10 December, 2012

Mohamed Makki re-elected a President of Lebanon Gymnastics Federation

Mohamad MakkiDoha (QAT) AGU Office, December 10, 2012: The General Assembly of Lebanese Gymnastics Federation was held last Thursday in Beirut sports club hall in normal and electoral sessions, based on Lebanese Gymnastics federation, in the presence of  a representative of the Ministry of youth and sports, and delegates of the 10 clubs are: Mohamed shaker (Beirut sports), Ayman Al-Omar (Tripoli stars Club),  Bilal Joma’ah (Al-Hariri Complex), Ahmad Al-Hariri ( Rafiq Hariri high school), Mohammed Sharaf (Buda), Mazen Qubeesi (Qaseer Club), Jihad Salamah (Moon Lasal), Sameer Shaghoori (Public), Amani Al-Haq (Not entitled to vote).
According to the agenda, President Mohamed Makki opened the meeting welcoming the audience and thanking the Reiady hosted the two General Assemblies.
After examining the written and registered clubs, General Secretary Mrs. Randa Chidiaq has represented the administrative and substantive of 2012 and has been approved.
The treasurer Ahmad Shareef has presented the financial statement and has been approved unanimously, as the governing body of the Lebanese Gymnastics Federation has exculpated the federation for the previous period.
Greater electoral session was attended by members of the older age, Sports club representative Mr. Mohammad Shaker and was reading out the names of candidates and their clubs: Mohammad Makki (Beirut’s Sport), Ahmad sharaf (Rafiq Hariri high school), Randa chidiaq (neutral), Mohammad charaf (Buda), Rabee’a Daboul (neutral supporter of public), Osama  Al-Omar (Tripoli stars Club), Elen Hadad (Blays), Taleb Majed (Moon Lasal), Roger Ad (neutral supporter of Moon Lasal).
Before the launching of the electoral process, the candidate of Tripoli Gymnastics stars was withdrawn and the number of the candidates became eight to seven, then the electoral process began after the counting of the votes won: Mohammed Makki, Randa Chidiaq, Talip Majd, Elen Haddad, Mohammed Sharaf, Rabee’a Daaboul, Ahmad Sharaf, and the loss of Roger Aad.
Winners held a meeting of distributing the positions as follows: Mohamed Makki (President), Majed (Vice-President), Randa Chidiaq (Secretary General), Ahmad Sharaf (Treasurer), Ellen Haddad (accounting), Mohammed Sharaf and Rabee’a  DBoard Members of Lebanon Gymnastics Federationaaboul (two members).