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Alshathri with Kazakhstan OC Vice President and Sec-General Mr. A-Rahman Al-Shathri- the AGU President has visited Kazakhstan and discussed the ways to develop the sport of Gymnastics in Kazakhistan.

The President Met the Vice President of Kazakhstan Olympic Committee - Minister Assistant  of Youth and Sport and the Secretary-General.
He also met with Governor of the City of Almati and have been discussing ways to help Kazakhstan Gymnastics and to provide facilities necessary for the development of the game. Mr. Al-Shathri presented a plan to promote the gymnastics in Asia, The plan includes hosting some events in Kazakhstan like the Rhythmic gymnastics Championships in the month of October 2009 and the Trampoline and Acrobatics in 2010.
The officials and responsibles in Kazakhstant welcomed this plan and promised to assist because they believe in the importance of gymnastics.
 Al-Shathri will visit also Uzbekistan and will meet a number of officials for the same purpose.

RG Judges - DohaDoha (QAT) The International Judges’ Course in Rhythmic Gymnastics held in Doha during 12-16/4/2009, 11 judges was present to this course from 5 countries (BUL - EGY - UZB - RUS and QAT) gathered in fabulous surroundings.
Five full days of intensive course lectures were given by FIG Expert and Rhythmic Gymnastic Technical Committee Member Noha Abu Shabana (EGY). All candidates passed the final exam with flying colours.
Participants unanimously hailed the technical and administrative conditions made available by the Qatar Gymnastics Federation and its President Mr. Ali Al-Hitmi


Participant JudgesFIG Trampoline TC Vice President Nikolai Makarov (RUS) led an International Judges’ Course in Doha (QAT) from March 17-21, 2009. With the attendance of 14 participants from four countries (JOR, EGY, TUN and QAT), the course was a big success for six of the Qatari judges who earned category IV brevets. This is a real step forward for the Qatar Gymnastics Federation, and paves the way for further development of Trampoline Gymnastics in the Gulf region.
Mr Mohammed Al-Meraghi, Qatar Gymnastics Federation Board Member, was present at the closing ceremony and presented a memento to FIG Expert Mr Nikolai Makarov.






AER Mixed pair TPE1st Asian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships held in Bangkok (THA), March 27-29, 2009
Originally set for December 2008 and postponed due to tensions in Bangkok and the chaos that reigned at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, the 1st Asian Championships in Aerobic Gymnastics finally took place from March 27-29 in Bangkok (THA).
10 nations including CAM, CHN, HKG, IND, IRI, JPN, KOR, MGL, THA and VIE participated in these Continental Championships. Others had to withdraw their registration because of the change in dates.
The competition was open to senior categories and to age groups 12 - 14 and 15 - 17 years. Here are the results of the Senior Final on Sunday, March 29, 2009:






Individual Men
Rank    Name             Nation    Exe      Art       Diffi     Ded    Total
1         Jinping Ao         CHN     8.650   8.450   3.800  0.000  20.900
2         Jong-Kun Song  KOR     8.400   8.550   3.350  0.000  20.300
3         Kyung-Ho Lee    KOR    8.300    8.400   3.600  0.000  20.300


Individual Women

Rank    Name                  Nation   Exe       Art       Diffi    Ded     Total
1         Jinxuan Huang      CHN      8.400    8.400  3.400  0.000  20.200
2         Asami Takeuchi     JPN      8.150     8.400  3.250  0.000  19.800
3         Qin Zou                CHN     8.200     8.200  2.900  0.000  19.300

Mixed Pair

Rank    Name               Nation    Exe      Art      Diffi    Ded     Total
1         Shinjian He        CHN       8.400  8.250  3.950  0.000  20.600
           Jinxuan Huang
2         Mi-Hyun Shim     KOR      7.850  8.500  3.650  0.000  20.000
          Won-Ho Cho
3        Zhenhua Ni         CHN       8.150  8.100  3.700  0.000  19.950
          Qin Zou


Rank     Name              Nation Exe      Art     Diffi     Ded    Total
1          Le Tao             CHN    8.300  8.350  4.200  0.000  20.850 
           Wei Yu
           Peng Zhang
2         Jong-Kun Song   KOR  7.900  8.500  3.800  0.000  20.200
           In-Chan Hwang
           Chang-Il Yoon
3         Tai-Jin Park       KOR  7.600  8.300  3.350  0.000  19.250
           Shung-Hwa Lee
          Shung-Kyu Song


International Acrobatic Gymnastics Judges’ Brevet Course 2009-2012 held in China during February 25 to March 1, 2009 in Beijing (CHN)
An International Acrobatic Gymnastics Judges’ Brevet Course for the 2009-2012 Olympic Cycle was held in Beijing (CHN) at the Tiantan Hotel, February 25 - March 1, 2009.
Sponsors and organisers for the event included the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), the FIG Acrobatic Gymnastics Technical Committee and the Chinese Gymnastics Association respectively. 13 judges from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Anhui and Beijing attended the course conducted by Dr Li Yanling (CHN), 2nd Vice President of the FIG Technical Committee for Acrobatic Gymnastics, and Mr Raul Correia (POR), member of said Committee.
This is the Chinese Gymnastics Association’s first time organising the International Judges’ Course for Acrobatic Gymnastics. After four days of concentrated study, participants had grasped the spirit of the new rules to the full satisfaction of the course lecturer.


