25 September, 2023

China Clinches Men’s Gymnastics Team Gold with AGU Judges’ Participation at 19th Asian Game

HANGZHOU, China – September 24, 2023 – The 19th Asian Games witnessed an outstanding display of gymnastic prowess as China clinched the coveted men’s gymnastics team gold medal, reaffirming their dominance in the sport. The Chinese gymnasts delivered remarkable performances, scoring a total of 262.025 points, surpassing their closest competitors, Japan and Chinese Taipei.

In a surprising turn of events, China assembled a formidable team for the Asiad, while their arch-rival Japan chose to prioritize the world championships, which coincided with the Asian Games schedule. Despite the absence of Japan’s top athletes, both teams demonstrated exceptional skill and determination.

The competition kicked off with Lan Xingyu, representing China, who set the tone with a commendable performance on the pommel horse, earning 12.000 points. Zhang Boheng and Xiao Ruoteng followed suit with impressive scores of 14.466 and 14.333, respectively, and Lin Chaopan contributed with a score of 13.266.

China’s dominance extended to the men’s rings, where Lan Xingyu, Zou Jingyuan, and Zhang delivered outstanding routines, securing the top three positions. China accumulated a remarkable 44.466 points in the event, surpassing second-placed Japan by a significant margin of 2.967 points.

Olympic champion Zou Jingyuan showcased his brilliance in the parallel bars, finishing first with a remarkable score of 15.933 points, while Zhang Boheng closely followed with a score of 15.466.

Japan, despite not fielding their strongest lineup, displayed remarkable performances. Wataru Tanigawa and Kakeru Tanigawa excelled in the vault and horizontal bar qualifications, respectively, contributing significantly to Japan’s silver medal win, with a total score of 258.628 points.

Commenting on the victory, Zhang Boheng of the Chinese team stated, “We performed very well and won the gold medal in a comfortable way. We will try harder in the next competition.”

As the team event also served as the qualification for the individual apparatuses, the Chinese athletes have earned their spots in each of the seven individual events.

The success of this prestigious event would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of the Asian Gymnastics Union, which organized the participation of skilled judges to ensure fair and precise scoring.