuhito Tanaka, last to compete on the Parallel Bars, wrapped up a phenomenal routine (15.500) that handed him the Bronze.

Final standing:

Gold - WANG Guanyin (CHN) 15.975
Silver - FENG Zhe (CHN) 15.775
Bronze - TANAKA Kazuhito (JPN) 15.500

4. TSOLAKIDIS Vasileios (GRE) 15.350
5. YOO Won Chul (KOR) 15.300
6. ZONDERLAND Epke (NED) 15.125
7. PHUOC HUNG Pham (VIE) 14.475
8. KIERZKOWSKI Adam (POL) 14.325


MAG PB_podium
















WAG – Floor

The enthusiastic home crowd went wild for their star Beth Tweddle, who after a missed Uneven Bars Final was going for the Gold on Floor today. She was the first to take the floor and did an excellent job out there, scoring 14.650. Next competitor Jessica Gil Oritz (CHI) started with a beautiful double layout, but then slipped and landed heavily on her head for the second tumble. The gymnast was taken off the field of play and to hospital; at this point it doesn’t look too serious. Powerful Rebecca Bross (USA), All-around Silver medallist and third on Uneven Bars, gave a crisp routine that put her in second position behind Tweddle (14.125). China’s Sui Lu, second in the preliminaries, pleased the crowd with a lovely, expressive routine. She was awarded 14.300 and rank two for now. Ana Porgras (ROU) had her second chance on Floor after she finished a mere seventh on Beam earlier today. Her routine was evaluated at 14.125 points, tying for third with Bross. But three more gymnasts were still to compete! Russia’s picture of elegance, Anna Myzdrikova, for instance; top qualifier in this event, she is full of expressive and fluid choreography. She ranked a provisional third (14.275).
Australia’s Lauren Mitchell had a fantastic day! She won Silver on Beam earlier today and her lovely Floor routine has sent her to second place (14.550).
When Deng Linlin’s (CHN), the last to perform, score was announced (13.875) and Tweddle’s Gold medal was confirmed, The O2 Arena exploded to the cheers of an animated crowd. Proudly bearing the British flag and accompanied by standing ovations, the new World Champion marched out of the arena.

Final standing:

Gold - TWEDDLE Elizabeth (GBR) - 14.650
Silver - MITCHELL Lauren (AUS) - 14.550
Bronze - SUI Lu (CHN) - 14.300

4. MYZDRIKOVA Anna RUS 14.275
5. BROSS Rebecca USA 14.125
5. PORGRAS Ana ROU 14.125
7. DENG Linlin CHN 13.875
8. GIL ORTIZ Jessica COL 2.975


WAG FX_podium














MAG – Horizontal Bar

The Horizontal Bar Final, often referred to as the most spectacular event in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, was action packed! The event featured tried and true gymnasts alongside the up and coming, all with a good chance of winning a medal, making this an incredibly open competition.
2004 Olympic Champion Igor Cassina of Italy opened the medal quest with a zesty routine. He scored a dramatic 15.625, the highest score in relation to the qualifying rounds; would it be enough to secure him a spot on the podium tonight? Stylish Aliakandr Tsarevich (BLR) performed gutsy elements worth 14.375. Next up was US American Danell Leyva with a well defined routine that seethed with difficulty. His coach was visibly pleased when Leyva’s routine concluded with a 15.600 point score and a tentative rank two. Up next, reigning Olympic Champion Zou Kai performed flawlessly (16.150) and took the lead over Cassina. All-around Champion Kohei Uchimura (JPN) gratified the crowd with unmatched style and another great routine. His 15.175 gives him 4th for now. The Netherland’s Epke Zonderland took a risk and went for absolute difficulty. His strategy paid off: 15.825 and rank two. Jonathan Horton, US American All-arounder, started off well enough but fell from the bar, mucking up his dismount in the process. 13.250 and seventh. Slovenia’s Horizontal Bar veteran Aljaz Pegan, 2007 World runner-up, was the last gymnast to compete tonight. With 15.500 points he landed 5th place.
A truly crowning moment, this was the concluding event for the London World Championships 2009!

Final standing:

Gold - ZOU Kai (CHN) - 16.150
Silver - ZONDERLAND Epke (NED) - 15.825
Bronze - CASSINA Igor (ITA) - 15.625

4. LEYVA Danell (USA) - 15.600
5. PEGAN Aljaz (SLO) - 15.500
6. UCHIMURA Kohei (JPN) - 15.175
7. TSAREVICH Aliaksandr (BLR) - 14.375
8. HORTON Jonathan (USA) - 13.250

