4 July, 2009

04 July 2009 – 25th World University Games 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia

  • Japanese Team 2008
  • Yosuke Hoshi of Japan competes on the pommel horse during the men's team final of the 40th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships 06 September 2007 at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer hall in Stuttgart, southern Germany. The team of China won the competition ahead the team of Japan (2nd) and Germany (3rd). AFP PHOTO DDP/OLIVER LANG (Photo credit should read OLIVER LANG/AFP/Getty Images)

Japanese Team 2008
Japanese Team 2008
Japanese Students won Gold, Russia Silver, China Bronze
With a difference of more than 6 points the Japanese artistic gymnastics men’s team defeated the Russian and the Chinese teams at the 25th World University Games 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia.
JAPAN scored 269,700 for gold, followed by RUSSIA (263,400) and CHINA (260,250) – without any members of its world and Olympic champion teams – on ranked on second and third place.
Yosuke HOSHI (87,250) fom Japan  led after qualification and won the Saturday’s all-around final, followed by the best Chinese WANG Heng (87,200).
Bronze medal went to the Korean KIM Soo Myung (86,950), so all the medals were won by Asian athletes.
Veteran Manuel CAMPOS ranked on fourth place with a score of 86,450 and was the best European of the day in Belgrade…
* MEN’s Team Competition and All-around Qualification
France, KOREA and ROMANIA rank on 4 to 6 and behind HUNGARY, the UKRAINE and BRASIL the Swiss selection came on tenth place…
Altogether 120 gymnasts in 23 complete national teams and individual gymnasts from six more countries participate at these Universiade …
>> Men’s All-around qualification
Japanese gymnasts qualified first to four of the six apparatus finals, and three of them with high scores
– at floor Makato OKIGUCHI (15,250),
– at parallel bars Yosuke HOSHI (15,650) and
– at the high bar Kyoichi WATANABE (15,250).
At pommel horse the Europen Champion of Milan, Krisztian BERKI scored the highest points of the day (16,200) .
On rings dominated the Chinese YAN Mingyong (15,400) and on vault Romnaia’s Vice European Champion Flavius KOCZI (16,075).
* AA Results
1. HOSHI, Yosuke  JPN          – 87,250
2. WANG, Heng  CHN             – 87,200
3. KIM Soo Myun                   – 86,950
4. CAMPOS, Manuel  POR       – 86,450
5. HETROVICS, Marcell  HUN   – 86,400
6. KUKSENKOV, Mykola  UKR   – 85,850

Yosuke Hoshi JPN
Yosuke Hoshi JPN