11 June, 2021

Olympic qualification in Tashkent during the Senior RG Asian Champ (UZB)

The 12th Senior Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Championships organized in Tashkent (UZB) during 08-10 June 2021 presented by 6 counties in the individual: CHN, JPN, KAZ, KGZ, KOR and UZB and 5 countries in group event: JPN, KAZ, KOR, THA and UZB
The Olympic ticket in the individual event will go to the highest placed athlete from the Individual All-Around results at the Continental Championships from NOCs not already qualified via the 2019 World Championships or the 2020 World Cup Series, provided that the athlete has participated at the 2019 World Championships.

Results of the Individual All-Around Final
1- ADILKHANOVA Alina KAZ – Total: 95.15 pts
2- IKROMOVA Takhmina UZB – Total: 92.90 pts
3- FETISOVA Ekaterina – Total: 90.85 pts

For In the Group event, the ticket will go to the highest ranked NOC from the Group ranking results of the All-Around competition will qualify one group quota place for Tokyo 2020 provided that the respective NOC has participated with a Group at the 2018 World Championships and did not qualify through the 2018 or 2019 World Championships.

Results of Group Final-5 Balls
1- UZB – Total: 44.10 pts
2- KOR – 34.70 pts
3- THA – 26.45 pts

Group Final – 3 Hoops+ 2 pairs of Clubs
1- UZB – Total: 41.70 pts
2- KOR – 31.85 pts
3- THA – 16.90 pts

AGU wants to take this opportunity to congratulate all the participants and specially who was qualified for the Olympic and will represent the Asian Continent during the games.
A special thanks to Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation for this success championships and specially to the President of the federation Mr. Ruslan Mustaev and the president of the AGU RG Technical Committee Mrs. Gyozal Filippova