30 September, 2023

Asian Games 2023: An Changok Shines Bright with Double Gold in Gymnastics Apparatus Finals

Hangzhou, September 28, 2023 – The spotlight of the day was undoubtedly on An Changok from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, who delivered a sensational performance by clinching gold in both the women’s Vault and Uneven Bars events.

In a display of extraordinary skill and precision, An Changok secured her first gold medal with a dazzling performance in the Vault, earning an impressive score of 14.049 points, accompanied by an unparalleled difficulty score of 5.6 for her second routine. Her teammate, Kim Son Hyang, clinched the silver with a score of 13.600, while China’s Yu Linmin secured the bronze with a score of 13.533.

The 20-year-old An continued her golden streak, captivating the audience with her exceptional routine on the Uneven Bars, earning an impressive score of 14.266. Japan’s Mikako Serita claimed the silver with a score of 13.933, and Zuo Tong of China took home the bronze with a score of 13.866.

The men’s events were equally captivating, with representatives from China, the Republic of Korea, and Chinese Taipei each claiming a title. Lan Xingyu of China wowed the crowd with his stunning performance on the Men’s Rings, earning a remarkable score of 15.433. Van Khanh Phong Nguyen of Vietnam secured the silver with a score of 14.600, and Japan’s Wataru Tanigawa took home the bronze with a score of 14.300. Lan’s unparalleled difficulty and execution left a lasting impression on spectators.

Lee Chih-Kai of Chinese Taipei delivered a stable and fluid routine on the Pommel Horse, earning the highest score of the day with an impressive 15.500. Japan’s Ryota Tsumura took the silver with a score of 15.166, while the bronze was awarded to Nariman Kurbanov of Kazakhstan, who finished with a score of 15.100.

Republic of Korea’s Kim Han-sol showcased precision and finesse on the Floor Exercise, securing the gold medal with a score of 14.900. China’s Zhang Boheng and Lin Chaopan finished with identical scores of 14.333, but Zhang claimed the silver due to a higher difficulty score.

In a post-competition statement, Lan Xingyu of China expressed his gratitude, saying, “I was focusing on my routine so I could show my best to the audience.” His dedication and exceptional performance indeed left a lasting impression on all in attendance.