14 March, 2010

MAG Team & All-Around Finals – Junior Asian Championships Tokyo 2010

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japan team - 2010aj_mag_tvcTokyo 14-3-2010: MAG TEAM & AA Final – Subdivision 1
Since China sent only two male gymnasts to these championships, they did not compete for the team competition. Kazakhstan were going to lead this subdivision instead of them.
Chinese ZHOU Shixiong unveiled Teng Haibin (Peach full on one rail) on parallel bars. He did Endo full to Pogorelov (Layout Jaeger full) but failed to regrasp. He added Rybalko to layout Jaeger after that mistake. The two of Chinese performed conservative routines on the rest of the events, but the execution was beautifully.
As well as the women’s competition, Mongolian gymnast brought a surprise: Erdenebold GANBAT vaulted very high Roche. His second vault was a little weak (Kasamatsu-full) with bent knees but topped the qualification for the final.
While Kazakhstan was not best in shape, Iran climbed to the top after this subdivision. They celebrated themselves for their great moment.
MAG TEAM & AA Final – Subdivision 2
Missing China in the team competition, Japan and Korea were expected to go head to head battle for the championship. As the host country, the Japanese team aimed at the team title as well as its women’s team.
Japan started very cleanly the competition on vault. Makoto Fukuo hit his Driggs with a small step forward. The rest of them had a good landing as well. Korea was not on their favorite event and had some weak executions on parallel bars.
In the second rotation, Japan had no mistake at all. All of them had a clean set with Peach. Korea had no big release element but no big errors as well.
Korea went to their favorite event, floor, in the third rotation. Park Eo Jin was a superb tumbler on floor; tucked Arabian double mount; one and a half twisting back somersault to double twisting layout front; double twisting layout back; two and a half twist to punch tucked front full; triple twist dismount. Japan was very stable on horizontal bar: they had a very beautiful Yamaha or layout Tkachev.
In the fourth rotation, Korea was weak and had weak execution on pommel horse and had a fall. Japan had very nice twisting elements such as two and half twist to punch layout barani or triple twist. Only one mistake was seen but it did not count the total. After this rotation, Japan gained a very big margin over Korea.
Japan had no fall and did their best on pommel horse in the fifth rotation. Korea had a specialist YANG Hak Seon, on rings. Considering the junior level, his strength elements were just great. He mounted with a series of kip to Maltese , Azarian and Maltese.
The last rotation was something exciting for Korean gymnast. They are very strong on vault as well as floor. The first three gymnast did Yurchenko with good height. The last performer, YANG Hak Seon was superb and amazed the crowd. His first vault was YEO II and almost stuck the landing. The second vault was another exciting one, Lopez. As a result, Korea scored the best total on this event. Japan had a mistake from Nonomura (a large step forward touching the mat with a hand), but the last performer, Sho Yokoyama Honma showed cross, piked Yamawaki, Yamawaki, layout Honma. He stuck tucked double-double dismount. Even though Korea came close to Japan, the host country, Japan, won the team title for the first time since 1975. Iran, having finished their competition at the fist subdivision, placed third place over the countries in the second subdivision.
The individual all-around contention turned thrilling for Japan when Shogo NONOMURA missed his landing on rings, but he won the title with 0.25 margin over Chinese ZHOU Shixiong. Korea’s Bae Ga Ram entered third.

Team Final

1- Japan – 255.450 pts – Gold medal

2- Korea – 251.850 pts – Silver medal

3- Iran -233.500 pts – Bronze medal

All-Around Final

1- Shogo Nonomura – Japan – 85.150 pts – Gold medal

2- Shixing ZHOU – China – 84.900 pts – Silver medal

3- Ga Ram BAE – Korea – 84.200 pts – Bronze medal