26 January, 2016

Success of the First AGU MAG Technical Committee Meeting 2016

Doha (QAT) AGU Office 26 January 2016: AGU organized the first AGU Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Technical Committee Meeting on January 15, 2016 with the presence of all the members such as: Mr. Miao Zhongyi President, Mr. Chen Jia-Yean, Mr. Saksit SUWANSA , Mr. Nikolay Pak and Mr. Mohammad Ahmad. Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Shathri, AGU President opened the meeting and wishes to all a nice stay in Doha – Qatar the state of the AGU headquarter. 
Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Shathri start the meeting with the following:
I am happy to organize for the first time the technical committee meetings for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics in Doha. He promise to continue with these meetings every year. Happy that all the TC members are present during the meeting.
Asian continent had great success achieved during last period, of course after a huge effort from AGU and his staff, but we arrived now to work more professional and the Technical Committee has to start working with professional way. Because Asian continent has the best experts, coaches, gymnasts in the whole world. Our target is to share the information between federations and become same the TC of the European Union at the first stage and then better than it.

Mr. Anis SAOUD – AGU Technical Manager add: We are happy to share technical information between us, and happy to hear that FIG technical committee invite the President of the continental TC has to discuss the update of the new code of points 2017-2020. It is a good opportunity to give our opinions and suggestions for the benefit of all the gymnastics technicians.
We made the provisional agenda with the approval of Mr. Miao and if you do not have any additional point, we can approve the agenda and start our meeting.

Mr. MIAO Zhongyi
Report from Mr. MIAO Zhongyi
He gives a positive comment on excellent performance of Asian male gymnasts in 2015 Glasgow WCH, and congratulates on the Olympic quotas that they achieved.
He also gives a brief report on the sixth Senior ART Asian Championships in Hiroshima, Japan from July 31 to August 2, 2015.
He add that it is good to have such meeting for the development of gymnastics in our continental, there is a difference between the FIG technical committee and AGU TC. It is a good opportunity that FIG invite me to be present in Lausanne next February with FIG technical members to discuss the technical points and specially the new code of points. We will discuss these points in our meeting today and then I will reported to the meeting with FIG.
Discussion concerning the Technical Regulations
– Competition format for the next Asian Games
After discussion, the TC approved unanimously to use the format, 5/4/3 during the next Asian Games, which gives benefit to some federations to participate with full team.

– Competition format during next Asian Championships for Senior
After discussion, the TC approved unanimously to use also the format, 5/4/3 during the Asian Championships for Senior, which gives also the benefit to some federations to participate with full team.

– Competition format during next Asian Championships for Junior
After discussion, the TC approved unanimously to keep the format, 5/4/3 during the next Asian Championships for Junior.

Presentation of the program of the AGU Development project
Mr. Anis SAOUD: Present the program of the AGU development project for the year 2015, he explain that AGU choose to cooperate with FIG to host FIG Academy for ART, AER, RG to give the chance for Asian coaches to have a FIG brevet, which is very important for their future. In addition, the FIG Academy has a detailed program, well established from level one to level three.
In 2016, we will start with the FIG academy level one for Trampoline coaches to develop this discipline in Asia, and to continue the level three for ART and RG. Next year we will finish with level three in Aerobic.
Concerning the common training camps for MAG, I want to ask the TC to establish a technical program including elements on all the apparatus for the different levels. Which is a guide for the expert to follow our program and good for the participant federations to know the level of the course.

Suggestion concerning future development for MAG judges

Anis: You remember the matter happened during the Asian Games in Guangzhou in 2010 when did not found enough judges with minimum category three from Asia to judge in gymnastics events, so we invite judges from other continent, which cost a lot of money for the organizer. We request to FIG to organize courses during the years 2011 and 2012 to increase the judge’s level in Asia. It was a success for us.
In the Asian Games in Incheon 2014, we decrease the number of the neutral judges from outside Asia and we hope the next Asian Games will have enough judges from our continent.
We will request to FIG to make the same program as 2011 and 2012 to increase the level of our judges.

Comments on FIG Code of points 2017 – 2020
The Technical Committee members discussed the draft of the new code of points 2017-2020 and proposed some suggestions that will be send to the FIG TC for approval 

Closing of the meeting
Mr. Miao Zhongyi: thanks all the TC members for their presence to the first meeting.
Mr. Anis SAOUD: confirm that the first meeting was excellent and we hope to meet all of you during the next meeting.