20 May, 2020

AGU MAG, WAG TC presidents attend SAI online course

DOHA (QAT) AGU Office: The Sports Authority of India (SAI) organised a month-long coaches development online course in all sports disciplines including gymnastics that concluded on May 16.
Manoj Rana, a FIG Level 3 MAG expert from India, conducted the course which was attended by 350 coaches from India and some foreign experts that included AGU MAG and WAG TC Presidents Mr Han Yoon Soo and Ms Rima Kizilgun respectively.
Han talked about landings from elements like twists and saltos & artistry while Rima spoke on the coaches’ awareness, duties, goals and responsibilities.
The SAI is a department of sports under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, with the objective of promoting of sports in the country.
The online course was an effort by the SAI to help everyone stay positive during the Covid-19 pandemic besides developing sports consciousness.
About 27 sessions on various topics like ART gymnastics (apparatus, specific) rhythmic gymnastics (apparatus specific), talent identification, physiotherapy flexibility were held.
Other experts who attended were: Andrei levit MAG (Poland), Noha Abou Shabana (Egypt), Mayar Ragab (Egypt), Shady Mostafa (Egypt), Camilla Peffer (Germany).