24 September, 2013

Draw of lot of Gymnastics event of the East Asian Games 2013

Draw of lot of the 6th East Asian Games 2013Doha (QAT), AGU Office, September 24, 2013: The drawing of lots for the 6th East Asian Games was held on September 23, less than 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the event.

The draw was conducted at the Headquarter of the Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) in Doha (QAT) in the presence of AGU President Mr. A-Rahman Al-Shathri, The Secretary General Mr. Mohamed Saeed; the AGU Women’s Artistic TC President Mrs. Radye Zainal and AGU Technical Manager Mr. Anis Saoud.

The draw was held after the deadline of the nominative registration. The Organising Committee of the 6th East Asian Games registered the participation of 07 federations in Men`s Artistic Gymnastics which are: CHN – JPN – KOR – MGL – PRK – TPE and HKG represented by 34 gymnasts; and 06 federations in Women’s Artistic gymnastics which are: CHN – JPN – KOR – PRK – TPE and HKG with a total of 31 gymnasts.

Results in attachment files
– Drawing of lots for MAG Competition I & III
– Drawing of lots for WAG Competition I & III




The 2013 East Asian Games, officially known as the VI East Asian Games, is an international multi-sport event that will take place in Tianjin, China, between 6 October and 15 October 2013. Athletes from nine East Asian nations will compete in 262 events in 22 sports.
After EAGA’s approval, the 6th East Asian Games will take place October, 2013 in Tianjin, China. This is the largest international comprehensive game for Tianjin to host. At the time, there will be more than 7000 athletes, coaches, referees, media reporters and government officials,sports officials from China,Mongolia,Japan,Republic of Korea,Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and HongKong, Macau, Chinese Taipei, Guam come to participate the Games in Tianjin.

Draw of lot 6th East Asian Games 2013