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huang shanshan Taking home both Gold and Silver medals, Chinese gymnasts triumphed in Men’s and Women’s Individual Trampoline at the fourth and second to last FIG World Cup of the season held in Zielona Gora (POL) from September 4 – 5, 2009.

2007 title holder and 2008 Olympic Champion Lu Chunlong (CHN) won the Men’s Individual Trampoline Gold medal with a score of 42.400, placing just ahead of his compatriot Tu Xiao, and his satisfying 41.900 points. FIG World Ranking leader and winner of the World Cup in Sofia (BUL) Masaki Ito (JPN) settled for Bronze with 41.700 points.

TRA Individual Men
1. LU Chunlong (CHN) – 42.400
2. TU Xiao (CHN) – 41.900
3. ITO Masaki (JPN) – 41.700

2007 World Championships runner-up and winner of the 2008 World Cup Final Huang Shanshan (CHN) prevailed with a score of 39.600 in the Women’s Individual Trampoline competition in Zielona Gora. Her team mate Zhong Xingping took home Silver with 38.900 while 2008 Olympic finalist from Canada Rosannagh MacLennan settled for Bronze (38.800).

TRA Individual Women
1. HUANG Shanshan (CHN) – 39.600
2. ZHONG Xingping (CHN) – 38.900
3. MACLENNAN Rosannagh (CAN) – 38.800

Gold medallists from Sofia and at this year’s World Championships Masaki Ito / Shunsuke Nagasaki (JPN) were the favourites in Synchronised Trampoline this year and they did their reputation proud, seizing the Gold medal with a 51.600 score! Danish Daniel Praest and Peter Jensen, who were a bit disappointed with a mere 7th place at the World Games in Kaohsiung, made it to the podium this time around scoring 50.200. The 50.000 points secured by 2007 title holder Ben Wilden and his new partner Blake Gaudry from Australia were good enough to win them the Bronze this year.

TRA Synchro Men
1. ITO Masaki/NAGASAKI Shunsuke (JPN) – 51.600
2. PRAEST Daniel/JENSEN Peter (DEN) – 50.200
3. WILDEN Ben/GAUDRY Blake (AUS) – 50.000

2009 World Games Champions and World Ranking leaders from Ukraine Yuliia Domchevska and Olena Movchan topped the Women’s Synchronised Trampoline event once again. They carried off the Gold with 45.900 points, taking a lead on Russian Anna Ivanova and Galina Goncharenko (45.600). Ekaterina Khilko and Anna Savkina from Ukraine settled for Bronze with a final score of 45.100.

TRA Synchro Women
1. DOMCHEVSKA Yuliia/MOVCHAN Olena (UKR) – 45.900
2. IVANOVA Anna/GONCHARENKO Galina (RUS) – 45.600
3. KHILKO Ekaterina/SAVKINA Anna (UZB) – 45.100

20 year old Russian Bronze medallist in Sofia this year, Evgeniy Zinukov, won the Gold in Men’s Tumbling with 75.200 points. He relegated US American Kalon Ludvigson to second place by a wide margin (73.900) and Ukrainian Viktor Kykarenko to rank three (72.900).

Tumbling Men
1. ZINUKOV Evgeniy (RUS) – 75.200
2. LUDVIGSON Kalon (USA) – 73.900
3. KYFARENKO Viktor (UKR) – 72.900

The Women's Tumbling competition saw Ukraine’s Olena Chabanenko win Gold in Zielona Gora with a final score of 66.400. Russians Anastasia Isupova (65.800) and Elena Krasnokutskaya (65.400) took home the Silver and Bronze medals respectively.

Tumbling Women
1. CHABANENKO Olena (UKR) – 66.400
2. ISUPOVA Anastasia (RUS) – 65.800
3. KRASNOKUTSKAYA Elena (RUS) – 65.400

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The next and last stopover of the season’s World Cup circuit in Trampoline Gymnastics will be in Salzgitter (GER) from September 11 - 12.

