28 April, 2024

AGU Launches First Online Asian Parkour Competition 2024

28 April 2024, Doha  – The First Asian  online Parkour competition , which started on April 10th and runs until June 10th, is changing the landscape of parkour competitions with its inclusive and flexible format. Athletes compete by submitting unedited videos, allowing participants from across Asia to showcase their talents without having to travel.

These video submissions, which range from 30 to 59 seconds, are evaluated by the Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) based on criteria approved by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). This innovative format allows athletes from different regions and climates to compete on equal footing, ensuring a fair and balanced competition.

The AGU reserves the right to select video entries for the final rounds, with a strong focus on safety and ethical conduct. Videos featuring hazardous stunts or illegal behavior will be disqualified.

Keep following the championship for results and updates as the competition unfolds.

**About the Asian Parkour Competition:**

The Asian Parkour competitions is dedicated to promoting parkour throughout Asia with unique and inclusive competition formats, all while maintaining international standards for safety and performance.