MAG HB_podium
















China today added another five medals to their record at these championships, making it a total of nine. They hereby topped the medal rankings in front of the USA (six medals) and Romania (4 medals). With Lauren Mitchell’s two Silver medals and Prashanth Sellathurai’s Bronze on Pommel Horse, Australia ranks sixth, behind Japan (4th) and Great Britain (5th).
Press conference quotes:
Elizabeth Tweddle (GBR): On the loud crowd: 'The crowd has been fantastic all week. They gave me a buzz and I just wanted to prove that I was one of the best on Floor!'
'Having the home crowd really helps. I felt I had nothing to lose. I didn't feel any pressure, I just went out and enjoyed it. To be honest, I think it was one of the easiest Floor routines I've ever done.'
On going first, disadvantage? 'There's always that worry, but it also means you can get the exercise over and done with and then there was the accident with the Colombian gymnast which sort of put a few gymnasts off.'
On further improvements: 'I've still got stuff to go in on Floor, but my Uneven Bars routine is a pretty high start value so I'll have to think about what I can add there.'
Marian Dragulescu (ROU): “I was nervous, but very happy we could get the first two places on the podium.”
On continuing to 2012: 'I'm going to take it year by year, the most important thing is my health. In gymnastics accidents can happen, so I only think about next year.'
Feng Zhe (CHN): On the rank of Worlds and National Championships: 'I think the two events are the same to us. The national Games and the world championships are both important to us.'
Zou Kai (CHN): On the arena: 'I was very satisfied with the arena and training hall. I just want to know if the food and the accommodation is ok, that concerns us more!'
On how this medal compares to the Olympic one: 'It’s hard to compare, the Olympic Gold medal impressed me more, but I have never got a world championship title so this is also important to me.'
Deng Linlin (CHN): 'I'm satisfied with my performance, although it's just normal. I wasn't as nervous as in the previous days.'
On success of the Chinese team: 'I think our team performed very well, it is perfectly successful.'
On her personal success, how does she feel? 'It’s a pity that I didn't qualify for any Final at the Beijing Olympics, so this is a big success to me. I also want to make progress in three years time to win more individual medals, but I hope that our team will be successful too.'
Doctors’ statement on Jessica Gil Oritz’s injury: 'She is in as stable condition in the hospital. She had to have an x-ray and a scan, but she is neurologically intact.'

Closing Ceremony

FIG President Prof. Bruno Grandi thanked the Organising Committee, who did a terrific job all throughout these championships, the volunteers, the media and the fantastic public that gave its unfailing support to the gymnasts here in London.
Grandi handed over the award for recognition to Brian Stocks, CEO of British Gymnastics and the FIG Medal of Recognition was rewarded to Championships Director Matthew Greenwood, Business Operations Director Steve Brice, Venue Manager Jennifer Marx and Lenn Arnold.
The ceremony continued with the handover of the FIG flag by British Gymnastics to President Grandi, who then passed it on to Gert Sikkens, representing the Rotterdam Organising Committee for 2010. President Grandi finally declared the 41st Artistic Gymnastics World Championships officially closed.
The 42nd Artistic Gymnastics World Championships will take place from October 17 - 24, 2010 in Rotterdam (NED).

