28 November, 2009

Common Training Camp in RG Tashkent (UZB) 23-29/11/2009

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RGFollow the AGU development project for the year 2009, the AGU will organize the Aerobic Gymnastics Common Training Camp for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Tashkent – Uzbekistan during the period 23-29/11/2009.
The target of this camp is to exchange experiences in coaching, to enhance cooperation and communication of coaches and gymnasts and to have a good relationship between coaches  and gymnasts within Asian Continent.
The training camp was organized in Universal Sport Palace in Tashkent with the conduct of the Russian expert Mrs. Gorbulina Natalia.
9 Countries participate to this training camp with gymnasts and coaches: Syria, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Rhythmic Gymnastics in Uzbekistan
Gymnastics, the kind of sports that perfects the human body and its abilities, came to us from ancient times. In Uzbekistan, gymnastics – both sports and rhythmic gymnastics – have always been popular and the stars of world standards in the Republic have been coming out with an enviable regularity. This year inspired us with new hopes: young Tashkent gymnast Anton Fokin became a bronze winner on the championship on bar exercises and got an Olympic license which took place in Stuttgart. Actually, our men haven’t participated in the Olympic Games for a long time, so Anton’s success can be judged as a breakthrough.
In a sense, it has something in common with a very important event in our life – creation of the РШВСМ in Uzbekistan in the interests of gymnastics’ development under the Ministry of Culture and Sports Affairs. Anton is one of the first swallows in the realization of certain task put in front of us by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers and this task is directed at sport’s development on the level of sport’s highest achievements in sport and rhythmic gymnastics, ski jump and acrobatics. Certainly, it is decided by Federation and Ministry, being the first but not the only one. Luiza Galiulina has also participated in that championship. Although she hasn’t got awards, today she is one of the first in the reserve of the International Federation of Gymnastics for getting Olympic license.
There are successful achievements among female gymnasts as well. In the world championship in a Greek city of Patras three of our gymnasts in the team championship became thirteenths for the first time. This is a very high result just as the hit of Ulyana Trofimova into the number of the 24 strongest ones. Now she is also the first in the “waiting list”. We are sure that today’s generation of girls can reach the tops of Venera and Amina Zaripovaz, Kabaeva, Batirshina, Kholodova – all these wonderful gymnasts are the children of the Uzbek land. As well as their unique instructor-Irina Alexandrovna Viner who doesn’t forget about her roots and who has been doing a lot for the support of Uzbekistan’s rhythmic gymnastics. Our leading girls almost the whole year round are on training sessions in the Russian Centre of Olympic Training and during the last two years they have been participating in almost all competitions – World Cup, Grand Prix. It can be said that they have shown themselves to the world and are quite popular. Another crucial moment is that now we have judges of international category.

RG_UZB Training Camp