10 October, 2021

AGU Congress in Tashkent (UZB)

AGU Office, Doha (QAT): AGU Congress in Tashkent (UZB)
The AGU Congress postponed last year were organized in Tashkent the capital city of Uzbekistan. The Executive Committee meeting was organized on September 30, and the General Assembly on October 1st, 2021.
During the General Assembly meeting, 12 AGU affiliated federations was present face to face and 16 federations online with video conference.
Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Shathri, AGU President opened the meeting with a welcomed message of the attendees and specially the presence of Morinari WATANABE San – FIG President who is one of Asian gymnastics family. In addition, he appreciates the invitation of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federations to this Congress, and he takes the opportunity to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude, especially to the President of the Mr. Ruslan Mustaev, and the Secretary General Mrs. Gyozal Filippova, and of course, all the people associate to this federation for their valuable cooperation with AGU.
Then Mr. Ruslan Mustaev welcomed the delegates present in Tashkent and wished them well received and well installed.

1-The General Assembly (GA) has unanimously approved the agenda of the meeting
2-The General Assembly has unanimously approved the minutes of the last General Assembly Meeting held in Doha – QAT on December 16, 2018.

3-Then start the presentation of the reports:
• Presentation of the report from the President by Mr. A-Rahman AL-SHATHRI
• Presentation of the report – East Asian Zone by Mr. Miao Zhongyi
• Presentation of the report – Southeast Asian Zone by Mr. Srayuth Patanasak
• Presentation of the report – Central South Asian Zone by Mr. Ruslan MUSTAEV
• Presentation of the report – West Asian Zone by Mr. Ayad Najaf Elias
• Presentation of the report – GfA Committee President by Mr. ARAKI Tatsuo
• Presentation of the report – MAG -TC President by Mr. HAN Yoon Soo
• Presentation of the report – WAG – TC President by Mrs. Rima KIZILGUN
• Presentation of the report – RG – TC President by Mrs. Gyozal FILIPPOVA
• Presentation of the report – TRA – TC President by Dr. LIU Xing
• Presentation of the report – AER – TC President by Mrs. Tammy Yagi-Kitagawa
• Presentation of the report – ACRO – TC President by Mrs. Aigul DUKENBAYEVA
4-The General Assembly has unanimously approved the biannual financial plan.
5-The General Assembly has unanimously approved the small changes to the AGU Statutes
6-The General Assembly got idea about the program and the Budget of the AGU Development Project 2020 and 2021.
7-AGU present the allocation of the AGU Events 2021 – 2024
8-The General Assembly has unanimously approved the host federation of the AGU Congress 2022 which should be elective to renew the authorities – Only Qatar Gymnastics Federation request to host again the Congress in 2022.
9-AGU gives information about the Asian candidates to the next FIG Congress.