20 November, 2009

26th TRA TUM DMT World Championships St Petersburg (RUS), November 11-14, 2009

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Women’s Synchronised Trampoline Final
Men’s Individual Trampoline Final
ST PETERSBURG (RUS), FIG Office, November 13, 2009: The Team Finals in Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline for Men and Women as well as the Women’s Synchronised Trampoline Final and the Men’s Individual Trampoline Final of the 26th World Championships unfolded in the Sport and Concert Complex of St Petersburg.
The Teams sent three gymnasts each to the Finals and all single pass scores counted. An optional fourth gymnast, who helped to qualify, is part of the team.
China came out on the top tonight, adding three Gold and two Silver medals to their record, followed by host Russia, who garnered two Gold and one Silver, and Portugal with one Gold. Overall, these world championships medals were divvied up between eight nations.

Tumbling Team Finals
Out of the nine nations participating in the Men’s Tumbling Team competition, Russia, China, Belarus, Great Britain and Ukraine qualified for this Final. The 2007 World Championships saw Russia, China and Belarus on the podium, with Great Britain in fourth and the USA in fifth place. Will the dominating nations give consistent performances tonight?
Qualified last and with unlucky falls from Artem Pysaryev and Viktor Kyforenko, Ukraine settled for 96.100 and fifth place tonight.
Great Britain was looking good, but a fall from Michael Barnes resulted in a joint 102.500, not enough to mount the podium tonight.
Medallists from 2007 conquered the podium once again, but with a slight change in the hierarchy.
Belarus with Andrei Kabishau, Siarhei Artsemenka, Dzmitry Darashuk and Siarhei Prymakou scored a 104.500 and took the Bronze.
In the wake of very strong passes from their team-mates, the decisive moment came for China’s Yang Song and Russia’s Andrey Krylov, the last to perform. Russia qualified in first place, but Krylov’s 36.800 lacked the power to beat the Chinese score. In the end Russia, with Tagir Murtazaev, Krylov, Mikhail Kostyanov and Evgeny Zinukov, took home Silver (109.400).
China’s top scorer Zhang Lingfeng (37.500), together with Yang Song, Ma Jie and Tao Yi defeated their contenders with a winning score of 110.900, and garnered the Gold.
Gold – China 110.900
Silver – Russia 109.400
Bronze – Belarus 104.500

4. Great Britain 102.500
5. Ukraine 96.100

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As the only Teams having participated in the Women’s Tumbling Team competition, Russia, Great Britain, Canada, the United States and Ukraine, also finalists back in 2007, sent their tumblers down the track tonight. Title holder USA had high hopes for this event, as did host and 2007 runner-up Russia. 2007 Bronze medallist Great Britain qualified in second place; it was hard to know what they had up their sleeve!
Teams from Ukraine (84.200) and Great Britain (90.200) stumbled and fell, which took them out of the race for medals in this Final.
Canada’s Ashley Speed, Emily Smith, Jordan Sugrim and Kylie Petrie mounted the podium this time around, claiming Bronze with an overall 93.400.
Title holder USA got the short end of the stick in a battle with Russia for Gold. Kaitlin Tortorich, Leanne Seitzinger, Susannah Johnson and Amy McDonald scored a Silver winning 94.000.
Top qualifiers and top scorers in tonight’s Final Anna Korobeynikova (34.600), Anzhelika Soldatkina (33.400) and Elena Krasnokutskaya (32.900) gave a brilliant show of Tumbling moves, helping host Russia to win the title. Their winning score: 100.900

Gold – Russia 100.900
Silver – United States 94.000
Bronze – Canada 93.400

4. Great Britain 90.200
5. Ukraine 84.200
Double Mini-Trampoline Team Finals

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With regard to the last world championships, Portugal and Canada were new entries to the Men’s Double Mini-Trampoline Final, while medallists Russia (Gold), USA (Silver) and Great Britain (Bronze) are old hat. Spectators were eager to see what these challengers were capable of achieving tonight.
After falls by Kyle Soehn (CAN) and Matthew Swaffer (GBR), neither Great Britain (69.200) nor Canada (68.300) had hopes for a medal winning rank. They finished in fourth and fifth place respectively.
The US Team’s strong presence, with a nod for Kalon Ludvigson (37.600), balanced out a blunder by Austin White and won them the Bronze with 98.700 points. Also on the team: Stephen Raymond and Anthony Doles.
Russia and Portugal were up for the Gold, and both performed masterfully tonight. All eyes were riveted to the last remaining competitors, André Lico (POR) and Dmitry Fedorovskiy (RUS), each of whom held destiny in his hands. Lico managed the third best score of the evening (37.200), setting the bar high for Federovskiy who needed a minimum of 37.400 to bring his team to the top of the podium. The top qualifier gave a flawless routine, scoring 37.000; a Silver for Federovskiy, Sergey Kovalev, Kirill Ivanov and Evgeny Chernoivanov representing Russia (110.500).
Qualified in second place, Portugal’s Double Mini-Trampoline Team notably top scorer André Fernandes (37.800), André Lico, André Pocinho and Bruno Nobre, celebrated a flying success when they took home Gold with their winning score of 110.800.

