5 January, 2010

AGU Artistic Gymnastics Common Training Camp 2009

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Training Camp SYR 2009Damascus – SYR: December 20th, 2009: Syrian Gymnastics Federation organize the Artistic Gymnastics Common Training Camp Following the AGU development project for the year 2009 during the period 8th to 15th December 2009 in Al Faihaa Sports Complex with the participation of 7 Federations: Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Iran, Mongolia, Palestine and Syria. 25 coaches and 10 gymnasts
The target of this camp is to exchange experiences in coaching, to enhance cooperation and communication of coaches and gymnasts and to have a good relationship between coaches  and gymnasts within Asian Continent.
Schedule Programme of camp starts from the 9th December 2009 includes theory and practical/training . The theory lectures was done in the seminar room Al Faihaa Sports Hotel and the contents were…
• Biomechanics and Technique of swing on Horizontal Bar, Parallel Bars, Uneven Bars and Rings.
• Biomechanics and Technique of double leg circles on pommel hors
• Prevention of injury on growth plates in bones for children in adolescent period in gymnastic training.
• Understanding growth development of gymnast in pre pubertal and post pubertal period.
• Planning gymnastic training : Annual, mesocycle and microcycle.
• Role and duty of a gymnastic coach.
• Goal setting.
• Twisting Technique.
There were more time allocation for training sessions (morning and afternoon) at the Al faihaa Gymnastic Training Hall . Contents of training were ….
• Warming up from different coaches with all gymnast.
• Body conditioning from different coaches with all gymnast.
• Choreography exercises for all gymnast from Coach Lubba (Uzbekistan) and Olga Mataganova.
• Swing technique on H.Bar and WAG single bar. Trying out traditional giant and scooped giant. ½ turn from backward giant.
• Advanced technique of double leg circles + circle travels by Mr. Zambri and Coach Enkhsaikhan (Mongolia) with MAG gymnast..
• Beam works:  jump, leaps , acro moves and choreography by Olga Mataganova and Coach Lubba (Uzbekistan)
• Rings and P.Bar swings/giants technique by Nikolai Pak (Uzbekistan) and Zambri.
• Twisting technique on trampoline by Zambri.
• General Free Training on all apparatus.
The participation of coaches were active and lively . There were great interest in technical discussion of basic fundamental elements (handstand, swings, .. etc). Lots of questions were asked and discussed. Thank you to Coach  Ibtisam Sharaf (Lebanon) translating most discussions from English to Arabic and vice versa. Thank you to Coach Adnan Abod (Syria) for helping out in the multimedia/computer  presentation using his computer as Mr.Zambri computer was not compatible with the LCD projector.

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Zambri Zainal Abidin