Endo - StampWednesday, March 25 the first Japanese winner of an All-Around Olympic gold medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, the artistic gymnastics legend Yukio ENDO, died at the age of 72 years after a long fight with esophageal cancer.
Altogether Endo won 17 world and Olympic medals in his career, and took part of five gold-medal Japanese teams that dominated the 1960s, winning Olympic team titles in 1960, '64 and '68, and also the world team titles in 1962 (Prague) and 1966 (Dortmund).
Generation of young gymnasts around the world know his creation at horizontal bar, the forward "Stalder", named "Endo" skill ...
Yukio Endo (3rd from right) as a co-reporter of Japanese Television NHK
at the World Championships 1991 in the Hoosher Dome of Indianapolis, USA
Retired from active duty, Yukio Endo busied himself coaching young aspiring gymnasts while teaching at Tokyo’s Nihon University as a professor of physical education.
His many honours and accolades include the
membership of the Japan Gymnastic Association Executive Committee (1981).
He was theExecutive Director and Member of the Japan Gymnastic Association Executive Committee (1991) and holder of Japan's highest honor, "Emperor’s Medal" (1996).
In 1999 Endo became the Membership of the "International Gymnastics Hall of Fame".
>> ENDO induction video * sorce: IGHOF)
Up to 2001 he worked as an advisor to and furthermore as a member of the Japan Gymnastic Association Executive Committee (2001).

The Biography of a Nonsuch
* Born in Northern Japan on January 18, 1937, Yukio Endo’s family ran a pharmacy in Akita City.    
Yukio Endo, (1970)
- one of the impressively character of international sport
'Endo' skill at highbar on a stamp of Togolese Republic   He lost his mother to illness when he was in the 4th grade and to overcome his sorrow, he would race anything that moved, for he was a nimble runner.
At that time, he attended an elementary school in the city where he would eventually attend junior and senior high school.
Inspired by his teacher, Yukio took up gymnastics during his second year in junior high.
In 1952, Japan ranked 5th in the Team Competition at the Helsinki Olympics, in which Takashi Ono from the same prefecture participated.
Yukio renewed his resolution to continue gymnastics; he entered the Tokyo University of Education and graduated in 1959.
While at the university, Yukio was coached by Mr Akitomo Kaneko. He participated in various university level gymnastic competitions, topping off in 5th place in the Individual All-around.
In 1960, while an assistant instructor of physical education at Nihon University, he was selected to be part of the Japanese National Team for the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome; those Games would be his international debut. The Japanese Team copped the Gold! Yukio placed 4th on Horizontal Bar, 5th on Vault and 5th in the Individual All-around.

At the 15th World Championships in Prague, Yukio won a Gold in the Floor exercises, a Silver in the Individual All-around, Rings and Horizontal Bar events and a Bronze on Vault and Parallel Bars, while the team took the Gold.   
Endo as the Japanese national coach at the 1974 worlds in Varna; right: Mitsuo Tsukahara 
Endo's biggest triumph:
Olympic all-around gold medallist 1994 in Tokyo, beating Shakhlin (URS), Tsurumi (JPN) and Lissitzki (URS)) on second places    The climax of his gymnastics career came in 1964 at the Tokyo Olympic Games when his team captured the Gold and Yukio won the Individual All-around and Parallel Bars competitions, with a Silver on Floor for good measure.

In 1966 at the Dortmund World Championships, when Japan walked away with the Team Gold, Yukio claimed a Silver on both Floor and Horizontal Bar.
The Mexico Olympic Games in 1968 marked his last Olympic appearance; the Japanese team won the Gold and Yukio took an ultimate Silver on Pommel Horse.
Retired from active duty, Yukio busied himself coaching young aspiring gymnasts while teaching at Tokyo’s Nihon University as a professor of physical education.
The international gymnastics family extends its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Yukio Endo!
* Source: fig, "Flick Flack" and others

Endo - Skill

DPR Korea Gymnastics Association will organize the XII Cycle MAG International Judges’ Course to be held in Pyongyang from 8th to 12th April 2009.
The course will be held in Chongchungori Gymnasium
The Expert designated by FIG TC is: Mr. Huang Liping, FIG TC (MAG) Vice-president�
Arrival: 7th April 2009 (Tuesday)
Course: 8th to 12th April 2009 (five days)
Departure: 13th April 2009 (Monday)


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