22 October, 2019

Jordan hosts WAG Common Training Camp

DOHA (QAT) AGU Office: A five-day AGU Common Training Camp WAG was organized in at the Princess Rahma Gymnastics Center in Amman, Jordan under experts Nellie Kim and Jesus Vazquez (USA).

“The organisation was excellent and everything went off well,” said Kim in her report.

Boys’ and girls’ gymnasts participated in the programme, which was divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

On the opening day, the legendary Kim was introduced to the coaches from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Nepal.

A video on the five-time Olympic gold medalist was also shown to the participants.

Each coach was asked to write on the topic that they would like to learn or their goal at the camp.

Following a quick break, the lectures were given to the coaches.

The experts implemented a talent identification programme for 7-11-year-old gymnast.
The physical abilities testing and set routines are used as indicators in finding potential TOP ((Talent, Opportunity, Program) athletes.

The basic Tumbling 101 and Trampoline basics 101 with a video were produced by Vasquez by using his gymnasts from Metro Stars Gymnastics, Omaha, Nebraska USA.

The practical workout started with going through bar conditioning with the gymnast and coaches for close to 30 min where Kim took all the gymnasts and coaches through a dance complex which lasted up to two hours.

The experts also showed the coaches how to spot on the trampoline and some additional bar releases.

The camp was organized under the presence of The secretary of the federation Mrs. Nuha Hatter open the training camp with a welcome message to all the participants and inform them the greetings of Her Highness the President of the Federation and the president of the board member and wished them a good stay in Jordan and profit the maximum of this program.