 huang shanshan


Rieko-matsunagaIn less than two days the 29th FIG World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics will commence! A total of 149 individual gymnasts and 26 groups from 53 different countries representing all continents are registered for this event, which is THE highlight of the international Rhythmic Gymnastics season! The organisers of the Japan Gymnastics Association and the LOC in Mie are proud to welcome gymnastic delegations to the Sun Arena, previously the venue of the 2006 World Cup Final.
FIG member federation representatives for gymnasts participating in the Individual competitions of the upcoming Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Mie (JPN) were requested to attend an Orientation Meeting this morning in the Sun Arena.
Superintendent of the Mie Prefecture Education Commission Masaharu Mukai (JPN) welcomed the delegations to Mie, proud to be hosting the second Rhythmic Gymnastics championships in the area after the 2006 World Cup Final. He wished gymnasts success for these competitions, and hopes the event will be memorable for everyone involved.
Speaking on behalf of FIG President Prof. Bruno Grandi (ITA), scheduled to arrive in Mie on Sunday, FIG Vice President Dr Michel Léglise (FRA) says he looks forward to a tremendous event in the Sun Arena. He called attention to the substantial numbers that distinguish these 29th FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships: some 300 gymnasts from 53 federations (including Groups) and 150 media representatives. Léglise pointed out the flawless organisation of these championships, overseen by Hidenori Futagi (JPN), President of the Organising Committee and of the Japan Gymnastic Association (JGA) and Managing Director Morinari Watanabe. The Vice President also took a moment to thank the JGA for hosting the competitions. Finally, Dr Léglise gave the floor to Maria Szyszkowska (POL), who looks forward to taking on the challenge of her first world championships as FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics TC President.
Szyszkowska thanked Dr Léglise for his continuous support of Rhythmic Gymnastics and extended her heartfelt appreciation to the JGA. She introduced the new Technical Committee and presented Vera Sesina (RUS) as the new athletes’ representative, assuring the delegations that a strong panel of judges will guarantee fair and objective judging throughout the competitions. She called for respect from all parties in an effort to make this event a great success.
General Competition Director Sakuko Ishizaki went over the organisational details, while Dr Léglise announced that according to the WADA and FIG anti-doping rules doping tests can be conducted at any time.
The meeting concluded as JGA Vice President Zenjiro Yanagi (JPN) thanked the FIG for their invaluable support and wished success to the gymnasts who make all this happen.


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Cheng FeiSuperstar Cheng Fei likely will sit out this weekend's Chinese National Gymnastics Championships because of ongoing injuries, according to the Xinhua news agency.
Cheng, a five-time world gymnastics champion and 2008 Olympic gold medalist, has been suffering from a recurring Achilles' tendon injury. During training for the recent University Games in Belgrade, Cheng aggravated an injury in her right knee, Xinhua reported.
In Belgrade, Cheng finished second on vault to Olympic champion Hong Un Jong (North Korea), who performs Cheng's own signature vault.
Cheng has decided to stop competing her eponymous vault (Yurchenko half-on, layout Rudi) until her leg injuries heal, she said.
"To recover well from the knee injury as soon as possible, I have now temporarily abandoned the 'Cheng Fei vault,'" said Cheng, 21.
Management from Hubei, Cheng's home province, said her injury should not affect this fall's big events, the 11th National Games in September and the 2009 World Gymnastics Championships in October.
The national championships begin Friday in Xiantao, where 175 gymnasts from 24 teams will compete for honors.
Even without Cheng, the roster for Xiantao includes eight Olympic champions: Huang Xu, Teng Haibin, Zou Kai, Deng Linlin, He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, Li Shanshan and Yang Yilin.
He, the 2008 Olympic champion on uneven bars, helped the Chinese women win the team title Saturday at the Japan Cup in Tokyo. She is practicing a new routine with a 7.4 Difficulty score.


The 2009 Asian Indoor Games will be held in Vietnam on 30 October – 08 November, 2009. It will be the third annual Asian Indoor Games (AIG) event.
with the expected participation of 45 countries and regions in the two biggest cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Some 5,000 athletes and trainers, and 800 referees, technical staff and sports officials from 45 countries and regions are expected to attend the nine-day sports event, according to the Vietnam Olympic Committee on Tuesday.
At the 2nd Asian Indoor Games from Oct. 26 to Nov. 3, 2007 in China's Macao with the participation of 1,792 athletes from 45 countries and regions, Vietnam ranked the 13th with two gold, five silvers and 11 bronze medals, while China's mainland topping the medal table with 52 gold, 26 silver and 24 bronze medals, followed by Thailand with 19-28-22 and China's Hong Kong with 15-9-11.
The 2007 games included 15 events: Aerobics, Billiards, Bowling, Chess, Dance Sport, Dragon and Lion Dance, Electronic Sports (E-Sports), Extreme Sports (X-Sports), Futsal, Hoop Sepaktakraw, Indoor Athletics, Indoor Cycling, Indoor Hockey, Muay and Swimming.
The mascot of the 2009 event is the Ho chicken (Gà Hồ), a distinctly Vietnamese rare breed of chicken, familiar as a symbol in Vietnam. According to folklore, the chicken (particularly the rooster) has the five qualities of a man of honour: literacy, martial arts, physical strength, humanity and loyalty. The symbolism in the context of the AIGs is that the Ho chicken rising himself to welcome the sun is likened to the readiness of the sports industry of Vietnam to host this major event.
The 2009 Asian Indoor Games will not feature extreme sports which was played in the previous games. All of the demonstration sports in the 2007 Asian Indoor Games namely, 3 on 3 basketball, kurash and kickboxing, will be included in this year's Asian Indoor Games. Also, vovinam and pencak silat, two martial arts known to Vietnam and where Vietnam is expected to have a lion share of gold medals, will be included. The demonstration sport for this Asian Indoor Games will be jujitsu, a martial art that originated from Japan.
Sport Aerobics (4)
Board games (8)
Chess (4)
Xiangqi (4)
Billards & Snooker (10)
Bowling (6)
DanceSport (10)
E-Sports (6)
Finswimming (16)
Futsal (2)
Hoop sepaktakraw (2)
 Indoor athletics (26)
Indoor archery (8)
Recurve (4)
Compound (4)
Indoor Kabaddi (1)
Kickboxing (9)
Kurash (8)
Lion & Dragon dance (6)
Muay (9)
 Pencak silat (16)
Tanding (12)
Seni (4)
Indoor petanque (4)
Short course swimming (30)
Shuttle cock (6)
Vovinam (14)
Fighting (6)
Performance (8)
Jujitsu & Beltwrestling 
Enclosed you can find the technical handbook for the Aerobic gymnastics 

