24 October, 2009

Huang Shanshan and Dong Dong take the lead at the 2009 Chinese National Games

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Huang Shanshan CHNOctober 12, 2009: Huang Shanshan (Fujian) and Dong Dong (Shanxi) dominated the women’s and men’s individual trampoline preliminaries of the 11th Chinese National Games that took place today in Jinan, Shandong. In tumbling, Chen Lingqian (Shanghai) and Yang Song (Fujian) took the lead respectively in the women’s and men’s events. The Guangdong team and the Shanxi team qualified for the women’s and men’s team finals in first place. Pictures added.
The first day of competition in the trampoline event of the 11th Chinese National Games, also known as National Games of the People’s Republic of China or All-China Games, took place today at the Aoti Stadium in the city of Jinan in the Shandong province.  Today’s schedule featured the preliminaries in individual trampoline and individual tumbling.  The top ten trampolinists and tumblers from these preliminaries, with a limit of two per province per category, could qualify for the individual finals to be held on October the 14th.
Based on the cumulative scores of the top three trampoline first routines, top three trampoline second routines, and top first and second tumbling passes, the top 8 teams could qualify for the team finals to be held tomorrow, October 13th.  The teams were made of four trampolinists and two tumblers.  
The scores from the preliminaries will be reset to zero for the finals.  The scores in China are calculated a little differently than under the FIG Code of Points as the execution judges grade purely the execution.  Traveling is calculated separately by a way of a deduction, and a bonus is granted based on the height of the trampolinists.  The separate traveling mark and height bonus are graded 0.05 pts by 0.05 pts.  Tumbling is graded in accordance with the FIG Code of Points.  No synchronized trampoline competition was held.
In the women’s individual trampoline competition, the level was very high with 9 trampolinists out of 46 competing tariffs of 14.00+ pts.  The preliminaries saw 2004 Olympic medalist and 2007 World silver medalist Huang Shanshan (Fujian – pictured right) take the lead with 68.35 pts.  The winner of the 2008 World Cup Final and the last two World Cups performed a solid first routine (30.15 pts), but made the difference over her rivals thanks to the best optional (38.20 pts with a 14.30 pt tariff).  Huang Shanshan is the defending Chinese National Games Champion.  The second place of these preliminaries was taken by Kunshan World Cup winner Zhong Xingping (Guangdong).  Zhong Xingping delivered a great first routine (30.40 pts) and a  very strong second routine (37.15 pts with a 14.00 pt tariff) despite some traveling.  Overall, the 2006 Asian Games silver medalist scored 67.55 pts.
Olympic Champion He Wenna (Fujian – pictured left), who is back from a slight injury that prevented her from competing at the last couple of World Cups, came in 3rd place in these preliminaries with a score of 67.10 pts.  He Wenna performed the best first routine of the preliminaries (30.80 pts), and a solid optional (36.30 pts with a 14.20 pt tariff) that encountered some traveling.  2008 Osaka World Cup medalist Li Meng (Tianjin) followed in 4th place with 66.45 pts, relying on a very strong optional (37.30 pts with a 14.00 pt tariff).  2009 Sofia World Cup silver medalist Jiang Yiqi (Shanghai) place 5th in these preliminaries, scoring 66.30 pts.  Jiang Yiqi’s optional obtained a score of 36.70 pts (14.00 pt tariff).  The talented Li Dan (Guangdong), who performed the highest degree of difficulty of these preliminaries with 14.60 pts, followed in 6th place with 66.00 pts.  Li Dan scored 36.80 pts with her second routine.
Youngster Dong Yu (Shanxi), who was born in 1994, was a surprising 7th in these preliminaries, scoring 65.75 pts.  Dong Yu performed a 14.20 pt tariff, scoring 36.85 pts for her optional.  We suspect Dong Yu is the sister of Olympic medalist Dong Dong, who dominated the preliminaries in the men’s.  Lin Min (Jiangsu), who represented China at international competitions a few years ago, took the 8th place with 64.75 pts thanks to a solid optional with a 14.10 pt tariff.  Guo Jia (Guangdong) took a good 9th place with 64.30 pts thanks to a good optional (36.00 pts with a 14.00 pt tariff).  Unfortunately, Guo Jia will miss the final as Zhong Xingping and Li Dan fared better on the Guangdong team.  The last two places of the preliminaries were taken by Zhang Yuanyuan (Shanxi – 10th with 63.95 pts) and youngster Zhang Ying (Shanghai – 63.85 pts).
