2 July, 2012

AGU Preparatory Judging Course in Amman – Jordan 21-26/06/2012

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WAG Preparatory Judges Course JOR 2012Doha (QAT) AGU Office July 2, 2012: Under the AGU Development Project for the year 2012, Jordan Gymnastics Federation with cooperation of AGU organized the Preparatory Judges Course for Women Artistic Gymnastics in Amman – Jordan during the period between 21-26 June2012 under the conduction of Mrs. Rima(Radiye) Zinal Kizilgun President of AGU WAG technical Committee
The participation was much and more various than previous year, from different Asian countries, which shows the interest of the federations and the success of our development project. 
There was ten different participant Federations from the four different Asian zones as follows: 
– KOR: East Zone 
– PHI and VIE: South East Zone 
– IND and SRI: Central South Zone, and 
– SYR, LEB, IRQ, JOR and QAT: West Zone.

The participation was generally with two judges from each federation, some had three (1extra judge), and some had only one judge, from different categories (4, and 3), with the total of 23 judges as follows: 
– KOR (2 judges) 
– PHI (2 judges) , VIE (1 judge) 
– IND (2 judges) , SRI (1 judge) 
– SYR (2 judges) , LEB (3 judges) , IRQ (2 judges) , QAT (1 judge) , and finally the host country JOR (with 7 judges)

The main target of the course was to have a full revision of the current cycle of the code of points-2012, in addition to go through on the provisional code of point-2013, that will be more defined and finalized after the upcoming Olympic Games, which will take place next month in London, the capital of Great Britain. So, it was like two courses in one. 
Another purpose of the course was to meet, increase the technical& practical experience, and the collaboration between the judges in all over Asia. 
The course divided into two session, morning (3 hours), and afternoon (4 hours), total of (7 hours) a day, within four intensive days. 
The subjects that have been covered through this course was: all rules and regulations, regarding all competition participants of gymnasts, coaches, technical committee and judges panels, plus the evaluation of the competition exercises with technical requirements and recognition of the difficulties, also a full study of the table of faults (general, technique, execution, and neutral) and their respective deductions in addition to a full analyze to the four WAG apparatuses, which are; (Vaulting Table, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise) including instruction, composition requirements, connection values, difficulty values, and specific apparatus(composition, execution, artistry) deductions for each apparatus. 
All lessons were supported with a full practical video analyzes from a different international competitions and events, with many examples for each article, to guarantee the benefits of the course and assure the realization and understanding of the judges no matter what their level is. 
In the last day of the course, after the last session, a participation certificates had been distributed by the name of AGU to all participants in the farewell dinner party. 
A day before the departure, a historical trip to Petra was settled and organized by the hosting Jordanian federation to all participants. 
All judges were very friendly and so keen to learn, with many questions and answers through an elite discussion. 
Mr. A-Rahman Al-Shathri have expressed their thanks for Jordan Gymnastics Federation for the great organization and the kindness of the working staff, and thanked Her Royal Highness the Princess Rahma Bin El-Hassan – President of the Jordan Gymnastics Federation and his Secretary General Mrs. Nuha Hattar for organizing the course and for his commitment to attend the opening and closing ceremony.

WAG Preparatory Judges Course JOR 2012














WAG Preparatory Judges Course JOR 2012