15 April, 2012

Gymnastics for All course in Jakarta 2012

GFA in Indonesia 2012
GFA in Indonesia 2012
Doha (QAT) AGU Office April 15, 2012: The Gymnastics Federation of Indonesia (PERSANI) organized a Gymnastics for All course in Jakarta during 4 days from 02-05 April 2012 in the super Pertamina Simprug Hall, in South Jakarta.
78 participants which most of them were sport teachers from many provinces in Indonesia was present during these 4 days workshop under the conduction of Mr. Araki Tatsuo (JPN) President of AGU GFA Committee and FIG GFA Committee member.
Some important guests attended the opening ceremony which are:
– Mr. Tobias, Representative of Deputy Minister for Sport Cultivation, Prof. Dr. James Tangkudung, Sportmed., M.Pd.
– Representative from The Ministry for Education and Culture.
– Mr. Bambang, Representative of Chairman Indonesian National Sports Committee.
– Head of Jakarta Regional Youth and Sport Department, Mr. Firmansyah Abdul Wahid.
– The Director of Labour amd Social Insurance (Jamsostek), Mr. Hotbonar Sinaga.
And many other important persons.
It is the first time Indonesia gymnastic federation conduct such a workshop.
Ms. Siti Baitul, lecturer at Sport Science Faculty, Semarang State University (Central Java province) declare: “I am very look forward to adopt and establish into my university what I got from the workshop. I certainly hope this program should continue every year”
Mr. Joko S. sport teacher at SDN Tomang 01 Elementary School, Jakarta: “I thank you very much to Mr. Araki for allowing my students practice GfA under his direct supervision. With the students’ joy we could look at their faces, we would share this basic trainings to all of my students in my school with music composed by Mr. Araki. I hope federation and government can implement this to every elementary school and make it a kind of compulsory”
Mr. Sakirin, sport teacher from Aceh province: “I never thought that this workshop is more beneficial than my air plane ticket spending. I never regret to come over here with long journey from Aceh because I have tremendous experience that I could share them to my students in Aceh. I certainly sure if this training can be part of education program in schools, we could raise better generation”

Mr Tobias-Waluyo-Hotbonar-Sinaga-Araki