Ma Tiantian (Shanghai – 12th with 63.85 pts and a 13.30 pt tariff) missed the final only under the tie-breaking rules as her optional scored less than Zhang Ying’s.  Li Wei (Hunan – 13th with 63.80 pts and a 13.30 pt tariff) and international Gu Qingwen (Shanghai – 14th with 63.70 pts with a 13.70 pt tariff) also did not miss the final by much.  International Luo Dan (Hunan), who won the silver medal at the 2005 Chinese National Games, had a so-so showing and ended up in 15th place with 63.45 pts (13.10 pt tariff).  She was followed by 2001 Chinese National Games Champion Zheng Xiaojun (Fujian – 16th with 63.00 pts and a 13.50 pt tariff), youngster Liu Lingling (Fujian – 17th with 62.85 pts and a 13.30 pt tariff), Yao Meng (Jiangsu – 18th with 62.65 pts with a 13.10 pt tariff), international Guo Ran (Shanxi – 19th with 62.60 pts with a 13.10 pt tariff), Yang Zhe (Guangxi – 20th with 62.50 pts), and Chen Yu (Zhejiang – 21st with 62.50 pts).  Wang Yun (Anhui), who won the bronze medals at the last two Chinese National Championship Competitions, had a disappointing showing, placing only 22nd with 62.40 pts.  Wang Yun had a strong first routine 30.20 pts, but struggled in the optional.  She finished ahead of local hope Wang Wenwen (Shandong – 23rd with 62.30 pts), Wang Wei (Hunan – 24th with 62.30 pts and a 13.30 pt tariff), and Wu Chuwen (25th with 62.25 pts with a 13.70 pt tariff), who were followed by Bao Yin (Zhejiang), Chen Xiu (Shandong – 13.20 pt tariff), and Chen Cheng (Tianjin – 13.10 pt tariff).
The women’s tumbling preliminaries saw Chen Lingqian (Shanghai) claimed the first place with 63.00 pts thanks to two solid passes (31.60 pts with a 6.00 pt tariff and 31.40 pts with a 6.30 pt tariff).  Youngster Jia Fanfang (Zhejiang), who has dominated the Chinese national circuit this season but is too young to compete internationally as she was born in 1994, came in 2nd place with 61.00 pts.  Jia Fangfang struggled in her first pass, but bounced back with the best pass of these preliminaries (33.00 pts with a 6.90 pt tariff).  She was followed a group of many tumblers with similar levels of performance, including Gu Wenling (Guangxi – 3rd with 60.40 pts), Wang Ying (Jiangsu – 4th with 60.10 pts), Guan Shuang (Tianjin – 5th with 59.90 pts), Mao Ning (Shanxi – 6th with 59.80 pts), Ma Lin (Shanghai – 7th with 59.80 pts), Wu Jinglin (Fujian – 8th with 59.40 pts), Zhang Wenjie (Jiangsu – 9th with 59.30 pts), and Zheng Shan (Guangdong – 10th with 59.20 pts).  International Zhu Binqian (Zhejiang), who was preferred over fellow international and Zhejiang tumbler Song Yehong, struggled in these preliminaries and ended up in 17th place, missing the final, just ahead of Zhang Yuanyuan (Fujian), who also struggled.  Chen Ling (Guangdong), who had a strong first pass with 31.70 pts (6.10 pt tariff), struggled in her second pass and had to settle for the 23rd place.
In the team event, the eight teams qualified for the final were Guangdong (259.85 pts), Fujian (258.15 pts), Shanghai (257.65 pts), Shanxi (253.00 pts), Hunan (249.25 pts), Jiangsu (249.05 pts), Zhejiang (248.50 pts), and Tianjin (246.80 pts).  Local team Shandong (243.90 pts), Guangxi (243.05 pts), Anhui (239.65 pts), and Liaoning (197.37 pts) missed the team final qualification.  Guangdong relied on the great performances of trampolinists Zhong Xingping, Li Dan, Guo Jia and tumbler Zheng Shan to overcome the struggles of tumbler Chen Ling.  The Fujian team relied on strong trampoline performances from Huang Shanshan, He Wenna, Zheng Xiaojun, and Liu Lingling to counterbalance so-so performances from the tumblers.