Huang Shanshan CHNOctober 12, 2009: Huang Shanshan (Fujian) and Dong Dong (Shanxi) dominated the women's and men's individual trampoline preliminaries of the 11th Chinese National Games that took place today in Jinan, Shandong. In tumbling, Chen Lingqian (Shanghai) and Yang Song (Fujian) took the lead respectively in the women's and men's events. The Guangdong team and the Shanxi team qualified for the women's and men's team finals in first place. Pictures added.
The first day of competition in the trampoline event of the 11th Chinese National Games, also known as National Games of the People's Republic of China or All-China Games, took place today at the Aoti Stadium in the city of Jinan in the Shandong province.  Today's schedule featured the preliminaries in individual trampoline and individual tumbling.  The top ten trampolinists and tumblers from these preliminaries, with a limit of two per province per category, could qualify for the individual finals to be held on October the 14th.
Based on the cumulative scores of the top three trampoline first routines, top three trampoline second routines, and top first and second tumbling passes, the top 8 teams could qualify for the team finals to be held tomorrow, October 13th.  The teams were made of four trampolinists and two tumblers.  
The scores from the preliminaries will be reset to zero for the finals.  The scores in China are calculated a little differently than under the FIG Code of Points as the execution judges grade purely the execution.  Traveling is calculated separately by a way of a deduction, and a bonus is granted based on the height of the trampolinists.  The separate traveling mark and height bonus are graded 0.05 pts by 0.05 pts.  Tumbling is graded in accordance with the FIG Code of Points.  No synchronized trampoline competition was held.
In the women's individual trampoline competition, the level was very high with 9 trampolinists out of 46 competing tariffs of 14.00+ pts.  The preliminaries saw 2004 Olympic medalist and 2007 World silver medalist Huang Shanshan (Fujian - pictured right) take the lead with 68.35 pts.  The winner of the 2008 World Cup Final and the last two World Cups performed a solid first routine (30.15 pts), but made the difference over her rivals thanks to the best optional (38.20 pts with a 14.30 pt tariff).  Huang Shanshan is the defending Chinese National Games Champion.  The second place of these preliminaries was taken by Kunshan World Cup winner Zhong Xingping (Guangdong).  Zhong Xingping delivered a great first routine (30.40 pts) and a  very strong second routine (37.15 pts with a 14.00 pt tariff) despite some traveling.  Overall, the 2006 Asian Games silver medalist scored 67.55 pts.
Olympic Champion He Wenna (Fujian - pictured left), who is back from a slight injury that prevented her from competing at the last couple of World Cups, came in 3rd place in these preliminaries with a score of 67.10 pts.  He Wenna performed the best first routine of the preliminaries (30.80 pts), and a solid optional (36.30 pts with a 14.20 pt tariff) that encountered some traveling.  2008 Osaka World Cup medalist Li Meng (Tianjin) followed in 4th place with 66.45 pts, relying on a very strong optional (37.30 pts with a 14.00 pt tariff).  2009 Sofia World Cup silver medalist Jiang Yiqi (Shanghai) place 5th in these preliminaries, scoring 66.30 pts.  Jiang Yiqi's optional obtained a score of 36.70 pts (14.00 pt tariff).  The talented Li Dan (Guangdong), who performed the highest degree of difficulty of these preliminaries with 14.60 pts, followed in 6th place with 66.00 pts.  Li Dan scored 36.80 pts with her second routine.
Youngster Dong Yu (Shanxi), who was born in 1994, was a surprising 7th in these preliminaries, scoring 65.75 pts.  Dong Yu performed a 14.20 pt tariff, scoring 36.85 pts for her optional.  We suspect Dong Yu is the sister of Olympic medalist Dong Dong, who dominated the preliminaries in the men's.  Lin Min (Jiangsu), who represented China at international competitions a few years ago, took the 8th place with 64.75 pts thanks to a solid optional with a 14.10 pt tariff.  Guo Jia (Guangdong) took a good 9th place with 64.30 pts thanks to a good optional (36.00 pts with a 14.00 pt tariff).  Unfortunately, Guo Jia will miss the final as Zhong Xingping and Li Dan fared better on the Guangdong team.  The last two places of the preliminaries were taken by Zhang Yuanyuan (Shanxi - 10th with 63.95 pts) and youngster Zhang Ying (Shanghai - 63.85 pts).
Ma Tiantian (Shanghai - 12th with 63.85 pts and a 13.30 pt tariff) missed the final only under the tie-breaking rules as her optional scored less than Zhang Ying's.  Li Wei (Hunan - 13th with 63.80 pts and a 13.30 pt tariff) and international Gu Qingwen (Shanghai - 14th with 63.70 pts with a 13.70 pt tariff) also did not miss the final by much.  International Luo Dan (Hunan), who won the silver medal at the 2005 Chinese National Games, had a so-so showing and ended up in 15th place with 63.45 pts (13.10 pt tariff).  She was followed by 2001 Chinese National Games Champion Zheng Xiaojun (Fujian - 16th with 63.00 pts and a 13.50 pt tariff), youngster Liu Lingling (Fujian - 17th with 62.85 pts and a 13.30 pt tariff), Yao Meng (Jiangsu - 18th with 62.65 pts with a 13.10 pt tariff), international Guo Ran (Shanxi - 19th with 62.60 pts with a 13.10 pt tariff), Yang Zhe (Guangxi - 20th with 62.50 pts), and Chen Yu (Zhejiang - 21st with 62.50 pts).  Wang Yun (Anhui), who won the bronze medals at the last two Chinese National Championship Competitions, had a disappointing showing, placing only 22nd with 62.40 pts.  Wang Yun had a strong first routine 30.20 pts, but struggled in the optional.  She finished ahead of local hope Wang Wenwen (Shandong - 23rd with 62.30 pts), Wang Wei (Hunan - 24th with 62.30 pts and a 13.30 pt tariff), and Wu Chuwen (25th with 62.25 pts with a 13.70 pt tariff), who were followed by Bao Yin (Zhejiang), Chen Xiu (Shandong - 13.20 pt tariff), and Chen Cheng (Tianjin - 13.10 pt tariff).
The women's tumbling preliminaries saw Chen Lingqian (Shanghai) claimed the first place with 63.00 pts thanks to two solid passes (31.60 pts with a 6.00 pt tariff and 31.40 pts with a 6.30 pt tariff).  Youngster Jia Fanfang (Zhejiang), who has dominated the Chinese national circuit this season but is too young to compete internationally as she was born in 1994, came in 2nd place with 61.00 pts.  Jia Fangfang struggled in her first pass, but bounced back with the best pass of these preliminaries (33.00 pts with a 6.90 pt tariff).  She was followed a group of many tumblers with similar levels of performance, including Gu Wenling (Guangxi - 3rd with 60.40 pts), Wang Ying (Jiangsu - 4th with 60.10 pts), Guan Shuang (Tianjin - 5th with 59.90 pts), Mao Ning (Shanxi - 6th with 59.80 pts), Ma Lin (Shanghai - 7th with 59.80 pts), Wu Jinglin (Fujian - 8th with 59.40 pts), Zhang Wenjie (Jiangsu - 9th with 59.30 pts), and Zheng Shan (Guangdong - 10th with 59.20 pts).  International Zhu Binqian (Zhejiang), who was preferred over fellow international and Zhejiang tumbler Song Yehong, struggled in these preliminaries and ended up in 17th place, missing the final, just ahead of Zhang Yuanyuan (Fujian), who also struggled.  Chen Ling (Guangdong), who had a strong first pass with 31.70 pts (6.10 pt tariff), struggled in her second pass and had to settle for the 23rd place.
In the team event, the eight teams qualified for the final were Guangdong (259.85 pts), Fujian (258.15 pts), Shanghai (257.65 pts), Shanxi (253.00 pts), Hunan (249.25 pts), Jiangsu (249.05 pts), Zhejiang (248.50 pts), and Tianjin (246.80 pts).  Local team Shandong (243.90 pts), Guangxi (243.05 pts), Anhui (239.65 pts), and Liaoning (197.37 pts) missed the team final qualification.  Guangdong relied on the great performances of trampolinists Zhong Xingping, Li Dan, Guo Jia and tumbler Zheng Shan to overcome the struggles of tumbler Chen Ling.  The Fujian team relied on strong trampoline performances from Huang Shanshan, He Wenna, Zheng Xiaojun, and Liu Lingling to counterbalance so-so performances from the tumblers.
