8 February, 2017

AGU Executive Committee Meeting in Jakarta – INDONESIA 2017

AGU Office, Jakarta (INA): February 6, 2017: The Executive Committee meeting held in Jakarta, Indonesia during February 4, 2017
Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Shathri, AGU President open the meeting with this word “I appreciate the invitation of Indonesia Gymnastics Federation to this meeting and we take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude, especially to the President of the Federation Mrs. Ilya AVIANTI, the Vice-President Ita Yuliati and the Secretary General Mr. Riyanto, and of course all the people associate to this federation”.
A Special welcome to Mr. Watanabe Morinari, the new FIG president who accept our invitation to attend this first meeting in the new Olympic cycle 2017-2020.
Also, congratulate the Resounding and fantastic success of the AGU representatives who became a FIG authority members which showed great solidarity of the AGU affiliated federations. This is also a historic success for Asia representatives to be present in the different position in the FIG.
• Dr. LUO Chaoyi, as FIG Vice-President.
• Mr. Ali Al-Hitmi, Mr. Youssef ALTABBAA and Mr. KIM Dong-Min as FIG EC Member.
• Mr. Mohamad Makki, Mr. Kaushik BIDIWALA, Mr. Painda MALIK, Mr. Aruna PRASAD, Mr. Srayuth PATANASAK and Mr. Ruslan MUSTAEV as FIG Council members.
– And also, our representative to the different FIG Technical Committees such us:
• MAG / TC: Mr. TOMITA Hiroyuki
• WAG / TC: Ms. ZHOU Qiurui and Ms. Radiye ZINAL
• RG / TC: Ms. SEKITA Shihoko
• TRA / TC: Mr. LIU Xing
• AER / TC: Ms. YAGI-KITAGAWA Tammy and Mr. WANG Hong
• GfA / TC: Mr. ARAKI Tatsuo
Presentation of the reports:
* Report from the President Mr. A-Rahman Al-Shathri
* Report from the East Asian Zone – Dr. LUO Chaoyi
* Report from the South East Asian Zone – Mr. Git Kaur, KAU
* Report from the Central Asian Zone by Mr. Ruslan Mustaev
* Report from the West Asian Zone by Mr. Abdullah Albuloushi
* GfA- Committee President’s report by Mr. Tatsuo ARAKI
* MAG-TC President’s report by Mr. MIAO  Zhongyi
* WAG-TC President’s report by Mrs. Radiye ZAINAL
* RG-TC President’s report by Mrs. Gyozal FILIPPOVA
* TRA-TC President’s report by Mr. LIU Xing
* AER-TC President’s report by Mrs. TAMMY Yagi-Kitagawa
* ACRO-TC President’s report by Mrs. Aigul BIYEKENOVA
The meeting took these principal decisions:
1- The Executive Committee (EC) has unanimously approved the yearly Budget 2016.
2- The Executive Committee (EC) has unanimously approved the yearly Budget 2017.
3- The Executive Committee (EC) distributed the AGU development project for the year 2017.
AGU has annually used some portion of the money from the FIG Development Fund to subsidize the attendance of coaches at Academies and that policy has been much appreciated by the federations and coaches and has been enormously successful. This collaboration increase the development of our coaches with the knowledges and to beneficiate them to get a FIG Academy certificates. For that, we will organize this year five FIG academies Level 1 for MAG – WAG – RG – TRA and AER to help new coaches to enter in the system of the academies.
– Training camp for GfA during 08-12/05/2017 in Nepal
– FIG Academy Level 1 for AER coaches during 19-24/06/2017 in Vietnam
– Training Camp for MAG coaches during 16-20/07/2017 in Jordan
– Training Camp for ACRO coaches during 18-22/07/2017 in Kazakhstan
– Training Camp for WAG coaches during 08-12/08/2017 in Kazakhstan
– FIG Academy Level 1 for RG coaches during 18-23/09/2017 in Uzbekistan
– FIG Academy Level 1 for TRA coaches during 02-07/10/2017 in Uzbekistan
– FIG Academy Level 1 for ART coaches during 17-22/10/2017 in Philippines
4- The Executive Committee (EC) check out the list of AGU official championships for the year 2017:
* 14th Junior ART Gymnastics Asian Championships during 16-21/05/2017 in Bangkok THAILAND
* 7th Senior ART Gymnastics Asian Championships during 18-21/05/2017 in Bangkok THAILAND
* 15th Junior Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Championships during 24-27/06/2017 in Astana KAZAKHSTAN
* 9th Senior Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Championships during 24-27/06/2017 in Astana KAZAKHSTAN
* 6th AEROBIC GYMNASTICS ASIAN Championships during 13-18/09/2017 in Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIA
* 10th Acrobatics Asian Championships during 17-19/09/2017 in Almaty KAZAKHSTAN
5- Ms. Ita Yuliati the competition manager gives to the EC a presentation about the preparation of the 18th Asian Games that will be held in Jakarta in 2018.