27 April, 2009

Al-Shathri Visits Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Alshathri with Kazakhstan OC Vice President and Sec-General

Alshathri with Kazakhstan OC Vice President and Sec-General Mr. A-Rahman Al-Shathri- the AGU President has visited Kazakhstan and discussed the ways to develop the sport of Gymnastics in Kazakhistan.

The President Met the Vice President of Kazakhstan Olympic Committee – Minister Assistant  of Youth and Sport and the Secretary-General.
He also met with Governor of the City of Almati and have been discussing ways to help Kazakhstan Gymnastics and to provide facilities necessary for the development of the game. Mr. Al-Shathri presented a plan to promote the gymnastics in Asia, The plan includes hosting some events in Kazakhstan like the Rhythmic gymnastics Championships in the month of October 2009 and the Trampoline and Acrobatics in 2010.
The officials and responsibles in Kazakhstant welcomed this plan and promised to assist because they believe in the importance of gymnastics.
 Al-Shathri will visit also Uzbekistan and will meet a number of officials for the same purpose.