The men’s individual trampoline competition was also of a very high level as 16 of the 48 trampolinists competed 16.00+ pt tariffs despite crashes of a few favorites.  Olympic bronze medalist and 2007 World silver medalist Dong Dong (Shanxi) dominated the preliminaries with 73.20 pts.  The winner of the 2008 World Cup Final and the last World Cup performed the best first routine (31.40 pts) and the best optional (41.80 pts with a 16.60 pt tariff).  Dong Dong mastered his traveling almost to perfection and maintained great height throughout both routines.  World Champion Ye Shuai (Fujian – pictured right) jumped the highest in both routines to clinch the 2nd place of these preliminaries with 72.25 pts.  Ye Shuai had a very good showing in the first routine (31.00 pts), followed by his impressive optional kicking off with a rudy out triffis pike (41.25 pts with a 16.70 pt tariff, the highest tariff of the preliminaries).
Tu Xiao (Shanxi – pictured left), who won medals at the last two World Cups, came in 3rd place with 71.80 pts thanks to two sterling routines (31.10 pts and 40.70 pts with a 16.60 pt tariff) with very limited traveling.  Chinese International and local hope Lou Ming (Shandong) took a very good 4th place in these preliminaries with 71.10 pts thanks to a very strong optional (40.85 pts with a 16.20 pt tariff).  International Fu Bing (Shanxi), born in 1992, clearly showed his status as potential leader of the new Chinese generation, by taking the 5th place of these preliminaries with 70.70 pts thanks to two solid routines (30.15 pts and 40.55 pts with a 15.60 pt tariff).  Unfortunately, as his two Shanxi teammates Dong Dong and Tu Xiao performed better in these preliminaries, Fu Bing will miss the final.  Ning Wenlong (Shandong), also had a strong showing in front of the home crowd.  Ning Wenlong took the 6th place in these preliminaries with 70.50 pts thanks to two strong performances (30.25 pts and 40.30 pts with a 16.60 pt tariff).
Olympic Champion Lu Chunlong (Jiangsu) mildly struggled in these preliminaries, which caused him to place only 7th.  Lu Chunlong had a good first routine (30.85 pts), but traveled significantly in his optional (39.65 pts with a 16.60 pt tariff).  Overall, he scored 70.50 pts and managed to qualify for the final without too much anguish.  Rising star and international Chen Shaobo (Shanghai), born in 1991, displayed his talent, placing 8th in these preliminaries.  Chen Shaobo, scored 69.40 pts thanks to a neat optional (40.20 pts with a 16.40 pt tariff).  He was followed by Chinese international Ma Yanqing (Shandong), who claimed the 9th place with 69.25 pts (16.20 pt tariff).  However, since Lou Ming and Ning Wenlong fared better on the Shandong team, Ma Yanqing will miss the individual final.  Youngster Gao Lei (Shanghai), born in 1992, secured a place in the final with a score of 69.15 pts (16.20 pt tariff).  The last places for the individual final were captured by Chen Chen (Tianjin – 11th with 68.55 pts with a 16.40 pt tariff) and Zhou Kai (Guangxi – 12th with 68.50 pts and a 15.80 pt tariff).    
The talented Yu Dakang (Fujian – 13th with 68.25 pts thanks to a 16.00 pt tariff and a 30.55 pt first routine) and Zan Jie (Fujian – 14th with 68.15 pts) did not miss the final by much.  Hu Junxiong (Jiangsu – 15th with 67.55 pts), Wang Long (Guangxi – 16th with 67.45 pts), and international Wu Yi (Shanghai – 16th with 67.10 pts and a 16.20 pt tariff) had strong showings but missed the final nonetheless.  They were followed by Tao Ran (Anhui – 18th with 66.80 pts), Fu Hao (Chongqing – 19th with 66.55 pts), Jao Feng (Shandong – 20th with 66.20 pts), Zeng Linglong (Guangdong – 21st with 66..10 pts), who all had solid performances. They placed ahead of Feng Wanli (Zhejiang), Ye Jinlong (Tianjin), who had a so-so showing, Wang Yong (Guangdong), international Liu Bo (Shanxi), who had to battle traveling in his optional, and Xu Yang (Tianjin), who all scored more than 65.00 pts.
