9 December, 2013

Common Training Camp for WAG Coaches in Tashkent – UZB 2013

WAG Training Camp UZB 2013DOHA (QAT) December 09, 2013: A common Training Camp for Women Artistic Gymnastics was organized in Tashkent – Uzbekistan during the period 02-06 December 2013 with the participation of 5 countries such as: Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and Uzbekistan with a total number of 17 participants (10 coaches and 7 gymnats)  under the conduct of the Mrs. Rima Zinal Kizilgun President of the AGU WAG Technical Committee.

The theory sessions including the following:
• Biomechanics and Technique of swing on Uneven Bars
• Prevention of injury on growth plates in bones for children in adolescent period in gymnastic training.
• Understanding growth development of gymnast in pre pubertal and post pubertal period.
• Planning gymnastic training: Annual, monocycle and micro cycle.
• Mental and physical preparation for competition
• Training and rehabilitation period after competition
• Role and duty of a gymnastic coach.
• Goal setting.
• Twisting Technique.
Training sessions included
• Warming up from different coaches with all gymnasts.
• Body conditioning from different coaches with all gymnasts.
• Choreography and flexibility drills.
• Technique of elements on vault, uneven bars and acrobatic skills on beam and floor.
• Jumps, leaps and turns on beam and floor.
• General free training on all apparatus.

The participation of coaches was active and lively. There was great interest in technical discussion of basic fundamental elements. Lots of questions were asked and discussed.

Mr. A-Rahman Al-SHATHRI AGU President wants to thank Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation for their cooperation to manage the camp in very good condition specially to President Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva , the Vice-President Mr. Ruslan Mustaev and the Secretary General Mrs. Gyozal Filippova for their contribution in the development of gymnastics.

Objective of the camp:
– To exchange experiences in coaching and to enrich the Knowledge of the coaches in Woman Artistic Gymnastics.
– To enhance cooperation and communication of Coaches and Gymnasts.
– To have a good relationship between coaches and gymnasts within Asian Continent.

WAG Training Camp UZB 2013