12 August, 2023

Asian Gymnastics Union Technical Delegates Gear Up for Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, China – August 12, 2023 – The Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) Technical Delegates (TDs) for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG), Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG), and Trampoline (TRA) have recently participated in the 19th Asian Games Technical Delegate Conference and Venue Inspection Visit held in Hangzhou, China. This significant event marks a pivotal moment in the meticulous preparation for the upcoming Asian Games 2023.

Distinguished representatives from the AGU attended the conference to ensure that all necessary arrangements are well in place for the grand gymnastics spectacle. Among the key figures leading the charge are:

– Rima KIZILGUN – AGU WAG TC President & AG’22 WAG TD
– Gizella Filippova – AGU RG TC President & AG’22 RG TD
– Dr. Liu Xing- AGU TRA TC President & AG’22 TRA TD

The presence of these esteemed technical delegates underscores the AGU’s unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in gymnastics across the Asian continent. Their dedication to the preparation process and their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of gymnastics excellence are evident in their participation. The insights and recommendations they provided during the conference and venue inspection are invaluable in ensuring that the Asian Games 2023 will be a truly exceptional event.

The AGU President, Abdulrahman ALSHATHRI, expressed his excitement regarding the involvement of AGU’s Technical Delegates in the conference and venue inspection. “We are thrilled to witness the active participation of our AGU Technical Delegates in the conference and venue inspection,” he stated. “Their contributions are instrumental in shaping the gymnastics landscape in Asia and will undoubtedly contribute to the resounding success of the Asian Games 2023.”

As the Asian Games 2023 draws closer, the AGU remains steadfast in its pursuit of delivering an outstanding and unforgettable experience for athletes, spectators, and gymnastics enthusiasts across the continent. The contributions of the AGU Technical Delegates undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the success of this prestigious event.