15 July, 2020

AGU to launch WAG judges online seminar from July 15

DOHA (QAT) AGU Office: History will be created today (July 15) when the Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) like other top international sports bodies too will embrace technology to conduct its maiden online seminars for its judges/coaches.
The AGU will launch its range of programs with a series of online seminars for WAG judges from July 15, 2020.
The AGU has decided to make good use of webinars/seminars and virtual classes to help gymnast, coaches and judges gain wider knowledge from the experts at a time when everybody is staying at home and observing social distancing due to COVID-19 outbreak.
The content will be primarily the FIG Code of Points related topics for all gymnastics disciplines.
Since several of the 2020 projects couldn’t be held this year due to the dreaded pandemic, AGU has decided to organize Judges’ Educational Programs through online seminars for all the disciplines.
“These types of courses/programs are conducted purely through Information & Communication Technology (ICT) tools and the internet, we all must become tech-savvy,” a statement from AGU President Mr AbdulRahman Al-Shathri said.
YouTube playlist will be created for coaches’ and judges’ education after the topic was discussed with the respective TC presidents at the AGU Executive Committee on June 21, 2020.
AGU also has a plan to organize online educational seminars for coaches.
The technology should be used next year also with at least 24 seminars and up to 1000 participants for each, and the proposals have been approved.
Thanks to FIG (international gymnastics federation), which approved continental funds to organize judges’ seminars/webinars, AGU is hopeful to make good use of ICT to develop the sports.
It is crucial at this time that we promote such webinars find local solutions to common challenges and take opportunities if, and where they can be found.
Such online programs will allow us to take a leap forward and look at how we can tackle the major challenges that our sport is facing, not only during COVID-19 but even after the post-coronavirus period.