Shen Chen (Zhejiang) was next as he had to modify his optional after some struggle. The most notable victim from these preliminaries was Asian Games Champion Que Zhicheng (Fujian), who crashed after two skills in his optional and finished in 46th place, just one place ahead of Chinese international Feng Qiangqiang (Jiangsu), who took the silver medal at the 2005 Chinese National Games, but also crashed after two skills in the second routine of these preliminaries.  Li Bo (Liaoning) struggled in both routines, and had to settle for the 35th place despite a 16.20 pt tariff.  Bai Tao (Shanghai) had a solid optional with a 16.00 pt tariff, but a crash in the first routine caused him to end up in 40th place.  Wang Zhe (Zhejiang) had a good first routine, but failed to complete his optional, which caused him to finish only 42nd, just one spot ahead of the talented Lei Peng (Anhui).  Lei Peng had a very good first routine (30.35 pts) but also crashed in his optional.
The men’s tumbling preliminaries unfortunately saw 2005 World Champion Wang Jiexu (Guangdong) withdraw, presumably due to the injury suffered in a warm up session at the World Games this summer.  In his absence, 2009 Sofia World Cup silver medalist Yang Song (Fujian) took the lead of these preliminaries with 70.60 pts.  Yang Song delivered the best first routine (34.40 pts with an 8.50 pt tariff) and the best second pass (36.20 pts with a 10.40 pt tariff).  2003-2007 World silver medalist Pan Huanian (Zhejiang) had solid preliminaries, taking the 2nd place with 70.10 pts.  Pan Huanian obtained 34.10 pts for his first pass (8.50 pt tariff) and 36.00 pts for his second pass (10.40 pt tariff).  2007 Zielona Gora World Cup winner Li Zhenqiu (Guangdong) came in 3rd place in these preliminaries, scoring 69.70 pts thanks to a solid second pass that scored 35.80 pts thanks to the highest tariff of the preliminaries (11.20 pts).
Li Zhenqiu edged Ma Jie (Fujian – 4th with 69.70 pts) only under the tie-breaking rules.  Ma Jie had a good first pass (34.40 pts with an 8.50 pt tariff) and a solid second pass (35.30 pts with a 10.00 pt tariff).  Xu Zhi (Guangdong) came in 5th place with 68.40 pts (10.40 pt tariff for his second pass).  He was followed by Niu Guangkun (Shandong – 6th with 67.00 pts), Zhao Shijian (Tianjin – 7th with 66.60 pts), Liang Zhen (Guanxi – 8th with 66.50 pts), Du Feilong (Shanghai – 9th with 66.20 pts), Sun Kelun (Anhui – 10th with 66.00 pts), Wu Rui (Chongqing – 11th with 65.90 pts), Wang Shengnan (Shandong – 12th with 65.40 pts), and Zhao Chuliang (Zhejiang – 13th with 65.00 pts).  International Ji Ruikun (Shanghai) failed to qualify and had to settle for the 18th place.  Zhang Lingfeng (Jiangsu) had a very strong second pass (35.60 pts with a 10.40 pt tariff), but struggles in his first pass forced him to settle for the 20th place.
The teams that qualified for the men’s team final were Shanxi (281.40 pts), Fujian (279.25 pts), local hope Shandong (277.90 pts), Shanghai (271.85 pts), Jiangsu (269.85 pts), Tianjin (267.70 pts), Guangdong (264.45 pts), and Guangxi (263.85 pts).  Anhui (262.05 pts), Chongqing (255.00 pts), Zhejiang (252.05 pts), and Liaoning (251.80 pts) missed the final.  The Shanxi team relied on the strong performances from trampolinists Dong Dong, Tu Xiao, Fu Bing to offset so-so showings by the tumblers.  The Fujian team overcame the disappointing performance of traditional team leader Que Zhicheng thanks to strong performance from trampolinists Ye Shuai, Yu Dakang, Zan Jie, and tumblers Yang Song and Ma Jie.  Shandong had a brilliant team performance led by trampolinists Lou Ming, Ning Wenlong, Ma Yanqing, and tumbler Niu Guangkun. The Jiangsu team survived the crash of historic leader Feng Qiangqiang and made it to the final led by Lu Chunlong.     

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