The men's individual trampoline competition was also of a very high level as 16 of the 48 trampolinists competed 16.00+ pt tariffs despite crashes of a few favorites.  Olympic bronze medalist and 2007 World silver medalist Dong Dong (Shanxi) dominated the preliminaries with 73.20 pts.  The winner of the 2008 World Cup Final and the last World Cup performed the best first routine (31.40 pts) and the best optional (41.80 pts with a 16.60 pt tariff).  Dong Dong mastered his traveling almost to perfection and maintained great height throughout both routines.  World Champion Ye Shuai (Fujian - pictured right) jumped the highest in both routines to clinch the 2nd place of these preliminaries with 72.25 pts.  Ye Shuai had a very good showing in the first routine (31.00 pts), followed by his impressive optional kicking off with a rudy out triffis pike (41.25 pts with a 16.70 pt tariff, the highest tariff of the preliminaries).
Tu Xiao (Shanxi - pictured left), who won medals at the last two World Cups, came in 3rd place with 71.80 pts thanks to two sterling routines (31.10 pts and 40.70 pts with a 16.60 pt tariff) with very limited traveling.  Chinese International and local hope Lou Ming (Shandong) took a very good 4th place in these preliminaries with 71.10 pts thanks to a very strong optional (40.85 pts with a 16.20 pt tariff).  International Fu Bing (Shanxi), born in 1992, clearly showed his status as potential leader of the new Chinese generation, by taking the 5th place of these preliminaries with 70.70 pts thanks to two solid routines (30.15 pts and 40.55 pts with a 15.60 pt tariff).  Unfortunately, as his two Shanxi teammates Dong Dong and Tu Xiao performed better in these preliminaries, Fu Bing will miss the final.  Ning Wenlong (Shandong), also had a strong showing in front of the home crowd.  Ning Wenlong took the 6th place in these preliminaries with 70.50 pts thanks to two strong performances (30.25 pts and 40.30 pts with a 16.60 pt tariff).
Olympic Champion Lu Chunlong (Jiangsu) mildly struggled in these preliminaries, which caused him to place only 7th.  Lu Chunlong had a good first routine (30.85 pts), but traveled significantly in his optional (39.65 pts with a 16.60 pt tariff).  Overall, he scored 70.50 pts and managed to qualify for the final without too much anguish.  Rising star and international Chen Shaobo (Shanghai), born in 1991, displayed his talent, placing 8th in these preliminaries.  Chen Shaobo, scored 69.40 pts thanks to a neat optional (40.20 pts with a 16.40 pt tariff).  He was followed by Chinese international Ma Yanqing (Shandong), who claimed the 9th place with 69.25 pts (16.20 pt tariff).  However, since Lou Ming and Ning Wenlong fared better on the Shandong team, Ma Yanqing will miss the individual final.  Youngster Gao Lei (Shanghai), born in 1992, secured a place in the final with a score of 69.15 pts (16.20 pt tariff).  The last places for the individual final were captured by Chen Chen (Tianjin - 11th with 68.55 pts with a 16.40 pt tariff) and Zhou Kai (Guangxi - 12th with 68.50 pts and a 15.80 pt tariff).    
The talented Yu Dakang (Fujian - 13th with 68.25 pts thanks to a 16.00 pt tariff and a 30.55 pt first routine) and Zan Jie (Fujian - 14th with 68.15 pts) did not miss the final by much.  Hu Junxiong (Jiangsu - 15th with 67.55 pts), Wang Long (Guangxi - 16th with 67.45 pts), and international Wu Yi (Shanghai - 16th with 67.10 pts and a 16.20 pt tariff) had strong showings but missed the final nonetheless.  They were followed by Tao Ran (Anhui - 18th with 66.80 pts), Fu Hao (Chongqing - 19th with 66.55 pts), Jao Feng (Shandong - 20th with 66.20 pts), Zeng Linglong (Guangdong - 21st with 66..10 pts), who all had solid performances. They placed ahead of Feng Wanli (Zhejiang), Ye Jinlong (Tianjin), who had a so-so showing, Wang Yong (Guangdong), international Liu Bo (Shanxi), who had to battle traveling in his optional, and Xu Yang (Tianjin), who all scored more than 65.00 pts.
Shen Chen (Zhejiang) was next as he had to modify his optional after some struggle. The most notable victim from these preliminaries was Asian Games Champion Que Zhicheng (Fujian), who crashed after two skills in his optional and finished in 46th place, just one place ahead of Chinese international Feng Qiangqiang (Jiangsu), who took the silver medal at the 2005 Chinese National Games, but also crashed after two skills in the second routine of these preliminaries.  Li Bo (Liaoning) struggled in both routines, and had to settle for the 35th place despite a 16.20 pt tariff.  Bai Tao (Shanghai) had a solid optional with a 16.00 pt tariff, but a crash in the first routine caused him to end up in 40th place.  Wang Zhe (Zhejiang) had a good first routine, but failed to complete his optional, which caused him to finish only 42nd, just one spot ahead of the talented Lei Peng (Anhui).  Lei Peng had a very good first routine (30.35 pts) but also crashed in his optional.
The men's tumbling preliminaries unfortunately saw 2005 World Champion Wang Jiexu (Guangdong) withdraw, presumably due to the injury suffered in a warm up session at the World Games this summer.  In his absence, 2009 Sofia World Cup silver medalist Yang Song (Fujian) took the lead of these preliminaries with 70.60 pts.  Yang Song delivered the best first routine (34.40 pts with an 8.50 pt tariff) and the best second pass (36.20 pts with a 10.40 pt tariff).  2003-2007 World silver medalist Pan Huanian (Zhejiang) had solid preliminaries, taking the 2nd place with 70.10 pts.  Pan Huanian obtained 34.10 pts for his first pass (8.50 pt tariff) and 36.00 pts for his second pass (10.40 pt tariff).  2007 Zielona Gora World Cup winner Li Zhenqiu (Guangdong) came in 3rd place in these preliminaries, scoring 69.70 pts thanks to a solid second pass that scored 35.80 pts thanks to the highest tariff of the preliminaries (11.20 pts).
Li Zhenqiu edged Ma Jie (Fujian - 4th with 69.70 pts) only under the tie-breaking rules.  Ma Jie had a good first pass (34.40 pts with an 8.50 pt tariff) and a solid second pass (35.30 pts with a 10.00 pt tariff).  Xu Zhi (Guangdong) came in 5th place with 68.40 pts (10.40 pt tariff for his second pass).  He was followed by Niu Guangkun (Shandong - 6th with 67.00 pts), Zhao Shijian (Tianjin - 7th with 66.60 pts), Liang Zhen (Guanxi - 8th with 66.50 pts), Du Feilong (Shanghai - 9th with 66.20 pts), Sun Kelun (Anhui - 10th with 66.00 pts), Wu Rui (Chongqing - 11th with 65.90 pts), Wang Shengnan (Shandong - 12th with 65.40 pts), and Zhao Chuliang (Zhejiang - 13th with 65.00 pts).  International Ji Ruikun (Shanghai) failed to qualify and had to settle for the 18th place.  Zhang Lingfeng (Jiangsu) had a very strong second pass (35.60 pts with a 10.40 pt tariff), but struggles in his first pass forced him to settle for the 20th place.
The teams that qualified for the men's team final were Shanxi (281.40 pts), Fujian (279.25 pts), local hope Shandong (277.90 pts), Shanghai (271.85 pts), Jiangsu (269.85 pts), Tianjin (267.70 pts), Guangdong (264.45 pts), and Guangxi (263.85 pts).  Anhui (262.05 pts), Chongqing (255.00 pts), Zhejiang (252.05 pts), and Liaoning (251.80 pts) missed the final.  The Shanxi team relied on the strong performances from trampolinists Dong Dong, Tu Xiao, Fu Bing to offset so-so showings by the tumblers.  The Fujian team overcame the disappointing performance of traditional team leader Que Zhicheng thanks to strong performance from trampolinists Ye Shuai, Yu Dakang, Zan Jie, and tumblers Yang Song and Ma Jie.  Shandong had a brilliant team performance led by trampolinists Lou Ming, Ning Wenlong, Ma Yanqing, and tumbler Niu Guangkun. The Jiangsu team survived the crash of historic leader Feng Qiangqiang and made it to the final led by Lu Chunlong.     

