25 May, 2024

CSAZ Meeting in Tashkent: New Leadership, Unified Vision, and Strategic Initiatives Shape the Future of Central South Asian Zone

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, May 25, 2024: The Central South Asian Zone (CSAZ) convened in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on May 18, 2024, for a significant meeting to discuss pivotal matters concerning gymnastics in the region. Representing the Association were distinguished members, including Mr. Timur Abduvaliev, President of CSAZ, and esteemed presidents of gymnastics federations from Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, India, and Afghanistan.

The meeting commenced with President Abduvaliev extending a warm welcome to all attendees and expressing gratitude for their engagement. A comprehensive report was presented by Mr. Abduvaliev, highlighting the ongoing and upcoming Gymnastics events across the Zone, including championships and training camps.

One of the key agenda items involved the approval of new statutes, which garnered unanimous agreement from all participating members. The approved statutes will now undergo examination and approval by the Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU).


In the spirit of inclusivity and fostering new leadership, elections were held for two vice president positions. Ms. Zahra Inche Dargahi of the Islamic Republic of Iran was elected as the 1st Vice President, while Mr. Parvaiz Ahmad of Pakistan secured the position of 2nd Vice President.

Additionally, three executive committee members were elected, namely Ms. Evgeniya Bykovskaya of Kyrgyzstan, Mr. Kapila Jeewntha of Sri Lanka, and Mr. Fardin Omid Jalali of Afghanistan.

Addressing concerns regarding financial support and media engagement, President Abduvaliev emphasized the importance of collective efforts in seeking sponsors and promoting events through various media platforms. Members were encouraged to actively participate in training camps and utilize programs aimed at developing gymnastics in the region.

Furthermore, discussions centered on reviving interest in events such as the ART South-Central Asian Championships, with proposals to enhance participation and community engagement. The decision to create a Telegram Channel for the CSAZ Zone was unanimously supported as a means to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Representatives from the Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) also attended the meeting, including Mr. Serge Van Poelvoorde, Executive Manager, and Ms. Nada Alatrash, Communication & Media Manager, further enriching the discussions and fostering cooperation between the CSAZ and the AGU.