Xiao ShaGuizhou gymnasts Xiao Sha and Deng Shudi won the all-around titles at the Chinese Gymnastics Championships, which concluded Sunday in Xiantao.
Xiao, an alternate to the Chinese women's gold medal-winning team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, defeated Olympic team member Deng Linlin to take the all-around gold medal. Huang Qiushuang, who won the all-around title at the Japan Cup on July 18, won the bronze medal.
Deng Shudi scored 85.500 to win the men's title in a weak all-around field.
Several of China's gymnastics stars from the 2008 Olympics were absent in Xiantao, but Olympic champions He Kexin and Zou Kai each debuted new routines on their specialties.
He performed an uneven bars routine worth 7.2 in preliminaries, and easily won the event title (15.775) over Olympic teammate Jiang Yuyuan (14.850). Newcomer Wu Liufang won the bronze with 14.800.
Zou, who won individual titles on floor exercise and high bar in Beijing, debuted a new floor exercise worth 6.8 in difficulty. In the final, he edged veteran Liang Fuliang 15.200-15.175 to win the title.
Xiao won a second gold in the balance beam final with 15.525. Tang Sixin won the silver (14.800) over top qualifier Deng (14.650).
Sui Lu won women's floor exercise with 14.100. Hu Yuhong and Chen Yixin tied for second (13.750).
Other event winners included Jiang Tong on women's vault (13.950) and Zhang Hontao on pommel horse (16.250).
Olympic all-around bronze medalist Yang Yilin competed vault and uneven bars. Yang, who is still not fully returned from back surgery in January, finished fourth on uneven bars (14.400).


Flag TPEThe Chinese Taipei Gymnastics Association faces a "heavy fine" over its handling of a recent doping case, the International Gymnastics Federation announced Saturday.
The FIG reprimanded the federation for "repeatedly failing to communicate with the FIG" after an aerobic gymnast tested positive for diuretics in November.
Aerobic gymnast Shih-Hui Chiu faces a two-year competition ban retroactive to Nov. 3, 2008, the day he tested positive for the banned substance hydrochlorothiazide.
The FIG also accused the Taiwanese federation of "neglecting to assist its gymnast" in the case.
The World Games 2009 began Friday in the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung. The multi-sport event includes rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, sports acrobatics, trampoline and tumbling.


Zou KaiNearly a year after his surprise success in Beijing, triple Olympic gold medalist Zou Kai will return to competition this weekend at the Chinese National Gymnastics Championships in Xiantao.
Zou was the only gymnast at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing to win more than one individual gold medal. After helping the Chinese men cruise to the team title in Beijing, Zou won gold medals on floor exercise and high bar over more favored competitors.
After missing May's National Games qualifier because of the flu, Zou said his goal is to represent his home province of Sichuan well this weekend and at the 11th National Games in September.
"Right now, all my training is going smoothly," he said this week. "I hope to be able to adjust well, and bring glory to Sichuan at the National Games."
After the retirement of Olympic all-around champion Yang Wei, the 21-year-old Zou is a top hope to bring China more success leading up to the 2012 Olympics in London. The Chinese men won all but one gold medal at the 2008 Olympics, held in August in the Chinese capital.
Zou plans to compete three events this weekend in Xiantao, where the competition will include 175 gymnasts from 24 teams. Other Olympic champions on the roster include three-time Olympian Huang Xu and 2004 Olympic pommel horse champion Teng Haibin. He Kexin, Yang Yilin, Li Shanshan, Jiang Yuyuan and Deng Linlin, members of China's 2008 Olympic champion women's team, are expected to compete. Superstar Cheng Fei, the sixth team member, is sitting out the competition to rest her injured leg.



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