13 March, 2010

First day: 11th Junior ART & TRA Gymnastics Asian Championships – Tokyo 2010

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Comp_hall_art_tokyo 2010Tokyo: 13 March 2010
WAG Qualification – Subdivision 1
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, Mongol, and Korea started the artistic gymnastics event for women in Subdivision 1. Korea was obviously leading the competition with their nice level of not only difficulty but also execution. Actually they had some big mistakes but they had some big stunning skills. Their leg length was strong and very high Pi ked full-in on floor and good double Yurchenko were shown. Finally Korea topped the subdivision.
As for the individual all-around, ABDUSALIMOVA of Uzbekistan placed first over Korean gymnasts.
A little surprise was Mongolian gymnasts who showed up for the fist time in these decades. The skill level was not enough to compete in the senior level but they could show their good potential. On beam Yurchenko loop was performed and very good choreography was seen on floor.

WAG Qualification – Subdivision 2
China and Japan were in the keen battle for the team tite in the second subdivision. As the host country of the meet, Japan had a good chance to challenge the Olympic Champion, China.
The first rotation began the exciting meet to see. Japan had small mistakes but only one fall cuont the total. In contrast, China suffered on their favorite event, beam, having three falls and one big mistake in dismount. China did not gain the total score more than 40. Japan easily took the lead.
China did not perform the difficult set of routine on floor, not having E difficulty. Japan had two falls but each score was not giving a damage to the lead over China.
Taking more lead, Japan was very consistent on floor. They had more difficult skills than that of Chinese. Especially Mai Murakami unveiled the world-class set of tumbling pass: tucked double-double mount; punch double twisting front to layout punch front; piked double; triple twist dismount. China vaulted mostly Yurcheno full. ZHOU’s double twisting Tsukahara was a great stunt.
Considering the potentia of Chinese on bars, Japan needed to do just their best but they did it; Sasada and Taniguchi hit their double twisting Yurcheno and Teramato hit one and a half twisting Yurchenko. China had to perform their routine cleanly but the leadoff completely stopped during the routine. The rest of them were just awsome. The Chinese traditional Ono turn or el-grip elements were obviously the world-class, but the could not reach Japan. FInally… Japan beat China for the first time and took the second team tite at these championships!!
In the all-around, Taniguchi won the title over two Chinese. As the result, Japan took two titles tonight. A very memorial day for the host cuntry!

WAG Team Final
1- Japan 168.350 pts
2- China 164.350 pts
3- Korea 156.850 pts

WAG Individual All-Around
1- Yoshio Taniguchi Japan 55.650
2- Sixin TAN 55.000 pts China
3- Shihua CHEN 54.750 China



















TRA Women’s Qualification
Female qualification of Trampoline was held today. Participated federations were China, Kazakhstan and Japan. And total gymnasts were 10.
Chinese gymnasts were showing very high performance from training. All
Chinese gymnasts have difficulty point over 13.0 at 2nd routine (including
triple somersault), and their elements are very high jump and very good
keeping control.

Result of qualification was that 1st, 2nd and 3rd was China, next Japan and
Kazakhstan. Dong Yu who was 1st place gymnast, she has excellent keeping
control and very high jump. Her 2nd routine was including triple somersault
and keeping high jump at all elements.

The final will hold at 15, March, 2010, 6 gymnast (2 gymnasts per every
federation) will participate the final.

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