30 September, 2012

AGU Congress Tashkent Uzbekistan 25/9/2012

Tashkent (UZB) AGU Office, September 29, 2012: Follows the Executive Committee Meeting The Ordinary AGU Congress was held in Tashkent – Uzbekistan on September 25, 2012 with the attendance of delegates from 24 countries which are: China, DPR Korea, Hong Kong China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan Kazakhstan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,  Syria, Thailand and Uzbekistan.  
Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Shathri, AGU President opened the meeting and thanks Mrs. Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva  for hosting the AGU congress and wished to all a nice stay in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and give the floor to Mrs. Lola Karimova who welcomed everybody in Uzbekistan, wishing Them nice stay in the beautiful city Tashkent.

Al Shathri also welcomed Mr. Bruno Grandi – FIG President for his responding to the invitation of AGU.

The meeting starts with short presentation about Gymnastics History in Uzbekistan. 
– The GA  approved unanimously the meeting agenda. 
– The GA approved unanimously the minutes of the last AGU GA  meeting held in Doha 20 December 2010 .

• Presentation of the reports by:
– President of AGU.
– Mr. LUO Chaoyi – President of the west zone 
– Mr. Sawat Sopa – South East Zone President. 
– Mr. Painda Malik – President of the Central zone.
– Mr. Ahmad Mohtashami – President of West Asian Zone.

• Presentation of the reports from the Technical Presidents and the President of the Gymnastics for All Committee 
– Mr. MIAO  Zhongyi – President of AGU/MAG/TC. 
– Mrs. Radiye ZAINAL – President of AGU/WAG/TC. 
– Mrs. Filippova Gyozal – President of AGU/RG/TC. 
– Mr. Liu Xing – TRA-TC President recited her report.
– Mrs. Tammy Yagi – AER –TC President. 
– Mrs. Aigul Biyekenova – ACRO TC President.  
– Mr. Araki Tatsuo, the president of AGU/GFA Committee.

• Financial matters 
• Determination of the fees and contributions for the following four years 2013 – 2016: The Congress approved unanimously to increase the annual membership fees to be as the following : 
– AGU affiliated federation: 300 USD
– AGU Associated Federation: 150 USD
• Approval of the 2 years plan.
– Al Shathri stated that we cannot approve 2 years since we are comment with the prior approval of our plan for every year by the FIG. the Congress approved the next year plan 2013.

• Admissions, Resignations, suspensions and expulsions: 
Kyrgyzstan has been suspended as they did not pay their membership fees for the year 2011 but the AGU President Mr. Al-Shathri propose to apply the sanction this year until we approved the new statutes which will be tougher.
The Congress unanimously agree about the proposal.  

• AGU Development Project 2011
Mr. Anis Saoud – AGU Technical Manager gave a brief on the 2011 Project to the Congress and inform the attendants that the number of attendees increased, more and more every year which was 11 participant federations in 2010 and became 18 federations in 2011

 AGU Development Project 2012
Mr. Anis Saoud – AGU Technical Manager gave a brief on the 2012 Project to the Congress.
Al Shathri urges all federations about the necessity to dispatch coaches, gymnasts and judges to the training camps held under AGU Development Project. 
• AGU Statutes: 
Mr. Anis Saoud has introduced the statutes articles which are to be amended for the Congress and inform the attendants that the new version of AGU statutes should be inspired from new version of the FIG statutes.
Mr. Dhruba Bahador asks about the difference between affiliated and associated federations.
Mr. Anis Saoud gave an explanation about that and give the floor to NORBERT BUECHE – President of FIG Statutes Commission who gave a summary about the vision of the new version of FIG Statutes. 
The Congress approved unanimously the new changes on the AGU Statutes which will be submitted to FIG for approval and enter in effect in January 2013 
• Message the president of FIG 
Mr. Bruno Grandi Addressed a speech to Congress about ways to develop gymnastics in Asia and the world and the ways we have to choose for more improvement.

• Message from the Owner of Janssen Fritsen Company ( AGU Partnership)
Jacques Janssen introduced the history of cooperation with AGU gymnastics and give a brief about the future company plans.

• Presentation from the AGU Partnership ( Janssen Fritsen) sales Manager
Mr. Bart Prinssen the sales manager of Janssen Fritsen made a presentation about the company activities, Plans and the big history of the company, and a brief on the events that J-F will equip. He also presented the new website of J-F.

• Honorary Awards and Distincutions: 
AGU gave the honorary awards to the following persons:

       Name                                                Award                                   Position
Mr. Hidenori Futagi                Honorary President           Former AGU President
Mrs. Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva  Honorary President           President of UGF
Mr. Heang Woong  NAM          Special Merit                   Former Vice-President
Mr. Shri Sudhir MITAL             Special Merit                   Former Vice-President
Mrs. Chadraaval DARISUREN   Special Merit                   Former EC Member
Mr. Chang Ying-Tzou             Special Merit                   Former EC Member
Mr. Machmud Yeskindirov       Special Merit                   Former EC Member
Prof. Cheung Sin Yin              Special Merit                  Former EC Member
Mr. Asep Sualeman                Special Merit                  Former EC Member
Mrs. U  MYINT  AUNG              Special Merit                  Former EC Member
Mr. Yousef Altabbaa               Special Merit                  Former EC Member
Mr. GAO Jian                         Special Merit                  Former MAG-TC-President
Mrs. Yoshie Harinishi              Special Merit                  Former WAG-TC-President
Mrs. Zarrina Abdullaeva          Special Merit                  Former RG-TC-President
Mr. Igor Zinger                      Special Merit                  Former ACRO-TC-President

Mrs. Lola have honored both Mr. Bruno Grandi and Mr. Al Shathri for their role to support Gymnastics in the World and Asia

• Presentation from the 5th  senior ART gymnastics Asian Championships 11-14 November 2012 in China. 
Mr. MIAO Zhongyi President of MAG – TC gave a presentation about the 5th ART Gymnastics Asian Championships and the city, venue, hotel and other important information.

• Presentation from the 3rd Aerobic Asian Championships 17-21 October 2012, Palembang, Indonesia. 
Mr. Yudi UTOMO gave a Brief about the preparations, venue and other information and number of participants.

• Presentation for the 4th Asian Gymnastrada – Singapore 2-3 November 2013
A Brief about the 4th Asian Gymnaestrada scheduled in Singapore 2-3 November 2013 has been presented by Ghan Chai San of Singapore.

• Draw of Lot of 3rd Aerobic Asian Championships 17-21/10/2012: 
The Draw of lot for the 3rd aerobic Asian Championships which is to be held in Indonesia has been held by Mrs. Tammy President of AER-TC, Mr. Yudi Utomo EC member and member of the organizing committee and Mr. Mohamed Saeed the AGU Secretary General.

• Miscellaneous : 
– President of AGU Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Shathri called all Asian Candidates to introduce themselves, all candidates have given summery to GA for the position they wish candidate for. The President asked all to be one hand during the next FIG elections during FIG General Assembly in Cancun. 
– President informed the AGU the new headquarter will be transferred to on October 2012, New fax and telephone numbers will be provided. 
– President told the GA about the Possibility of partnership with MSL timing and scoring company, Negotiations are still running and we will update all AGU Federations. 
– New AGU Website: Mr. Marwan Abu Alasal made presentation of the new AGU website.

 AGU Congress UZB 2012