16 March, 2010

Apparatus Finals: First day – Juniors ART & TRA Asian Championships 2010

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mag_apparatus final_aj2010Tokyo March 15, 2010: organised the first part of the Apparatus finals

Men’s Floor Final
China’s ZHU Xiaodong started today’s final with very beautiful execution. He mounted with double twisting layout front and he continued to two combinations: one and a half twisting back to layout front; two and a half twisting back to tucked barani. His highlight was the dismount, triple twist, with stuck landing. He kept the lead till the end and won this event.
The last performer, Nonomura, performed very clean routine but the landing of the dismount of tripe twist kept him away from the gold. Korea’s Park Eo Jin showed the highest somersault in each tumbling pass but a little nervous execution did not bring him other than a bronze medal.

Women’s Balance Beam Final
Tan Sixin of China showed her excellent execution and difficult routine; ff, two foot ff, layout back, Korbut; switch ring leap; tucked punch front; front aerial to sheep jump; piked side somi; ff, two foot ff, two and a half twist dismount. She missed some connections at the qualification but today she wobbled only in switch ring jump. She absolutely deserved the gold. Japan’s Teramoto took her third medal placing second. Her dismount, triple twist, was just amazingly stuck.
The final saw a lot of falls from many gymnasts but Uzbekistan’s Abdusalimova had a solid execution except a balance check after layout back to take a bronze, the first medal for Uzbekistan.

Men’s Pommel Horse Final
The top qualifier, Japan’s Sho Yokoyama, performed his good routine with an excellent execution throughout the routine: scisors half turn with hop, E-flop, D combined elements; Sivado; 5/4 twisting reversed kehre with 3/3 travel. He won this event with 0.6 margin.
Korea’s BAE Ga Ram and PARK Eo Jin entered second and third respectively. The minor execution errors cost them to catch up with Yokoyama. China’s ZHOU Shixiong fell and missed a medal even though he had a difficult set of elements.

Women’s Uneven Bars Final
Tan Sixin of China performed the excellent routine; front giant with one and a half pirouette to Tkachev; front giant with full pirouette on one hand to el grip, el grip Jaeger; Park; El grip giant to tucked double front dismount. She won the second gold medal for China. The last performer, Asuka Teramoto of Japan, performed very clean routine sticking her double front dismount. She had an EXTRA giant between Stalder full to bail to handstand on low bar that cost her a gold medal. (TAN and Teramoto had the same D scores. ) Another Chinese, CHEN Shihua, touched low bar with her foot while giant with blind turn. She might have the biggest chance to win this event but dropped to the third place.

Men’s Rings Final
The only gymnast who had Planche (E skill) in his routine, Korea’s YANG Hak Seon, was very strong as well as in the qualification. He had kip to Maltese, Azarian, and Matese in the beginning of the routine. The dismount was a little weak tucked full-in but it was enough to give him a gold, which was the first gold medal for Korea. ZHU Xiaodong performed three type of Yamawaki (layout, piked, and tucked) and dismounted with layout full-in to enter second. Japan’s Yokoyama had a hop in his landing that cost him a gold or a silver by a small margin but grabbed a bronze medal.

Women’s TRA Final

We held female final today.
As same as qualification, we expected the result “China led and Kazakhstan fights over 3rd place against Japan”. When 4 gymnast finished their performance, Chisato DOIHATA (JPN) marked 24.3 at E score (more than 2nd
routine E score at qualification ) and she became 1st at that time.
Next Chinese gymnast took their performances, but LIU Lingling who was 2nd
of qualification interrupted and only counted 6 elements. And Dong Yu, 1st
of qualification, she showed excellent performance as same as qualification
and marked 38.5 of total score.

The result was 1st DONG Yu, 2nd Chisato DOIHATA and 3rd Miyu YOSHIMURA.
YOSHIMURA showed very good performance and she got bronze medal.
A Japanese player who reached the finals demonstrated own in good tension
and was able to finish the women’s final of the 1st junior Asian
championship safely.

1- DONG, Yu(CHN) 38.5
2- Chisato DOIHATA(JPN)34.4
3- Miyu YOSHIMURA(JPN) 33.3
4- YEGIZKARAVE、, Assel(KAZ) 33.3
5- NOVIKOVA, Yekaterina(KAZ) 32.2
6- LIU, Lingling(CHN) 18.5