20 December, 2015

Common Training Camp for WAG Coaches 13-17 December 2015 in Qatar

Doha (QAT) AGU Office December 20, 2015: Qatar Gymnastics Federation organized a common training camp for Women Artistic Gymnastics coaches during the period 13-17 December 2015.
Nineteen coaches and ten gymnasts attended the training camp from ten federations – Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yemen.
The course leader was Rima Kizilgun (SYR) the President of the AGU WAG Technical Committee
Schedule Program of camp include theory and practical:
– Warm up.
– Main Principles in WAG, Beam Principles, Recognition of Difficulties, Artistry.
– Vaulting Table (VT), Handstand Techniques
– Psychology for Gymnastics, (FX) Choreography, Artistry, Dance elements
– Uneven Bars (UB)
– Biomechanics, Balance Beam (BB) Complex
– Balance Beam (BB)
– Floor Exercise (FX)
– Trampoline Track, Individual Training, FX Routines (demonstration & correction)
– Physical preparation (Conditioning) Specific physical preparation on apparatus.
– Flexibility, choreography.

The quality of the organisation and facility was excellent. Most of the organisational work and advance preparation was handled by Anis Saoud the Qatar gymnastics High Performance Manager. Thanks and congratulations go to the Qatar Gymnastics Federation and its President Ali Al-Hitmi and his team of workers.