4 July, 2009

25th WORLD UNIVERSITY GAMES 2009 (Universiade)Belgrade, Serbia,

China team 2008China won Gold in front of Russia and North Korea and also the All-around
CHINA’s women’s artistic gymnastics team collected an overall 169.150 points and an extraordinary seven-point edge for the title of the 25th UNIVERSIADE 2009 in Belgrade (Serbia), leaving RUSSIA a far second in 162.150.
The bronze went to PEOPLES REPUBLIC of KOREA in 161.450 points, which boast Olympic vault winner Hong Eu-Jong.
Best in all-around qualification but also after the Saturday’s all-around final were the two Chineses JIANG Yuyuan (57,050) and HE Ning (56,600), followed by the two North-koreans KIM Un Hyang (55,800) and HONG Un Jong (55,000) on fourth place. The third placed after the qualification, Rie TANAKA from Japan, ranked fifth at the end, in front of the best European Svetlana KLYUKINA from Russia …
* Team Event and Women’s qualification
Olympians Cheng Fei and Jiang Yuyuan led Chinese gymnasts to an overwhelming victory in women’s team at the 25th Universiade on Thursday.
Chinese totally dominated No. 1 hall of Belgrade Fair as they received the highest score on each apparatus.
While Cheng Fei, three time world vault champion in a row, had a below-par performance due to a right knee injury sustained before coming to Belgrade, Jiang Yuyuan shone by topping the qualifications of all-around and beam and qualifying for all apparatus except for vault.
“Actually, we are not in top form as we’ve been reshaping since the Beijing Olympics,” said the 18-year-old JIANG Yuyuan to the Chinese press. “We need to work hard ahead of this year’s National Games.”
Altogether eight teams and 56 gymnasts from 20 countries take part at these University World Games and 35 gymnasts of them completed at all the four apparatuses.

1. CHINA                              – 169,150
2. RUSSIA                            – 162,150
3. PEOPLES REP. of KOREA     – 161,450

4. JAPAN                       – 161,200
5. UKRAINE                   – 161,150
6. GREAT BRITAIN         – 151,950
7. KOREA                     – 142,100
8. SLOVENIA                 – 134,200

Double European Champion Beth TWEDDLE from Great Britain achieved the highest score of the day on uneven bars (15,700) and was also the best gymnast at floor (14,800) ….

* All-around, Qualification
1. JIANG, Yuyuan  (CHN)              – 58,550
2. HE, Ning  (CHN)                       – 55,700
3. TANAKA, Rie  (JPN)                   – 54,400
4. KLYUKINA, Svetlana  (RUS)        – 54,200
5. PIHAN-KUÖESZA, Marta  (POL)   – 53,850
6. HONG, Un Yong  (PRK)              – 53,800
* All-around Final, Saturday, July 04

China, North Korea and Japan domiated the women’s all-around final on the first five ranks. The best European gymnasts followed on 6th to ninth places…

* All-around Final
1. JIANG Yuyuan  CHN        – 57,050
2. HE Ning  CHN                 – 56,600
3.   KIM Un Hyang  PRK      – 55,800

4. HONG Un Jong  PRK         – 55,000
5. TANAKA, Rie  JPN             – 54,550
6. KLYUKINA, Svetlana  RUS  – 53,800

JIANG, Yuyuan  (CHN)
JIANG, Yuyuan (CHN)