14 February, 2009

TRA International Judges’ Course in Wuyishan City in China

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TRA International Judges’ Course in Wuyishan - ChinaThe Gymnastic Association of Thailand will organise the 1st Asian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand from March 27 – 29, 2009. The event will be held at Fashion Island, Bangkok, where FIG approved Aerobic floors will be provided by Janssen-Fritsen.
The competition is open to senior categories and to age groups 12 – 14 and 15 – 17 years. The Finals will take place on Saturday for both groups and on Sunday for seniors.
The draw to determine the starting order for Qualifications and Finals will be held during orientation on March 26 in the venue and in the presence of Ms Tammy Yagi-Kitagawa (JPN), President of the AGU TC, the Continental Technical Committee and Member of the FIG TC for Aerobic Gymnastics.
The discipline is not yet widely known on the Asian Continent. Hosting the event in Bangkok for the first time ever is a great opportunity for Thailand to promote and develop Aerobics throughout the Asian territories. The 1st Asian Championships are one of the biggest events on the 2009 FIG calendar, including the 8th World Games to be held in Kaohsiung (TPE) in July.