29 April, 2015


Doha (QAT) AGU Office: April 29, 2015: The South East Asian Zone General Assembly hold on APRIL 16, 2015 in SC PARK HOTEL in BANGKOK, THAILAND with the presence of Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Shatri AGU President as honorary attendance.
Seven Federations was present to the meeting with the following persons:
From Thailand: Mr. Srayuth Patanasak, Mr.Theerajit Chantarasen, Ms. KanokratTantikornphan and Mrs. Kusumarn Prasertsri
Singapore: Mr. Lee Hong Chuang
Philippines: Mr. Alvia Evan
Indonesia: Ms. Nina Nurlina Pramono
Vietnam: Mr. Tran Thang Chein and Ms. Nguyen Kim lan
Malaysia: Mr. Kaur KauGit
Cambodia: Mr. Nay Phonna
The meeting opened with welcome speech by Mr. Srayuth Patanasak Secretary General of the GAT and South East Asian Zone instead of Mr. Jiradej Worapiankul President of South East Asian Zone who was absent because of his urgent work.
Lcdr. Srayuth Patanasak announced that the mean points of this meeting are the upcoming 28th SEA Games 2015 and understanding between inside of South East Asian. In his address, He stated to regret with the situations passed in South East Asian such as the death of Mr. Sawat Sopa former President of South East Asian Zone, No gymnastics events in 27th SEA Games in Myanmar and confusion of the statutes and regulations in zone. Lcdr. Srayuth Patanasak, thanked to all federations for attend the meeting and their kind cooperation. Especially, he thanked Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Shatri to present the meeting.

Report of federation members.
Lcdr. SrayuthPatanasak invited all present members to report their activities in 2015 which started by Vietnam Gymnastics Federation. Especially, Ms. Nina Nurlina Pramono, representatives from Indonesia Gymnastics Federation prepared her excellent presentation to represent their federation including federation structure, Activities in past and future and Vision and mission of federation. Ms. Nina Nurlina Pramono is the new President of Indonesia Gymnastics Federation and she strive and concentrate to successfully manage gymnastics sport in Indonesia.

Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) Activities.
Mr. AbdulrahmanAlshatri explain that FIG paid to AGU every year for development in Asia zone. AGU have many development projects per year and always ask for candidature countries to host the projects or organizing the Asian Gymnastics competition. He said it is our pleasure to help all countries who is under umbrella of AGU.

28th SEA Games 2015.
Mr. Lee Hong Chuang have a presentation of the 28th SEA Games 2015. He represented the venue of competition, training and meeting. Also, the official schedule of the competition.
All countries member asked Mr. Lee about Accreditation card for his or her President and Secretary General to attend the 28th SEA Games gymnastics competition who do not come with his or her team. Actually, this term is not be in his plan so Mr. Lee just promised to do his best and will inform later.
Mr. Lee Hong Chuang asked Ms. Nina Nurlina Pramono about the participation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Group in 28th SEA Games 2015. Because the rule of SEAF will cancel the event if there are less than four countries in team competition. Now we have only three countries that is ready to compete (Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia). Ms. Nina said seems difficult to afford RGG in this competition because of government funds.
Mr. Kaur KauGit suggested to pay 50% of all expenses to Indonesia Gymnastics Federation but Indonesia must send RGG team in the 28th SEA Games 2015 competition.

Consideration statutes and regulations.
Mr. Abdulrahman Al-shathri President of Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) said
Gymnastics zones in Asia divided in 4 Zones:
1. Central South Asian Zone
2. East Asian Zone
3. South East Asian Zone
4. West Asian Zone.
The four zones must be under umbrella of AGU and follow it statutes and regulations to have our support. The Annual budget from FIG used to develop gymnastics in four zones.