13 January, 2020

EC puts importance on TV & Marketing rights, Anti-Doping Commission

DOHA (QAT) AGU Office: The Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) organized its annual Executive and Technical Committee meetings in Doha from January 11 to January 12.
Several important decisions were made, but the most one that came out from the EC meeting was the approval of the draft on TV and marketing rights of AGU competitions.
“If we sell our TV rights from the competitions, AGU will share the revenue with the organisers and use the fund to develop the sport in the continent. Active federations like China, Korea who have facilities must take a fast-forward approach. It will be easy for them to help us selling the TV rights,” said AGU President Mr Abdulrahman Al Shathri.
The AGU President also briefed the EC members on how the Asian body has taken initiatives to develop the sport in the last couple of years.
He added that he met the TC members and told them to look out for new generation of judges so that they can become an integral part of all TCs.
“We wanted to work hard for a better future,” he added.
He hailed the EC members as leaders of the AGU, and requested them to prepare future leaders and judges in the right earnest.
“We have to work from now,” said Mr Al Shathri. “We’ve to keep going forward. That’s the best way to create a bright future for gymnastics in the continent.”
Besides, he stressed on the need to introduce new marketing ideas and AGU branding to take the sport to the next level.
Other important discussions that took place at the EC meeting are as follows:
• AGU will have a pre-planned calendar of events for a four-year period starting from this year.
• A draft for the marketing, TV rights and branding rules were welcomed by the EC members.
• Association of marketing partners with different AGU competitions, Congress, TC and EC Meetings and AGU Development Projects.
• AGU will have more partners and suppliers recognition.
• There will be bibs for the gymnasts whereas the visibility of AGU will be strong.
• AGU is negotiating with two companies Dentsu (JPN) and Silver Spring Media (SWE) who can help them to sell their TV rights.
• The AGU will share 25-30 per cent with the marketing companies and the Asian federation will take the remaining while the local organisers will have the right to sell.
• Parkour has also been earmarked as the next event in AGU list of competitions.
• The EC also welcomed the proposal by EC Member Mr Lee Wang Jun on setting up AGU Anti-Doping, Medical and Scientific Commission.
• Different projects under AGU Development Project 2020 were allocated to the selected federations, who were selected after voting by the EC members.