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He Kexin CHNLONDON (GBR) October 17, 2009: Once again, the O2 Arena filled up today with an enthusiastic crowd excited to see more top level gymnastics action here in London! Enter the specialists, who competed today in the first of two days of Apparatus Finals. Five apparatus were featured, three for men and two for women. In contrast to the All-around competition, one event took place after the other, giving spectators an opportunity to follow each gymnast’s routine. Here’s what they saw:

MAG - Floor
2008 Olympic Champion from China Zou Kai was the first to take to the floor this afternoon. He raised the bar for this Final, confirming his qualifying score of 15.675. American Champion Steven Legendre earned 14.950 points; lower than in the qualifying rounds. Three times World Champion on Floor Marian Dragulescu (ROU) was next with a strong routine that knocked him into the leading position (15.700). Beijing finalist Alexander Shatilov (ISR) managed a 15.575, which meant a provisional rank three. Will it be enough to maitain a medal rank? Chilean Enrique Tomas Gonzalez Sepulveda failed to give a repeat performance of the preliminaries and scored a mere 15.225. Next up was newly crowned All-around World Champion Kohei Uchimura (JPN); he, too, gave a weaker performance than at the Qualification (15.475) and ended up dropping to rank four. Uchimura’s compatriot Makoto Okiguchi (JPN), who just made it to this Final in eighth position, was awarded a 15.425 and rank five today. Last gymnast performing on Floor Matthias Fahrig (GER) scored 15.400 and finished in 6th.


