5 January, 2010

Artistic Gymnastics Common Training Camp in South East Asian Zone 22-28/12/2009

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ART-training-camp-THA-2009Bangkok – THA January 5, 2010: A common training camp in Artistic Gymnastics was held in Gymnastic Association of Thailand Training Center in Bangkok during the period 22nd and 28th December 2009 under the supervision of two expert Mr. ZAMBRI ZAINAL ABIDIN from Malaysia for the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics and Konstantin BRODETSKIY from Kazakhstan for the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Coaches and gymnast from Vietnam , Myanmar , Malaysia , Indonesia and Thailand have participated in the camp. All together there were 12 coaches and 19 gymnast (10 WAG, 9 MAG).
The camp activity starts on the 22nd December 2009 evening when all the coaches  and course experts had a meeting with the Lt. Com. Srajut ( GAT hon. Secretary) to coordinate matters concerning food, hotel rooms and transport to the training center.
 From the 23rd- 27th December 2009 , activities starts in the morning at 9.00 am with a short coffee break , then a Long lunch break at 12.30 pm then continued at 2.00 pm till 5.00 pm.
Warming up , stretching and conditioning activities are done together
(MAG + WAG) .
Specific apparatus training are separated , with Mr. Constantine leading the WAG coaches and Mr. Zambri leading the MAG coaches.
Theory sessions were brief but clearly presented and with exciting discussion among the coaches.
Mr. Konstantin’s sessions are mostly practical and hands-on training which consist  of….
•Upper body conditioning exercises.
•Strength conditioning exercises
•Flexibility exercises.
•Basic Technique on Uneven bars. (WAG)
•Basic Acrobatic on  Floor.(WAG)
•Basic Technique on Vaulting(WAG)
Mr. Zambri ‘s sessions consist of both theory and practical training
•Growth plate injuries . Training and Prevention
•Twisting Technique
•Training Plans ; Annual , Meso- and microcycle.
•Fundamental methodology of strength training.
•Fundamental technique (MAG) backward giant , P.Bars Swing , P.bars giant/Moy. Double leg circles + travel (cross and side)
•Trampoline activities for twisting and for preparation for other apparatus.
Mrs. Hesti from Indonesia and Coach Burn from Thailand conducted the choreography sessions for boys and girls.    
Coaches had videotape sessions , discussed technique and methods , exchanged video clips and help each other gymnast in training.
The camp was a success .
In future , hopefully , more south east Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos , Brunei and Philippines will together participate.