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The 2015 Summer Universiade, the XXVIII Summer Universiade, is scheduled for Gwangju, South Korea. It will take place in Gwangju, from July 3 to July 14, 2015.
Compulsory sports (13 sports)
Artistic Gymnastics, Athletics, Basketball, Diving, Fencing, Football, Judo, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo
Some 170 countries from around the world send athletes to participate in this event. The 2011 Universiade in Shenzhen, China holds the record for the most participating athletes at 10,622. The 2003 Universiade in Daegu, Korea holds the record for the most participating countries with 174. Taekwondo was chosen as an optional sport in the 22nd Universiade in Daegu, Korea in 2003 and also held in the 23rd event in Izmir, Turkey and the 24th event in Bangkok, Thailand. Athletes began competing in pumsae, following sparring, another taekwondo event, from the 2009 Summer Universiade in Belgrade, Serbia. The FISU Executive Committee meeting in Erzurum, Turkey held from November 13 to 14, 2009 formally adopted taekwondo as an official sport.

Universiade is a combination of “University” and “Olympiade”
The Universiade is an international sporting event organized by FISU (International University Sports Federation). Held under FISU’s motto, ‘Excellence in Mind and Body,’ university students from around the world participate in this event to advance the development of education and culture, build friendship through sport, and honor sportsmanship.
The largest multi-sport event after the Olympics
The Universiade is held every other year on odd-number years. As a multi-sport event with international participation from university students, it is the largest sporting event after the Olympics. The event is divided into the Summer Universiade and the Winter Universiade with each being held in different cities. To be eligible to participate in the Universiade, athletes should be undergraduate or graduate students between the ages of 17 and 28 as of January 1 of the year the Universiade is being held or have graduated in the year immediately preceding the year of the event.
48% of Olympic medalists are also Universiade medalists
Universiade records in most sports, including track and field and swimming, surpass those of the Asian Games, and in most countries, university athletes are nurtured as the next-generation leaders in sport.

Doha (QAT), AGU Office: June 13, 2015: The All-Around Final results dominated by the super Korean's SON Yeon Jae making a total of 72.500 pts (Hoop with 18.150 pts, Ball with 18.150 pts, Clubs with 18.000 pts and Ribbon with 18.200 pts). The silver medal go to NAZARENKOVA Elizaveta from Uzbekistan with a total of 70.400 pts and the bronze medal won by the Japanese HAYAKAWA Sakura with a total of 69.900 pts..

Doha (QAT), AGU Office: June 10, 2015: The opening ceremony of the 7th Senior Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Championships held in Grand Convention Center in Jecheon-city (KOR) on June 09, 2015 with the presence of the City Authorities and representatives of Korea Gymnastics Association.
The Athletes' Oath was dedicated by the beautiful Korean Gymnast SON Yeon Jae, congratulated by Mr. Mr. HWANG Taehyun(President of KGA). 
Mr. Ali Al-HITMI FIG and AGU EC Member open the event on behalf of AGU President Mr. A-Rahman Al-SHATHRI with the presence of Mrs. Gyozal Filippova AGU RG Technical Committee President.
The First day competition start with the first part of the individual team final and group competition. Which is also qualifications for apparatus finals; with the domination of the super Korean's SON Yeon Jae in the hoop with 18.100 pts followed by the Uzbeck NAZARENKOVA Elizaveta with 17.900 pts and Japanese HAYAKAWA Sakura with the uzbeck SERDYUKOVA Anastasiya with 17.350 pts.
Same scenario for the ball qualification with Korean's SON Yeon Jae with a total of 17.600 pts followed by the Uzbeck NAZARENKOVA Elizaveta with 17.500 pts and Japanese HAYAKAWA Sakura with 17.400 pts.
Group qualifications (5 Ribbons) was dominated by Japan and China with 16.850 pts and then Uzbekistan with 16.500 pts


Doha (QAT), AGU Office: June 12, 2015: The Apparatus Finals results two Gold Medals for the Korean's SON Yeon Jae in the Hoop and Ball Finals, and keep the other two apparatus for respectively to Uzbekistan NAZARENKOVA Elizaveta in Club and the Japanese HAYAKAWA Sakura in the Ribbon Final.