Final standing:
Gold - DRAGULESCU Marian (ROU) - 15.700
Silver - ZOU Kai (CHN) - 15.675
Bronze - SHATILOV Alexander (ISR) - 15.575
4. UCHIMURA Kohei (JPN) - 15.475
5. OKIGUCHI Makoto (JPN) - 15.425
6. FAHRIG Matthias (GER) – (15.400)
8. LEGENDRE Steven (USA) - 14.950
















WAG - Vault

The first female gymnast to compete in today’s Finals was Russian Anna Myzdrikova on Vault, who qualified in fifth. She repeated her score of 14.225 points. 2009 European Champion and Beijing finalist Ariella Kaeslin was next and progressed since the preliminaries with an average score of 14.525. Not such a great day for reigning Olympic Champion on this apparatus Un Jong Hong (PRK) who struggled with her landing at both vaults. Because of the high difficulty of those vaults, she did manage an average score of 14.262, which put her in second position behind Kaeslin for now. USA’s Kayla Williams, who bull’s eyed first position in the Qualification, was next. Will she be able to repeat her phenomenal performance? The answer is yes! Flawlessly executed vaults and spotted landings brought her the highest execution scores and the lead in this Final (15.087). Mexico’s Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blanca, who was awarded the Longines Prize for Elegance last night, qualified in eighth position. She scored 13.287 today - not good enough to boost her ranking. 16-year-old Canadian Brittany Rogers improved on her qualifying score with 14.200 and fifth position. Second to last Vault competitor Ekaterina Kurbatova (RUS) placed 10th in last night’s All-around event. Her sole Apparatus Final at these championships, she scored an average of 14.337, which pushed Hong from the medal ranks for the time being. Then came France’s Youna Dufournet. 5th in the All-Around, she fared extremely well with strong vaults and spotted landings. Her performance was awarded with 14.450 points and rank three behind Williams and Kaeslin.

Final standing:
Gold - WILLIAMS Kayla (USA) - 14.975
Silver - KAESLIN Ariella (SUI) - 13.975
Bronze - DUFOURNET Youna (FRA) - 14.625
4. KURBATOVA Ekaterina (RUS) - 13.950
5. HONG Un Jong (PRK) - 14.100
6. MYZDRIKOVA Anna (RUS) - 14.175
7. ROGERS Brittany (CAN) - 13.975


















MAG - Pommel Horse

The crowd held its breath for local star Louis Smith, Bronze medallist at the 2007 Worlds and the 2008 Olympic Games as well as 2009 European runner-up. The Pommel Horse hot shot who qualified third (15.900) was first to perform at this apparatus. To the cries of a shocked crowd, Smith lost his cool early on when he fell off the Pommel Horse. With an impressive show of character he gave a clean finish and earned 14.450 points. Croatian Robert Seligman was consistent throughout his routine and scored 14.750. Reigning European Champion and 2007 World runner-up from Hungary Krisztian Berki showed nice form, performing elegantly throughout his routine. Second in Qualification, Berki scored 16.075 today, rocketing up the ladder into first. Next was US American All-arounder Timothy McNeill whose strongest apparatus is Pommel Horse. 15.150 points have placed him in a provision second. But four competitors were yet to compete! Romania’s Flavius Koczi worked nicely through his routine and scored 14.975 points. Top qualifier from China, Zhang Hongtao, flawlessly performed a very complex routine that stunned the crowd. He was awarded 16.200 and the lead on Berki. Australia’s Prashanth Sellathurai picked up the pace, speeding through his routine. The 2006 Worlds runner-up maintained good body tension and was awarded a Bronze medal winning 15.400. Final competitor on Pommel Horse was French Cyril Tommasone, whose smooth routine brought him into fourth with a 15.225 point score.

Zhang Hongtao _CHN



Final standing:
Gold - ZHANG Hongtao (CHN) - 16.200
Silver - BERKI Krisztian (HUN) - 16.075
Bronze - SELLATHURAI Prashanth. (AUS) - 15.400
4. TOMMASONE Cyril (FRA) - 15.225
5. MCNEILL Timothy (USA) - 15.150
6. KOCZI Flavius (ROU) - 14.975
7. SELIGMAN Robert (CRO) - 14.750
8. SMITH Louis (GBR) - 14.450


















WAG – Uneven Bars

The Women’s Uneven Bars Final promised to be an exciting event with Olympic Champion and top qualifier from China He Kexin, along with last night’s three All-around medallists. Yong Hwa Cha (PRK) was also a medal candidate for this event.
He gave a fantastic routine from the get go, setting the bar high for this Final with 16.000. Who could beat that? Next to wow the crowd was Cha, who qualified third. Her spectacular routine with minor errors throughout yielded 14.650 points. Japanese Tsurumi swung smoothly into a momentary rank two (14.875), while Italian Serena Licchetta faced a battery of difficulties, ultimately falling off the apparatus. She scored a disappointing 11.950. Australia’s Larrissa Miller, fifth in Qualification, scored 14.575 today, which meant rank five at this time. All-around Champion Bridget Sloan (USA) won’t get another medal tonight. Her score of 14.600 took her to fourth, but she was overtaken by next-up Ana Porgras. The Romanian sailed through her routine, scored 14.675 and ranked third behind He and Tsurumi. In the end, all eyes were again on Rebecca Bross (USA), who qualified in second place and who still had a chance of altering the medal ranks. She gave a fluid routine, awarded with 14.675 points; she and Porgras tied for the Bronze.

