8 November, 2018

Mongolia successfully hosts 1st Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Cup

AGU Media, DOHA (QAT): The Mongolian Gymnastics Federation (MGF) organised the 1st Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Cup in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from October 26-28.
The competitions were held in individual senior, junior and senior group catagories.
The three-day event was declared open in the presence of MGF President and Secretary General.
“I thank the AGU for their unstinted support,” said MGF Secretary General Galbadrakh Yeruulbat.
Over 100 participants including gymnast, judges and coaches took part with Kazakhstan emerging as the top sides, winning eight gold and two silver medals.
North Korea won three golds while South Korea picked up one gold, five silver and four bronze medals.
The host nation, who fielded 22 gymnasts, won two silver and five bronze medals.
Meanwhile, Kazakhstan’s Aidana Sarybai won three gold medals in hoop, clubs, and ribbon events.
The Kazakh also took silver in the ball exercise competition.
Among the juniors, Kazakhstan’s Elzhan Taniyeva became the best in the exercises with a hoop, a ball, and a ribbon. In the final exercises with clubs, she won a silver medal.