13 November, 2010

TRA WC 2010 – China takes Gold and Silver in the Men’s Individual Trampoline event

dong_dongtrampoline - chn

METZ (FRA), AGU Office, November 12dong_dongtrampoline - chn, 2010: The Men’s Individual Trampoline Final was an exercise in excellency from the Chinese gymnasts. Dong Dong and Shuai Ye actually ended up on the same total score of 43.100, and the medals had to be awarded according to the tie-breaking rules. As Dong Dong performed for the higher execution score, he was awarded the Gold medal, while his teammate Shuai Ye had to settle for the Silver.

However, it was not all clear sailing for the Chinese. Japanese gymnast Yasuhiro Ueyama performed a spectacular routine with only slight sideways instability. His final score of 42.400 propelled him one position upwards into third place and a World Championship Bronze medal, 0.700 points from Dong Dong and Shuai Ye above.

Fourth and fifth place went to Russia, to Nikita Fedorenko and Dmitry Ushakov respectively, while sixth place saw the home favourite, France’s Gregoire Pennes. Both the Russians and the French gymnast sported high degrees of difficulty, but suffered from instability in the routines which affected the execution scores.

Similar issues afflicted Japan’s Tetsuya Sotomura, who dropped four places from third in the preliminaries to seventh place. Martin Gromowski (GER) finally, ended up in eighth place after failing after half his routine.

Final results of the Men’s Individual Trampoline event as follows :


GOLD : Dong Dong (CHN) – 43.100

SILVER : Shuai Ye (CHN) – 43.100

BRONZE : Yasuhiro Ueyama (JPN) – 42.400


4. Nikita Fedorenko (RUS) – 41.400

5. Dmitry Ushakov (RUS) – 41.300

6. Gregoire Pennes (FRA) – 41.300

7. Tetsuya Sotomura (JPN) – 41.300

8. Martin Gromowski (GER) – 9.000








TRA WC 2010 - Men' Individual Final podium