Final standing:
Gold - HE Kexin (CHN) 16.000
Silver - TSURUMI Koko (JPN) 14.875
Bronze - PORGRAS Ana (ROU) 14.675
Bronze - BROSS Rebecca (USA) 14.675
5. CHA Yong Hwa (PRK) 14.650
6. SLOAN Bridget (USA) 14.600
7. MILLER Larrissa (AUS) 14.575
8. LICCHETTA Serena (ITA) 11.950
















MAG - Rings

Experienced Beijing finalist Matteo Morandi from Italy was first up on Rings tonight with incredible shows of strength. He scored 15.300. France’s Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues came next, impressing the crowd with a very strong routine. Sadly he botched his dismount and destroyed any hopes of a medal (14.750). The last to qualify, Brazilian Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti, took up a surprising and momentary first position with 15.325 points. But big names were still to come! Next and flying the flag for China in this Final was powerful Yan Mingyong, first in Qualification. With a sleight of hand, he worked his way into the lead as expected (15.675). Five times Olympian, 36 year-old Iordan Iovtchev, swooped stylishly into second (15.575) as George Robert Stanescu of Romania followed and tied with Nabarrete Zanetti in third. That didn’t last for long; they were soon pushed out of the medal ranks by Ukrainian Oleksandr Vorobiov (15.500I), who qualified in fourth. Last competitor tonight, France’s Samir Ait Said scored 15.250, finishing in seventh just ahead of his team-mate Pinheiro-Rodrigues.

Yan Mingyong CHN



Final standings:
Gold - YAN Mingyong (CHN) 15.675
Silver - IOVTCHEV Iordan (BUL) 15.575
Bronze - VOROBIOV Oleksandr (UKR) 15.550
4. STANESCU G. (ROU) 15.325
6. MORANDI Matteo (ITA) 15.300
7. AIT SAID Samir (FRA) 15.250





























China’s gymnasts once again proved their dominance tonight after having missed out on glory at the All-around Finals. They took home a total of three Gold medals and one Silver. The US American women added two medals to their records: one Gold on Women’s Vault and a Bronze on Uneven Bars. Known for its strong tradition in gymnastics, Romania medalled twice with Dragulescu topping the Floor rankings and newcomer Porgras capturing a Bronze on Uneven Bars. All-around Bronze medallist Koko Tsurumi from Japan made her home country proud, claiming a Silver medal on Uneven Bars tonight.
Also of interest, Israel, Hungary, Australia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Switzerland and France all take home a coveted medal from these championships.
Press conference quotes:
Marian Dragulescu (ROU) on the venue: It's 'very nice, very good, I was feeling very good here in London.'
On retirement after Olympics? 'I had a few injuries in 2007, and I had some problems with my neck area. After the Olympics I had pains, so that's why I chose to finish my career. Then after a break of about eight months, I was feeling better, no pains, so I was thinking, why not compete again? I felt I could still win medals. I'm glad, because today I won, it was a tough competition against young, powerful, tough athletes.'
Dragulescu’s coach: 'I'm very happy because he's back, and also, eleven years ago I took Marian into the junior national team. Then I was in Switzerland for ten years, and now I'm back in Romania, and back together with Marian, so it's special!'
Kayla Williams (USA): 'The O2 is beautiful, the arena is amazing, the training facilities at the David Beckham Academy were brilliant, it’s going to be a great Olympics here!'
On her last twelve months: 'Of course I was watching the Olympics Games on TV. Really I've just been so thrilled with to be here, it’s been an honour to compete here and represent the USA.'
Zhang Hongtao (CHN): On arena, etc: 'I want to thank you London for such good events, the software and the hardware are both very good!'
On pressure since Olympics: 'Actually we didn't have any pressure, we just came here to study and communicate with other gymnasts.'
'After my routine I just wanted to celebrate with myself for doing such a good routine, I wasn't thinking about the medal.'
He Kexin (CHN): On arena etc: 'The audience are so passionate, I get excited because of them. The equipment here is very good.'
On pressure on the Chinese gymnasts after Beijing: 'I also feel very relaxed here, there is no pressure because there is no team event here, we just tried to concentrate on the individual events. We just had our Games so our condition is a little low, the coaches just told us to do our best.'
Yan Mingyong (CHN): On arena etc: 'I like the audience here, and I like the beautiful city here, and the beautiful venue here.'

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Training Camp - DohaAGU start to put into the effect the AGU development project for the year 2009, in this regard AGU will organize a several common training camp for the following disciplines:
- Rhythmic Gymnastics: will organized in Tashkent - Uzbekistan during the period 20 - 27 November 2009.
- Trampoline Gymnastics: Will be organized in Damascus - Syria during the period 01 - 07 December 2009.
- Artistic Gymnastics: Will be organized in Damascus - Syria during the period 07 - 014 December 2009.
- Artistic Gymnastics: Will be organized for the South East Zone and they choose the city of Bangkok - Thailand during the period 22 - 28 December 2009.
- Aerobic Gymnastics: Will be confirmed later.
The target of this camp is to exchange experiences in coaching, to enhance cooperation and communication of coaches and gymnasts and to have a good relationship between coaches  and gymnasts within Asian Continent.
We ask all the AGU affiliated Federations to participate in these camps for the benefit of our sport and for the successful our project.
You can find the invitations, the directives and the registration forms in the event calandar.
For more information don`t hesitate to contact us.





