30 December, 2019

Kazakhstan host Academy for first time

DOHA (QAT) AGU Office: The Gymnastics Federation of Kazakhstan hosted an Academy for the first time and became the 81st country to do so.
The level 3 Academy was hosted in Sport-School 9 in the former capital city of Almaty.
Attendance at this Academy for Asian countries was subsidised by the FIG Development Fund for the Asian Gymnastics Union.
The use of the FIG funds in this way by the Continental Unions has been enormously popular and successful.
Thirty-five coaches from 12 Asian and two European countries attended the programme – China, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Poland, Taipei, Uzbekistan and Yemen.
Twenty-one coaches attended for MAG and fourteen for WAG.
The course leader was Hardy Fink, the Director of FIG Education and Academy Programmes, who also taught several of the sport science lectures.
He was joined by frequent Academy experts Peggy Liddick, of Australia for women, Andei Levit, of Poland for men and Ignacio Grande of Spain who also taught several sport-science lectures.
WAG coach Lyudmila Li of Uzbekistan qualifeid and earned the FIG Coach’s Brevet at this acadmey.