24 February, 2010

AGU organized the 2nd Scientific Seminar in Tashkent

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RG Juniors Asian Champ - UZB 2010Tashkent February 17, 2010: With the cooperation of the Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation AGU organized the second Scientific Seminar on the 15th February 2010 parallel to the 11th Juniors Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Championships 2010. Led by Dr. Monèm Jemni (University of Greenwich, UK) and with the participation of Dr Maria Gateva (National Sport Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria). This seminar has gathered after the first one held in 2008 on the occasion of the 4th Seniors ART Gymnastics Asian Championships hold in Doha under the tuition of the AGU, specialised scientists and coaches, technicians and medical staff around the same table in order to debate the latest relevant research applied to RG.
This international event support the continent development project for the year 2009 which is supported by the FIG.
Dr Monèm Jemni highlighted some of the main health problems that a modern rhythmic gymnast would face. These include hormonal regulation, growth and development, body composition and its relation to a high volume of training combined with a poor diet and main injuries at the highest level of practice.
Physical preparation is one of the most important pillars enabling peak performance and winning medals in any sport. Rhythmic gymnastics has undergone great development due to numerous changes in the code of point. These rules stress the importance of high difficulties which cannot be achieved without a suitable physical fitness. Rhythmic gymnasts are expected to have maximal level of flexibility, coordination and balance. Optimal strength and power are also crucial.
Dr Maria Gateva has emphasised the role of physical preparation in rhythmic gymnastics seeing the increasing difficulties if the game and in order to avoid trauma. She presented a series of physical fitness tests which might be applied for different purposes (detection, selection, single or longitudinal evaluation). These tests are specific to identifying several clusters of physical qualities: speed, strength, specific endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance and music accomplishments.

RG Juniors Asian Champ - UZB 2010













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