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Tsurumi Koko JPNLONDON (GBR), October 16, 2009: Tonight London’s O2 Arena was jam-packed with all 12,000 available tickets sold out and a hall full of spectators eager to watch the Women’s All-around Final of the 41st Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.
Out of the 148 female gymnasts from 54 different countries who competed in the preliminaries on Wednesday, the 24 best qualified for this Final. Just as in the Men’s Final last night, female finalists started in groups of six with their qualifying results set back to zero. The top six started on Vault and followed the Olympic order throughout the competition.
A last minute withdrawal by injured Spaniard Ana Maria Izurieta, qualified on 11th rank, gave way to the participation of first reserve Mayra Kroonen of the Netherlands.
Unlike in the Men’s competition, which was dominated by Japanese All-arounder Kohei Uchimura, the Women’s event was up for grabs with several possible aspirants for the title. US American Rebecca Bross prevailed in the qualifying round, followed closely by Romania’s National Champion Ana Porgas. However, Australian Lauren Mitchell, who gave a solid performance on Wednesday, was hard on their heels. Also in the run for a medal tonight were China’s two representatives Deng Linlin and Yang Lilin, Russia’s Ekaterina Kurbatova and Ksenia Semenova and US All-around Champion Bridget Sloan.
With such a wide scope of top contenders it was hard to predict who would ultimately make it to the podium. But one thing was clear: whoever was going to win this Final had to give clean routines on each of the four apparatus!
Great Britain’s All-around finalists Rebecca Wing and Rebecca Downie qualified in positions 19 and 20, started in the same group and brought the house down!

Rotation 1
The first rotation saw Yang fall on her dismount from the Uneven Bars with a subsequent fall from Semenova. The competitors of group one ranked among the top eight after this rotation, with the exception of Porgras in 11th. Japanese Koko Tsurumi led the ranking after he aced his routine on Bars (15.050).

Rotation 2
No major errors occurred in the second rotation, with the front runners working the Uneven Bars. Tsurumi remained in the lead (29.850) followed by Sloan (29.625). Rebecca Bross (29.600) forced Russia’s Kurbatova into 4th and French Dufournet (29.050) into 5th. Porgras moved up into sixth while Mitchell fell back to rank nine. China’s Yang and Deng settled in 7th and 8th places respectively.

Rotation 3
This rotation’s top seeds had quite a struggle proving themselves on Beam, which is truly a crucial apparatus. Kurbatova fell off and slid down to rank seven (42.175). Deng Linlin stumbled and gave a faulty landing; she was veering to one side with every move and ultimately hit the floor. Meanwhile Britain’s Rebecca Downie performed on the Uneven Bars; she took a fall. By the end of the rotation, Americans Bross (44.900) and Sloan (43.625) sat in triumph in the top ranking positions, followed by Tsurumi (43.125) and Mitchell (43.125). Porgras, also struggling on Beam, placed a provisional 5th (42.475).
Will Bross bag the title tonight? The decisive blow came with the final routines on Floor …

Rotation 4
A powerful Floor routine pushed Sloan momentarily into rank one (57.825). Deng (55.225) also performed well, and so did Mitchell (57.150) who finished fourth. Dufournet (56.650) vaulted into 5th (56.650) and Tsurumi’s well-landed Vault brought about a final score of 57.175 and the satisfaction of hard-earned Bronze medal. The 17-year-old Japanese edged out 2009 Australian National All-around Champion by only .025 points!
The British gymnasts worked the Beam as their final piece of apparatus, but Downie, who seemed to be having a rather bad day, fell off twice. She scored an overall 53.775 and ranked 16th, two places ahead of her team-mate Wing (53.400).
All eyes turned to Bross, the last competitor on Floor tonight. She gave a fantastic routine and was close enough to taste victory when she botched her last tumble, didn't quite get round and touched her hand to the floor. A final score of 57.775 slid Bross into the Silver medal position behind her team-mate Sloan, who maintained her winning edge and the All-around title for these championships.
Final standings:

Gold - SLOAN Bridget (USA) - 57.825
Silver - BROSS Rebecca (USA) - 57.775
Bronze - TSURUMI Koko (JPN) - 57.175

4. MITCHELL Lauren (AUS) - 57.150
5. DUFOURNET Youna (FRA) - 56.650
6. YANG Yilin (CHN) - 56.575
7. PORGRAS Ana (ROU) - 56.500
8. KAESLIN Ariella (SUI) - 55.925

Press conference quotes:

Gold - Bridget Sloan (USA)
“I wasn't looking at the medals, I just wanted to make the best of the day and to have no regrets.”
On her Beam routine: "The thoughts of prelims were going through my head, [she struggled] but at the same time I've done that routine so many times. I was focusing on tight arms and doing the best I could.”
On watching Bross’s Floor routine - thoughts? “I was very nervous for Rebbeca, no matter what she did, I just wanted her to do the best she could. I didn't really notice until the very end when I looked up at the scoreboard and that's when I realised I had won.”

Silver – Rebecca Bross (USA)
“I'm very happy with this Silver medal!”
Did she feel she had already won before Floor? "No I didn't feel I had already won. I had a little mishap at the end of my routine and there's nothing I can do to change it now."
Bross's coach Valeri Liukin after Rebecca’s Floor routine: "I have such a beautiful gymnast and I am very proud."

Bronze – Koko Tsurumi (JPN)
“I believe I was able to perform with elegance, and I didn't have many points deducted, and I'm very happy with this medal.”
On winning a medal for the Japanese women, after the tradition of the men’s gymnastics in Japan: "The women’s team hasn't been strong, but since last year there has been more attention paid to us and we are getting stronger and stronger. We hope we can keep going until the Olympic Games."

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