Results for the Apparatus Finals

Hoop Final

1- SON Yeon-jae KOR 18.150 pts
2- SERDYUKOVA Anastasiya UZB 17.450 pts
3- HAYAKAWA Sakura JPN 17.250 pts
4- MINAGAWA Kaho JPN 17.000 pts
5- CHUN Song-e KOR 16.450 pts
6- ASSYMOVA Aliya KAZ 15.950 pts
7- ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina KAZ 15.850 pts
8- NAZARENKOVA Elizaveta UZB 15.650 pts

Ball Final

1- SON Yeon-jae KOR 17.850 pts
2- NAZARENKOVA Elizaveta UZB 17.500 pts
3- ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina KAZ 17.450 pts
4- SERDYUKOVA Anastasiya UZB 17.400 pts
5- ASSYMOVA Aliya KAZ 16.900 pts
6- HAYAKAWA Sakura JPN 16.750 pts
7- LIU Jiahui CHN 16.300 pts
8- CHUN Song-e KOR 16.050 pts

Clubs Final

1- NAZARENKOVA Elizaveta UZB 17.600 pts
2- HAYAKAWA Sakura JPN 17.550 pts
3-  MINAGAWA Kaho JPN 17.250 pts
3- ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina KAZ 17.250 pts
5- CHUN Song-e KOR 17.050 pts
6- SERDYUKOVA Anastasiya UZB 16.600 pts
7- ASSYMOVA Aliya KAZ 16.300 pts
8- LEE Da-ae KOR 16.200 pts

Ribbon Final

1- HAYAKAWA Sakura JPN 17.550 pts
2- SERDYUKOVA Anastasiya UZB 17.450 pts
3- MINAGAWA Kaho JPN 17.200 pts
3- SON Yeon-jae KOR 17.200 pts
5- ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina KAZ 17.150 pts
6- DAVLYATOVA Anora UZB 16.850 pts
7- ASSYMOVA Aliya KAZ 16.700 pts
8- LEE Da-ae KOR 16.100 pts




Doha (QAT) AGU Office, June 10, 2015: Great success for Vietnam Gymnasts with 3 gold medals on the second day of the Men's Apparatus Finals. The Vault won by LE Thanh Tung with 15.000 pts; The Parallel Bars and the Horizontal Bar go to DINH Phuong Thanh with 15.833 pts and 14.233 pts.

MAG Results

• MAG Vault

1- LE Thanh Tung VIE 15.000 pts
2- HOANG Cuong VIE 14.866 pts
3- CAPELLAN Reyland PHI 14.616 pts

• MAG Parallel Bars

1- DINH Phuong Thanh VIE 15.833 pts
2- KAEWPANYA Rartchawat THA 14.800 pts
3- PHAM Phuoc Hung VIE 14.633 pts

• MAG Horizontal Bar

1- DINH Phuong Thanh VIE 14.233 pts
2- LOO Jeremiah Phay Xing MAS 14.133 pts
3- MUHAMMAD JUFRIE Aizat SIN 12.833 pts

Women's events results the Vietnam's Phan Thi Ha Thanh who successfully defended her Balance Beam Final with 13.966 pts followed by her partner  DO Thi Van Anh with 13.333 pts and Silver go to  Malaysian ABDUL HADI Farah with 13.300 pts. On the Floor Exercise the gold medal won by Malaysian ABDUL HADI Farah with 13.733 pts followed by Indonesian IRFANALUTFI Rifda with 13.700 pts and Bronze go to PHAN Thi Ha Thanh from Vietnam with 13.433 pts.

