29 June, 2017

Anna-Marie Ondaatje dreams of representing Sri Lanka in 2020 Olympics

Sri Lankan-born rhythmic gymnast Anna-Marie Ondaatje, who is based in Canada, wants to compete for her country at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.
Her father Alistair Ondaatje encouraged his daughter’s passion for dance by putting her into a complex sport at nine.
The rhythmic art is a complex one which combines the elements of ballet, gymnastics and dance and apparatus manipulation. But Anna -Marie enjoys it from the technicalities of the dance, music and training her expression.
“I love the elegance, the expression to the music, the rhythm, everything,” said Anna-Marie.
Apparatus manipulation, a robotic term associated with the graceful sport, is exceedingly challenging and adds to the allure of the act. Each performer has to master the use of five apparatuses – the ball, the hoop, the ribbon, the rope and the clubs. Whilst most of us are attempting to juggle a couple of appointments in a day, Anna- Marie relentlessly trains five hours a day, six days a week to master the sport she loves.
“One needs to achieve technicality of the routine and the apparatus artistry,” she said.