3 January, 2023

Al-shathri: We will continue Asian Gymnastics Development and promise more worthy advancement in the largest continent in the world

Istanbul, 11 November 2022, AGU President Abdul Rahman Al-Shathri has participated in the FIG Congress held recently in Istanbul/Turkey.
While delivering his report about what achieved in Asian continent recently, Alshathri congratulated all Asian winners Who have achieved impressive results in the World Gymnastics Championship held in Liverpool week ago.
On other hand. Alshathri reported for attendance some key information about the next AGU Congress scheduled to be held Doha mid of January 2023.
In the context of being the only candidate for AGU presidency position for seventh year respectively, He said ” I would like to thank all those who supported and gave me their confidence, and thus We promise to make more efforts to develop Gymnastics in Asia and Moving forward towards appearing in the best image possible”

‎‏At the end of his speech, Al-Shathri expressed his gratitude to main partners of AGU “ Taishan “ and “ Qatar Insurance Group “for their continuous support .