16 August, 2009

Vietnam to host Asian Indoor Games in the mid of October 2009

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The 2009 Asian Indoor Games will be held in Vietnam on 30 October – 08 November, 2009. It will be the third annual Asian Indoor Games (AIG) event.
with the expected participation of 45 countries and regions in the two biggest cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Some 5,000 athletes and trainers, and 800 referees, technical staff and sports officials from 45 countries and regions are expected to attend the nine-day sports event, according to the Vietnam Olympic Committee on Tuesday.
At the 2nd Asian Indoor Games from Oct. 26 to Nov. 3, 2007 in China’s Macao with the participation of 1,792 athletes from 45 countries and regions, Vietnam ranked the 13th with two gold, five silvers and 11 bronze medals, while China’s mainland topping the medal table with 52 gold, 26 silver and 24 bronze medals, followed by Thailand with 19-28-22 and China’s Hong Kong with 15-9-11.
The 2007 games included 15 events: Aerobics, Billiards, Bowling, Chess, Dance Sport, Dragon and Lion Dance, Electronic Sports (E-Sports), Extreme Sports (X-Sports), Futsal, Hoop Sepaktakraw, Indoor Athletics, Indoor Cycling, Indoor Hockey, Muay and Swimming.
The mascot of the 2009 event is the Ho chicken (Gà Hồ), a distinctly Vietnamese rare breed of chicken, familiar as a symbol in Vietnam. According to folklore, the chicken (particularly the rooster) has the five qualities of a man of honour: literacy, martial arts, physical strength, humanity and loyalty. The symbolism in the context of the AIGs is that the Ho chicken rising himself to welcome the sun is likened to the readiness of the sports industry of Vietnam to host this major event.
The 2009 Asian Indoor Games will not feature extreme sports which was played in the previous games. All of the demonstration sports in the 2007 Asian Indoor Games namely, 3 on 3 basketball, kurash and kickboxing, will be included in this year’s Asian Indoor Games. Also, vovinam and pencak silat, two martial arts known to Vietnam and where Vietnam is expected to have a lion share of gold medals, will be included. The demonstration sport for this Asian Indoor Games will be jujitsu, a martial art that originated from Japan.
Sport Aerobics (4)
Board games (8)
Chess (4)
Xiangqi (4)
Billards & Snooker (10)
Bowling (6)
DanceSport (10)
E-Sports (6)
Finswimming (16)
Futsal (2)
Hoop sepaktakraw (2)
 Indoor athletics (26)
Indoor archery (8)
Recurve (4)
Compound (4)
Indoor Kabaddi (1)
Kickboxing (9)
Kurash (8)
Lion & Dragon dance (6)
Muay (9)
 Pencak silat (16)
Tanding (12)
Seni (4)
Indoor petanque (4)
Short course swimming (30)
Shuttle cock (6)
Vovinam (14)
Fighting (6)
Performance (8)
Jujitsu & Beltwrestling 
Enclosed you can find the technical handbook for the Aerobic gymnastics