28 May, 2023

Philippines rolls out welcome mat for 19th Junior and 14th Senior RG Asian Championships

The Gymnastics Association of the Philippines is set to host the 19th Junior and 14th Senior Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Championships from May 31 to June 3 at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium in Manila. This prestigious event, sanctioned by the Asian Gymnastics Union and led by President Abdulrahman Al-Shathri, will feature 191 athletes from 20 nations, including 18 from Asia, as well as invited participants from Australia and New Zealand¬†“hor concour.”.

GAP President Cynthia Norton, who is also an AGU Executive Member of the South East zone, expressed gratitude to the AGU and President Al-Shathri for awarding the hosting rights to the Philippines. Norton stated that they aim to meet and surpass the high standards set by previous hosts of the competition. She also highlighted the opportunity for local fans to witness world-class rhythmic gymnastics firsthand and for athletes and participants to experience the renowned Filipino hospitality.

This event holds significant importance as the 14th Senior Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Championships serve as the continental qualifying tournament for the 40th FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships, scheduled to take place in Valencia, Spain from August 23 to 27. Participating countries are expected to field their best gymnasts for this competition.

Among the notable gymnasts expected to compete is Uzbekistan’s Tahkmina Ikromova, who clinched gold medals in the hoop, ball clubs, and all-around events in the previous edition of the championships in Pattaya, Thailand. China’s Zhao Yating, a bronze medalist in the 2018 Asian Games and gold medalist in the ribbon event in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 2021, is also one to watch.

The Philippines will be represented by Daniela dela Pisa, a hoop gold medalist in the 2019 Philippine Southeast Asian Games, as well as Breanna Labadan and Trisha Mae Montefalcon in the women’s senior division. The Asian juniors category will feature promising rhythmic gymnasts Jasmine Ramillo and Cristalin Zoe Valencia, while Angelika Lei Buenavidez, Andrea Mae Emperado, Jenny Eusebio, Katrina Loretizo, and Divina Sembrano will compete in the RG Seniors group.

Norton encouraged Filipino sports fans and those in Asia to seize the rare opportunity to witness and experience top-notch rhythmic gymnastics at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium. She expressed confidence that spectators will appreciate the skills displayed by these talented Asian athletes.