18 June, 2023

Four Prominent Asian Gymnastics Schools Forge Groundbreaking Agreement at Artistic Gymnastics Asian Championships 2023 in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 18 JUNE 2023 :Four prestigious gymnastics schools in Asia, situated in Korea, Japan, China, and Singapore, have signed a groundbreaking agreement aimed at strengthening cooperation and expertise exchange. This significant development, which took place on June 18, 2023, signifies a crucial milestone in the advancement of gymnastics excellence throughout Asia.

The gymnastics schools involved in this agreement are BazGym Gymnastics School (Singapore), Hans Gym (Korea), Kasamatsu Gymnastics (Japan), and LI Ning Gymnastics School (China). These institutions are widely recognized for their unwavering dedication to nurturing young talent and their substantial contributions towards enhancing gymnastics performance within their respective countries.

The agreement establishes a comprehensive framework for long-term collaboration between these gymnastics schools. It entails a commitment to sharing best practices, organizing clinics and friendly matches, facilitating exchanges of equipment and professional support, and fostering the adoption of the latest training techniques and methodologies. This collaborative effort will effectively promote talent development and elevate training standards in each participating school.

By formalizing this agreement, these gymnastics schools acknowledge the significance of working together in a supportive environment to elevate the standard of Asian gymnastics and enhance its competitiveness on the global stage. Additionally, this collaboration will create opportunities for joint competitions and gymnastics showcases, providing an exhilarating platform for gymnasts to compete against one another.

The agreement between these four gymnastics schools is regarded as a pioneering initiative in Asian gymnastics, representing a significant stride towards regional integration and cooperation within the sport. It is hoped that this collaboration will not only elevate the performance of Asian gymnasts internationally but also promote the positive values and wider benefits of gymnastics to a larger audience.

As the agreement between BazGym Gymnastics School (Singapore), Hans Gym (Korea), Kasamatsu Gymnastics (Japan), and LI Ning Gymnastics School (China) takes effect, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the fruitful outcomes of this collaboration and the evolution of this captivating discipline in the Asian region.