WAG Results

• WAG Balance Beam

1- PHAN Thi Ha Thanh VIE 13.966 pts
2- DO Thi Van Anh VIE 13.333 pts
3- ABDUL HADI Farah MAS 13.300 pts

• WAG Floor Exercise

1- ABDUL HADI Farah MAS 13.733 pts
2- IRFANALUTFI Rifda INA 13.700 pts
3- PHAN Thi Ha Thanh VIE 13.433 pts


Doha (QAT), AGU Office: June 11, 2015: The Second day competition dedicate to the individual team final, group qualification and Individual Qualifications for Apparatus Finals. Shows also the domination of the beautiful Korean's SON Yeon Jae in the 2 others Apparatus, Clubs with 18.200 pts followed also by the Uzbek NAZARENKOVA Elizaveta with 17.800 pts and SERDYUKOVA Anastasiya with 17.750 pts.
On the Ribbon also the Korean's SON Yeon Jae with 18.150 pts followed by Japanese HAYAKAWA Sakura and the Uzbek SERDYUKOVA Anastasiya with 17.550 pts.
The result for the qualifications to the Individual All-Around is normal to be dominated by SON Yeon Jae with a total of 54.450 pts followed by NAZARENKOVA Elizaveta from Uzbekistan with 53.200 pts and then SERDYUKOVA Anastasiya with 52.650 pts.
The Group qualifications was dominated finally by China with 34.050 pts in total for 5 Ribbon and 6 Clubs with 2 hoops followed by Japan with 33.600 pts and then Uzbekistan with 33.550 pts.

After two days competitions the Individual Team event won by Uzbekistan with 139.700 pts, then Korea 138.350 pts and Third Kazakhstan with 137.150 pts.

1- Uzbekistan 139.700 pts

2- Korea 138.350 pts 
SON Yeon-jae
CHUN Song-e
LEE Da-ae

3- Kazakhstan 137.150 pts




Doha (QAT) AGU Office, June 9, 2015: The 3 gold medals for the first day Men's Apparatus Finals was distributed to 3 countries which are Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The Floor Exercise won by CAPELLAN Reyland from Philippine with 14.733 pts, the silver go to HOE Wah Toon Singapore and the Bronze to PHAM Phuoc Hung Vietnam with 14.500 pts
Pommel Horse won by the Thailand's KAEWPANYA Rartchawat with 14.666 pts, second GAN Gabriel fron Singapore with 14.533 pts and bronze to LE Thanh Tung Vietnam with 13.233 pts.
The Rings win with big gap from the Vietnam DANG Nam with 15.300 pts followed by his partner PHAM Phuoc Hung with 14.033 pts and third CHOKPAOUMPAI Weena from Thailand with 13.166 pts.

MAG Results

• MAG Floor
1- CAPELLAN Reyland PHI 14.733 pts
2- HOE Wah Toon SIN 14.566 pts
3- PHAM Phuoc Hung VIE 14.500 pts

• MAG Pommel Horse
1- KAEWPANYA Rartchawat THA 14.666 pts
2- GAN Gabriel SIN 14.533 pts
3- LE Thanh Tung VIE 13.233 pts

• MAG Rings
1- DANG Nam VIE 15.300 pts
2- PHAM Phuoc Hung VIE 14.033 pts
3- CHOKPAOUMPAI Weena THA 13.166 pts

Vietnam's Phan Thi Ha Thanh, successfully defended her vault Final with 13.983 pts followed by the two Malaysians TAN Ing Yueh and ABDUL HADI Farah Ann with respectively 13.466 and 13.316 pts. On the Uneven Bars the gold medal won by Malaysian TAN Ing Yueh with 12.766 pts followed by the Youth Olympian Ava Verdeflor (PHI) with 12.366 pts and Bronze go to ABDUL HADI Farah Ann from Malaysia with 12.200 pts.

- WAG Results

• WAG Vault
1- PHAN Thi Ha Thanh VIE 13.983 pts
2- TAN Ing Yueh MAS 13.466 pts
3- ABDUL HADI Farah Ann MAS 13.316

• WAG Uneven Bars
1- TAN Ing Yueh MAS 12.766 pts
2- VERDEFLOR Ava Lorein PHI 12.366 pts
3- ABDUL HADI Farah Ann MAS 12.200 pts



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