16 March, 2010

Second day Apparatus Final: Junior ART & TRA Asian Championships 2010

wag_apparatus final_aj2010Tokyo March 15, 2010: The last day competition give us the following results:
Men’s Vault Final
Korea’s YANG Hak Seon performed two 7.0 difficulty vaults to win the gold medal. He vaulted YEO II for the first attempt and showed a clean landing. The second vault, Lopez, was not his best, sitting down in his landing but high D scores were enough to give him the gold. Mongolian Erdnebold GANBAT showed the best Roche for the first vault and performd a clean Kasamatsu-full to come to the second. This meda is the first medal for Mongol in the championship history! The biggest moment not only for Mongol but also the championshis. Japan’s Makoto Fukuo hit his Driggs for his first vault but missed the landing for the second vault (layout Cuervo) to drop to the third.
Men’s Parallel Bars Final
China’s ZHOU Shixiong had an awesome set of dificulties; Teng Haibin, Giant Diamidov with 1/4 turn; peach half, peach, peach full; Healy. He dismounted with something dissapointing, simple full twisting back, but the routine deserved the gold. Japan’s duo, Sho Yokoyama and Shogo Nonomura, were very solid sticking the landing. Yokyama had a clean execution throughout the routine to enter second.. Nonomura was a little nervous in healy but the rest of the routine was good enough for a bronze.
Men’s Horizontal Bar Final
The finalists did not have any Kolman or Kovacs which would be a crowd favorite, so the execution was a key to decide a medal. The first competitor, ZHOU Xaiodong of China, was the most consistent: Adler half to layout Tkachev; Tkachev; stalder full to mixed grip; Endo full to mixed grip; giant full to mixed grip; layout double double dismount. He kept the first place and took his second gold medal. Bae Ga Ram of Korea had excellent el-grip elements such as Rybalko, Endo full to el grip, giant full to el-grip, el-grip Endo and won the silver medal. Shunta Kitagawa missed his Adler-full and had two big steps forward and grabbed only the bronze medal.
Women’s Balance Beam Final
Tan Sixin of China showed her excellent execution and difficult routine; ff, two foot ff, layout back, Korbut; switch ring leap; tucked punch front; front aerial to sheep jump; piked side somi; ff, two foot ff, two and a half twist dismount. She missed some connections at the qualification but today she wobbled only in switch ring jump. She absolutely deserved the gold. Japan’s Teramoto took her third medal placing second. Her dismount, triple twist, was just amazingly stuck.
The final saw a lot of falls from many gymnasts but Uzbekistan’s Abdusalimova had a solid execution except a balance check after layout back to take a bronze, the first medal for Uzbekistan.
Women’s Floor Final
Japanese gymnasts came to the final as the first and the last performer respectively, and showed the most difficult routines. The last performer, Risa Konishi had very strong tumbling pass: tucked full-in; double twisting front; Y-scale turn; two and a half twist to layout front; triple twist dismount. She made the most use of her body and the execution was very gorgeous to win the gold with a big margin. Another Japanese and the first performer, Mai Murakami, had the most difficult set; tucked double-double; double twisting punch layout front to punch tucked front (that was supporsed to be layout), piked doube; triple twist dismount. She entered third after all next to China’s TAN Sixin, who went out of bounds in her dismount. TAN’s choreography was very eye-catching and had a strong body line.
Men’s TRA Final
Male Trampoline Final held today. All gymnasts looked like very good condition and they would take good performances.
1st group, AL-HOMADI Abdulla (QAT) and SITKIN Pavel(UZB) interrupted. ZAMANBEKOV Akzhol (KAZ) became 1st and 2nd JONIBEKOVE Husanboy (UZB) at that time.
2nd group, MUNETOMO Ginga (JPN), he took his performance with small moving deductions and marked 37.6. KATO takahiko (JPN), he was moving sometime but he recovered and marked his score 36.8. HE Yuxaing who was 2nd place at qualification showed high jump, very good opening somersaults and keeping. He marked E score 26.1 total 39.8. Next CHENG Heopeng who was 1st place at qualification took very good performances but he was moving sometime.
As a result, 1st HE Yuxaing (CHN), 2nd CHENG Heopeng (CHN), 3rd MUNETOMO Ginga (JPN) and 4th KATO takahiko (JPN).
This competition was first time Asia junior competition for All Federation of Asian Trampoline. We recognized strength of Chinese Trampoline gymnast again. However that important thing is that other countries including Japan are catching up Chinese gymnasts. We believe that is very important thing for step up all Asian Trampoline gymnasts.
Finally, we praise all of gymnasts’ good performances. And we appreciate this opportunity to held 2010 Asia Junior competition.

TRA_men final_aj2010