28 October, 2013

Common Training Camp for Trampoline in Thailand

Training Camp TRA - THA 2013Doha (QAT) AGU Office: October 28, 2013: Under the AGU development project for the year 2013, a common training camp for Trampoline coaches was held in Bangkok – Thailand during the period 21-25 October 2013 under the direction of the expert Mr. . Ji Fengxin from China with the participation of 16 coaches and 14 gymnasts from 10 Countries as the following: China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Nepal, Palestine, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
The Opening ceremony was supervised by Mr. Srayuth Patanasak, the General Secretary of Thailand Gymnastics Association who has made warmly welcome speech to the Participants.
During the “practice” sessions, the expert had organized the Training in the gym with some technique points including the training method, Basic skills training on Trampoline bed, Basic training of body  position and  elements on Trampoline bed, Method, request and effect of trampoline assist-training and Training method of physical quality with Trampoline’s element training
Mr.  Ji Fengxin conduct the “Theory” session in the meeting room, with some projection with computer, and projector, introduced the basic of TRA training, explained some new ideals and senses of TRA, given a lots of  recommendations and advise with new technique, the ways to correct the technical mistake in the gymnast training to the coaches.

AGU congratulate the Gymnastics Association of Thailand for the success of the training camp and specially the secretary general Mr. Srayuth Patanasak for his cooperation under the direction of the new President Mr. Jiradej Worapiankul 

The Camp achieved the General Objective of “to Exchange the experiences in coaching and Knowledge in Trampoline Gymnastics, to Enhance the cooperation and communication of coaches and gymnasts, to Set up a good relationship between coaches and gymnasts within Asian Continent”.                                      

Training Camp TRA  THA 2013













Training Camp TRA - THA 2013













Training Camp TRA - THA 2013