22 June, 2017

Three-year-old Iran’s Arat Hosseini

AGU Media Doha (QAT): Three-year-old Iran’s Arat Hosseini is an amazing talent who does backward somersaults, balancing splits and walkovers with such a consummate ease that even most accomplished of gymnasts would be proud to pull off.
When Hosseini was only nine months, he was able to perform the complicated poses.
The social media is already abuzz with this toddler’s amazing twist and turns. It seems he was born with a talent. While his stunts and flexibility stunned everyone, the world media taking a keen interest on him.
His parents Mohamad and Fatemeh, who live in Babol in Iran’s Mazandaran province, said their son has had no professional training.
Yoga poses such as balancing splits while traditional gymnastic moves like backwards walkovers and somersaults are just some of the things that have caught everybody’s attention.
The wonder boy, who has already amassed more than 18,000 followers on Instagram, practices for just 10 to 20 minutes daily.
“He’s is an extra special person. He’ll become a famous gymnast,” said Mohamad.