Gold – Portugal 110.800
Silver – Russia 110.500
Bronze – United States 98.700

4. Great Britain 69.200
5. Canada 68.300

Out of the seven Women’s Double Mini-Trampoline Teams to take part in the preliminaries, 2007 title holder Russia, runner-up Canada and Bronze medallist USA made the cut for these Finals. Portugal’s gymnasts, 4th in 2007, surprised their fans with the top qualifying position and were hoping to repeat their strong performance tonight. Brazil, qualified in fifth, was new to the line-up and eager to cash in on this chance.
A decent performance from her team-mates did nothing to tip the scales in favour of Portugal’s Andreia Robalo, who despite an impressive rank two in Qualification fell during the Final. The team finished last (91.500).
Brazil scored a joint 95.200 and settled into fourth place.
The USA with Aubree Balkan, Sarah Prosen and Sarah Gandy captured Bronze yet again this year with a score of 101.900.
Repeating their result from 2007, Team Canada, featuring Corissa Boychuk, Chelsea Nerpio, Julie Warnock and Gillian Bruce, came second (102.600).
Old and new title holder Russia claimed the Gold with 105.100 points. The team was composed of tonight’s top scorer Svetlana Balandina (35.500), Galina Goncharenko, Victoria Voronina and Anastasia Velichko.

Gold – Russia 105.100
Silver – Canada 102.600
Bronze – United States 101.900

4. Brazil 95.200
5. Portugal 91.500

Women’s Synchronised Trampoline Final
It was just this morning that we saw twenty Women’s Synchronised Trampoline Pairs battling it out for qualification to this Final. Canada’s Karen Cockburn / Rosannagh MacLennan, China’s Li Dan / Zhong Xingping and Ukraine’s Maryna Kyiko / Nataliia Moskvina obtained the top qualifying positions, but would they be able to repeat their performance tonight?
In the Final, the competing Pairs started in reverse order of their qualifying position and were showing solid work across the board. But Russia’s Victoria Voronina / Irina Karaeva failed to complete their routine and Ukraine’s Maryna Kyiko / Nataliia Moskvina interrupted theirs; both saw their chances for a medal vanish into thin air.
Having qualified in fifth position, Uzbekistan’s Anna Savkina / Ekaterina Khilko made the best of the situation; their solid routine won them the Bronze with a score of 45.300. They outscored the Dutch duo Tara Fokke / Kirsten Boersma by a narrow margin. 45.200 brought them rank four.
The fight for Gold and Silver played out between China and Canada. Qualified second, China’s Li Dan / Zhong Xingping performed second to last, calling the shots with an excellent 47.600. 2007 title holders Karen Cockburn / Rosannagh MacLennan (CAN) came close but were unable to beat China. Their 46.900 yielded Silver and victory for the Chinese.

Gold – LI Dan / ZHONG Xingping CHN 47.600
Silver – COCKBURN Karen/MACLENNAN Rosannagh CAN 46.900
Bronze – SAVKINA Anna / KHILKO Ekaterina UZB 45.300

4. FOKKE Tara / BOERSMA Kirsten NED 45.200
5. JAMIESON Cara / DRISCOLL Katherine GBR 44.800
6. DUCROUX Marina / JURBERT Marine FRA 41.500
7. KYIKO Maryna / MOSKVINA Nataliia UKR 37.300
8. VORONINA Victoria / KARAVAEVA Irina RUS 32.100

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Men’s Individual Trampoline Final
On Wednesday, 82 gymnasts competed in the Men’s Individual Trampoline Qualification, out of whom eight worked tonight’s Final. China’s Dong Dong, 2007 runner-up, Ukrainian Dimitri Ushakov, 2007 finalist, and Olympic Champion Lu Chunlong, also from China, qualified in the top positions. In a high profile Final, strong nemeses appeared in the form of Japan’s Yasuhiro Ueyama, 2007 Bronze medallist, and Masaki Ito, winner of the 2009 World Cup Series when these men pleased the crowd with phenomenal routines.
Russian Dimitry Ushakov couldn’t hold on to his qualifying second position in the Final. He scored 41.000 and fell back into fifth rank.
Interestingly, Japan’s Masaki Ito and Yasuhiro Ueyama scored an equivalent 42.100 with exactly the same difficulty and execution scores. Applying the FIG tie breaking rules, Ueyama came out with a Bronze winning third rank.
2008 Olympic Champion Lu Chunlong (42.300) was outscored by his team-mate, 2007 runner-up and top qualifier Dong Dong, who prevailed tonight with a Gold winning 42.900.

Gold – DONG Dong CHN 42.900
Silver – LU Chunlong CHN 42.300
Bronze – UEYAMA Yasuhiro JPN 42.100

4. ITO Masaki JPN 42.100
5. USHAKOV Dimitry RUS 41.000
6. GANCHINHO Diogo POR 40.200
7. HIGGINS James GBR 39.600
8. KAZAK Mikalai BLR 39.100

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